Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Anyone who's read Ray Bradbury's, Fahrenheit 451 will Identify with this. LG wallpaper, ultra-thin TV.

In Fahrenheit 451 homes contained huge  wall size TV's that would sponsor government programing to control individual's thoughts through TV shows and even allow them to partake in the interactive sit-coms

Friday, December 30, 2016

There's a new Catholic website by Steve Wood called, "".
Steve, is the founding father of our "St Joseph's Covenant Keepers, Men's Group and he also heads up the website.

This new website is on Catholic Eschatology (Study of the End Times). He uses scripture. the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Church Fathers for his study, especially St Augustine.
No, he won't be making any predictions on a date of the Second coming but he promises to make known the Catholic perspective of the end times, it's relevance today and why we as Catholics need to know this.

The first of many coming Podcasts is uploaded to this website (, and he explains it's purpose in the first episode.

I like it and will be following this presentation. I'll probably load the podcasts and listen to it on my vanpool ride home....what else am I going to do for 2 1/2 hrs 😊

Check it out, tell me what you think!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

silenceHere's the first review of the new Scorsese movie 'Silence'.

The trailers look pretty good, very inspiring at the fire-of-faith that the early missionaries brought to the natives of various countries, this being Japan in the movie.

This review put a disappointing wet blanket on that thought. Haven't decided to see this or not.
I may anyway just to keep up with the future conversation on this.

Anyway, have a read and make your own decision.…/christus-apostata-scors…/

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Fainting Hillary?

Wow, Hillary is going to have to explain this one...and I'm not buying the "lost shoe"explanation. She is clearly staggering. Prayers to Hillary but this is issue...along with all the other reasons why we shouldn't vote for her.

I wasn't focusing on her health, I thought it was an over blown conspiracy thang...but we'll have to keep an eye on this.

We do need a health Commander-In-Chief  

Fainting Hillary?

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Canonization of Mother Teresa

On September 4, Mother Teresa will be declared a saint by Pope Francis.Now you can purchase this new book on Mother Teresa' journey for only $5.00... really!

Another book for my library

Mother Teresa's Book

Friday, August 12, 2016

Stay Alert: Threat at Sunday Mass

Interesting article.
You've heard about the terrible story of the beheading of a Catholic Priest in France. Now more recently a story from our own backyard.

In Riverside, California, the harassment of parishioners at Sunday Mass by individuals in a car shouting “Allahu Akbar!”. They didn't enter the Church but this is a boldness that we haven't seen here in the States before.

It's not sure who these idiots were but it raises the question, "Should we (Catholics) be concerned? Should we be  doing something to prepare for an event related to those in France or at least an interruption of Mass with these type of individual.

It's a shame that this would have to be on our minds when we really should be concentrating on the mystery of the mass, but with our loved ones right next to us in the pew, it's hard not to think of their safety.

Definitely at least some discussion at the parish office level should take place. Not to over react but not to react at all would be unwise.

What do you think?

Friday, July 29, 2016

Devout Catholic VP's?

Seems that both the Republican and Democrat Presidential teams have chosen a Catholic for their VP slots. This is not by accident.

Both parties are trying to capture the wandering Catholic vote by selecting party described devout Catholics.

The problem for Catholics is that most in the pew don't understand what it is to be a devout Catholic so any definition put forth by the media, politicians and yes, even fellow Catholics who dont
 have a clue, define it in terms that try to persuade fellow parishioners to vote for whatever political bumper sticker candidate they endorse for the presidency.

Wrong approach. First, put aside the political party affiliations and  know your Catholic faith. Know/learn what the Catholic teachings really are. Then selection of a candidate is based on the truths of your faith and not the empty lies put out every day.

Go to confession regularly, Mass at least EVERY Sunday.

Read scripture daily..

Read your Catechism (the Catholic one), listen to some good talks and video's from Catholic speakers solid in the faith.


Mathew Kelly is good

Fr Mike, is one of my favorites

Taylor Marshall, a must:

Bishop Barron, absolutely!

Fr. Spitzer, lots on the existence of God and the Universe

Trent Horn of Catholic Answer and lots of materials:

What to read?
these are some of my favorite sites

Lots of articles :

Angelus Catholic News:

The Catholic Thing: more articles

Crisis Magazine:

Catholic news

I've got lots more resources, but this will do for now.

A couple of articles on the VP elects:

Tim Kaine’s bishop releases statement on ‘Catholics in Public Office - See more at:
Statement by Tom Kaines Bishop on Catholics in Public Office:

Mike Pence Spiritual wanderings:

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

New Book to add to my Library - Bearing False Witness

Always book marking links to books I come across that I'd like to read/buy. I have a bookmark tab intitled "Books to Read" that I keep them in.
This one looks like an addition to my library.

