Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Weigel - Kmiec Exchange on "Catholics for Obama"

AP has the post on the exchange between professor Douglas Kmiec and theologian George Weigel.

No contest in my opinion, I totally agree with Mr. Weigel. It's important to read both views only to recognize the the importance of the debate.

There is more and more confusion among Catholics today and there shouldn't be.

Catholic Teaching is clear abortion is an intrinsic evil. To support it formally or informally seems to be where the battlelines are being drawn.

The hope is that Obama's administration (if elected) will bring about less abortions. That's a big if in my book. Plus even if Obama's promises on health care, taxes, war do come true, he will still support pro-abortion laws.

Mr. Weigel points out these flaws quoting Archbishop Chaput's that Obama is the 'most pro-abortion candidated in over 35 years' (for exact wording please see privious post on Chaput).

Douglas Kmiec teams up with Nicholas Cafardi (Board of Trustee for University of Steubenville), M. Cathleen Kaveny (Senior Research Fellow and professor at University of Notre Dame), all professors of law and/or theology.

Here's the AP (American Papist) post:

Weigel fires back at Kmiec, Cafardi & Kaveny

and the Newsweeks articles:

Catholic Brief for Obama

Flawed Thinking


Prof George Weigel

Prof Douglas Kmeic

Prof Nicholas Cafardi

Prof M. Cathleen Kaveny

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