Wednesday, October 01, 2008

YouTube:Eucharist Desecration - Update

A followup on the YouTube Video and the whole Myers episode. Looks like we have copy-cats now. Who would have thought that would happen.

Update: YouTube User, Paul Myers Respond to Eucharistic Desecration Article

Amidst Catholic outcry about a series of “Eucharistic desecration” YouTube videos, two other voices have emerged in ridicule of Catholicism – the YouTube user himself and University of Minnesota professor Paul Z. Myers, who was credited for inspiring the videos in the first place.
The YouTube user, who lists his first name as Dom, posted a video on Sept. 26 in response to Headline Bistro’s article about his videos.

Dom concluded by mocking the concept of Catholics defending Christ.

“You need to defend God against me, a simple human?” he asked. “Whoa. That’s a weak god you have.”

He also waved a host around for portions of the video, referring to it as a cookie, cracker and wafer before splitting it in half and eating a portion. He did not mention whether or not it had been consecrated.


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