I tend to use this phrase "bearing false witness" in some sense when clarifying a falsehood about the Catholic Church.

Mary, praying to the saints...many more. After I've clarified the true churches teaching on the matter, I ask, "now that you know what the Catholic Church really teaches on this topic, you're going to share with those that express an incorrect view on this topic. the real teaches as I've expressed to you,  right?"

Sometimes I have to spend a little more time answering their questions. I never let them wander to other topics until I get confirmation that we're covered the topic thoroughly.

Sometimes, they insist that their version is the correct one "yes, you Catholic do pray to Mary!".
We'll go around the block a little longer, but when I sense they are not going to acknowledge my clarification, I thank them for allowing me to discuss and let them know if they have other questions about the Catholic faith they can ask me anytime.

Many times do come back with more questions and we continue the conversations, other times they don't. I try to keep the door open to other discussions on topic other then faith. As they get more comfortable with our friendship, they will usually ask more about the Catholic faith.


Okay, let's begin anew...

June 29, 2016, Solemnity of Peter and Paul, it's been a while since my last post.
I'm going to slowly re-start my blog.

Where I'm I in my faith?
I've been knocked around a bit these past few years, but when your faith is built on the rock of Peter, through the graces of Jesus and he's one holy apostolic church I'm still a follower of Christ and his Church.

Lot's to share... Stay tuned



Monday, September 01, 2014

Catholic Daze

So much going on now-a-days.

Events in the Ukraine, status of the Greek Church there, the terror of ISIS in the East and the persecution of Christians as well as all others that don't agree with their terrorist ideology.

The capture of innocent children in Africa by Boka Haram.

Then closer to home the events in Ferguson, immigration and the approaching 9/11 date.

Lots for a Catholic to think about, how do we react as Catholics.

Those have been my thoughts of late and I hope and I'm not a theologian or a degree scholar with star power recognition. I'm just an ordinary Catholic like you who wants to know what The Truth is not a truth, but The Truth as taught by the Catholic Church.

I do seek to know my faith and I study it every day in some capacity or another, books, tapes, seminars (when I can afford them) and prayer, scripture ready and regular taking of the sacraments.

I'll convey my thoughts as 'A View from the Pew", short takes about the days events from a fellow Catholic sitting in the pew right beside you.

A Catholic trying to fight the good fight and stay on the path to heaven.

....that what I'll be concentrating my coming post on.

Blog Absent....

I apologize for the lull in my blogging.
Balancing family and job and blogging has been a challenge for me of late. 

But I am still here and eager to start blogging again.

I will slowly start this blog going again, thanks for your patience.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Noah - Classic case of The book is better than the Movie

Okay so I went along with the herd of people that attended the early showings on Friday afternoon.

The advertisement and early Catholic Blogs encouraged a feeling of optimism and "don't judge until you've seen it" lecture.

The articles warned to have an open mind and allow for the director to has some artistic freedom and the christian blogosphere  cheered the rise of the Christian based movies. And there are more than a few out there, "Son of God" which I saw,  "God is Not Dead" which I plan to see, along with Noah.

One article argued that Noah could make or break the popularizing of the the Christian movie genre. If it bombs then that could signal a lose of Christian interest in Hollywood generated bible based movies.

So off to the showing the wife and I went with high hopes and open mind if you please.

Having seen the Son of God movie, while this movie was what I expected, it was lacking something. I can't put my finger on it, maybe it was the feeling that I had seen it on the TV series already. And well the "see through holes in the hands" didn't do it for me as far as special affects. The message was there but it's presentation just didn't have the power of a full Hollywood production.

I haven't see the "God is Not Dead" movie yet but the reviews I have read go along with the Son of God movie. I will still go see it.

My experience with Mel Gibson's "Passion" was amazing, the mood of the audience; their silence as they exited at the end of the movie was as if they were in shock. there was dead silence.The message was there and the Hollywood pizazz combined to make the powerful impact that the movie still has today.

Everyone should differentially see it again for this Lent.

Noah, I was hoping would be a presentation of this epic.

It didn't get off on a good footing right from the start. The picking of a flower by Noah's young son offered a retribution and lecture that he (the son) shouldn't take more from the earth than "we" need.

Really? A flower?

Okay, cool it I told myself, It's just starting...

So we see the family of Noah fleeing meat eating scavengers, passing earth ravaged "mining areas". Again with the environmental theme, or was I again being too critical?

As the movie progresses into the Ark building we meet the descendant of Cain, so called ruler of the earth at that time. We see his people savagely killing and cutting up animals for consumption. Noah's family are not meat eaters but vegetarians.

The 'Watchers' (fallen Angles) are helping with the building of the Ark because they see that Noah is trying to follow God's calling to build the Ark. They sort of look like rock Transformers.

After awhile all these points are just piling up:

* Environmentalist themes throughout the movie
* Meat eating bad!
* Fallen Angles Repent and are Redeemed. (this is just incorrect theology)
* Noah wants to kill his own family members
* Noah says the the surviving family are saved just to die out when they find land. People are bad for the environment. So why did God save them in the first place?
* Shem is the only one with a wife even though the Bible says differently. All the boys had wives.

Okay so I promised to be open minded and I ended up creating a list of only a few of the items in the movie I tried to ignore...but I can't

If a movie is going to hang it's hat on being a Christian movie then it has some basic guidelines to follow. If it's a biblical story at least try to follow the scripture. I know that other popular movies (The Ten Commandents, The Robe, Ben Hur) have their flaw as well but this one just kept the list growing, till finally I have to say...

....this is not a good movie as far as it's claims to being a Christina movie.

There are those that say "It's a movie for entertainment and shouldn't be judge beyond that"


Again if you claim to be of the Christian movie genre, you need to be true to the that message.

The over all message of the scripture is not in the movie.My biggest fear is that many who watch this movie will come away with thinking that this movie's (Noah) message and theology is Christian

...and it isn't.

I like the acting, I like the Hollywood affects but...

Either today's Christian movies are right on with the message but fail to capture the audience or they capture the audience but fail in truthfully bringing the Christian message to the screen.

The Christian audience, who is the target of this movie venture will be the target audience of ridicule because they point this out.

If you see the movie fine, just do yourself the favor of at least reading the scripture account first.

This is a classic case of the book being better than the movie.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Tom Clancy's Ukraine in Today's News

The crisis in the Ukraine is one that I feel is not getting the attention that it should. It appears that Putin is making a play for that country as we see a daily escalation of military action along the border with Russia and the Crimea region.

Putin is from the old Soviet Union school of power. The older Russian's would like to see that Mother Russia status again. Putin would like the super-power stature again for sure.

The news is bleak, with our president with his usual "line-in-the-sand" jargon. What are we going to do especially with the added military cuts? I really feel and I'm praying for the people of the Ukraine.

On Ukraine, Putin holds all the cards and dictates the timetable

At any one time I'm usually reading 3 or 4 books at the same time, most are on my Catholic faith, theology, philosophy, apologetics. Most of my reading is non-fiction, but I still like a good yarn once in a while so I try to include in one of those 3 or 4 books with one of my favorite fiction writers.

Clive Cussler is one of my favorites. His Macgyver type characters and a bit of history in his storyline make for a mindless adventure.

But one of my favorites is Tom Clancy. Again with that bit of history and military authenticity make the read on a plane of believability. I bought his first book "Red October' and I've been reading his books ever since.

And who can forget the movie...."one ping only!".

I was saddened to hear of his passing late last year and I don't think there will be anyone to take his place, at least on that caliber. He will be missed.

I'm presently reading his last book,   "Command Authority"   and it isn't disappointing in it's plot line. In fact it seems a little too real.

Why do I say this, well because it seems the book's plot of the President of Russia, a former KGB officer is trying to bring back the old style of Soviet global influence and he's starting with the Ukraine.

In the book the Russian President is planning his takeover of the Ukraine under the pretext of protecting the Russian's who reside in the northern part of the country. Controlling the EU through the oil deals that have been signed and which will eventually lead to a West show down.

I'm only half way done with the book but I feel like I can read a chapter and listen to the nightly news repeating what I just finished reading.

I'm hoping the book as a happy ending ...but more so with state of the Ukraine.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

RIP Fr. Eric Freed

Father Freed.
I didn't know you but I thank you for vocation, for your devotion to the Gospel and your participation in the Holy Mass, persona Christi bringing the Body of Christ to the thousands who came to receive.

I thank you for those you counseled, shared in a joyous Baptism, Wedding, comforted at a Funeral, for the hours in the confessional.

I thank you for the late nights you spent holding the hand of a dying individual, the late night hospital visits.For the catechism classes you taught and visited.

I thank you for answering the call to the priesthood and all your dedication and service to the Lord.

Blessed be your soul and rest in paradise for all eternity.


Police working 'strong lead' in murder of popular California priest  


Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Perry Claims "She's Not A Christian"

I read this with no surprise, but with a heavy heart.

‘I’m Not Christian’: Pop Star Rejects Her Childhood Faith  

Looks like fame and fortune has claimed another victim. While I can't say all fame and fortune careers end up with a separation from faith this 29 yr old started her musical journey in her early twenty's and from what I've read on line (on line bio's aren't necessarily true) it seems she entered alone without much guidance or with a minimum amount of guidance in her faith.

Fame and notoriety were her goal and she achieved that, sacrificing her faith in the process. She claims to still hold to some sort of relationship with God...whatever that means. I can't tell you how many times I've heard from friends and even family that have left the church that claim "...they still pray on my own, in the privacy of their need for church or to be identified with a religion."

At that point to legitimize their faith stance, they go on to proclaim the hypocrisy of those that attend church how the church didn't meet their needs.

It seems that surrounded by those in the fame industry will support you no matter what lifestyle you wish to follow as long as they can join in the fun.

This article goes on to suggest she is on some sort of faith journey though those words aren't used.

"While she says she’s not a Christian any longer, it’s clear Perry is still very much on a spiritual journey."  

Let's keep her and others like her in our prayers and also for a strengthening of our own faith in the coming year.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Catholics and ObamaCare

Nice clip from the Huckabee Show with 'Priest for Life', Fr. Pavone. Priest for Life has a law suit against the ObamaCare law that says Catholic organizations have to participate in the FREE distribution of contraception and abortion procedures under the law.

Huckabee Show

Please support this organization

Monday, December 02, 2013

Movie: Philomena...Catholic Review

Ending a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, celebrating the first Sunday in Advent, it seemed like a good afternoon to take in one last event and go see a movie at the local Harkins Theater.
“What to see, Hmmm?”
The wife and I decide to see a 3:45pm showing of a movie that stirred our curiosity by some of the advertisements on TV. The movie ‘Philomena starring Judi Dench (‘M’ from 007 fame) and Steve Coogan who I’ve seen in a number of movies, ‘The Night at the Museum’ and more recently the voice artist on ‘Despicable Me2’ come to mind.
A story we thought would be centered on a young un-married mother who gave her son up for adoption and in her elder years is driven to find out what happened to him and maybe make contact.
Well, we had a couple of other movies higher up on the list (The Christmas Candle and The Book Thief) but both weren’t showing local yet so we decided on ‘Philomena’.
The movie synopsis is as follows:
Based on the 2009 investigative book by BBC correspondent Martin Sixsmith, The Lost Child of Philomena Lee, PHILOMENA focuses on the efforts of Philomena Lee, mother to a boy conceived out of wedlock - something her Irish-Catholic community didn't have the highest opinion of - and given away for adoption in the United States. In following church doctrine, she was forced to sign a contract that wouldn't allow for any sort of inquiry into the son's whereabouts. After starting a family years later in England and, for the most part, moving on with her life, Lee meets Sixsmith, a BBC reporter with whom she decides to discover her long-lost son.(Harkins Theater website)
Unfortunately I didn’t read this until after seeing the movie. As I read it now the line that reads “In following church doctrine, she was forced to sign a contract that wouldn't allow for any sort of inquiry into the son's whereabouts”, should have set off bells in my head. There is no church doctrine that forces one to sign a contract of this sort.
I wouldn’t have wasted my money on the film had I read this but my wife pointed out later that it was probably a good thing we viewed it so as to answer questions later from friends and family who had or will see it.
The movie is clearly an anti-Catholic story, “based on a true event” as it claims that tells of child selling for profit and “evil nuns” imprisoning young helpless women as slaves to work-off any cost incurred for delivering and caring for their children while waiting for them to be adopted.
As I was watching the movie, the first thing that came to mind was, this is based on a true story? I’ve seen other such movies which claim the same thing. The movie “The Rite” is one example. I first read the book about a priest who answers the call to learn and perform exorcisms has nothing to do with the movie at all except that there are priest involve in the story.  Demons and possessions with all its special effects are all Hollywood’s definition  of “based on a true event or story”.
Critics of the new movie ‘Captain Philips’ are also pointing out Hollywood’s free-reign with what they portray as facts. Even the Captain Philips ship crew is suing him for the portrayal or non-portrayal of facts in the story.
From the get go the movie screen writers waste no time in showing the cruelty of the nuns of the Abbey, their mistreatment of the un-wed mothers and the selling of children without consent.
If this Abbey was a place for un-wed mothers to be cared for during and after their pregnancies or if as an adoption agency there wouldn’t be any cost to contend with (food, shelter, medical supplies) you’d never know it.
In the movie, at the time of delivery of Philomena’s baby, it is voiced that “the baby is breach!” or feet first. The delivering nun cries out that the mother needs medication, but the head nun says, “No medication, it’s part of her [the mother’s] temporal punishment”.
Really, come on now…
Later when Philomena finds out about her long lost son, who happens to be gay and has died of aids, it is pointed out that he worked for then President Regan and the GOP frowned upon gays working in the party, a reason for his dismissal.
Wow…they went all the way with this story, anti-Catholic and anti-Republican too.
At times even the dialogue is in your face with contempt for the Catholic Church.
Okay, let’s say for arguments sake that this whole story is true as told, the evil nuns and all.
Would that make the Catholic Church evil?
No of course not. The truth of the Catholic Church doesn’t rely on the individuals in the church. There will always be those in the church that are wrong and don’t follow the true teachings of the church.
The Catholic Church is one of the most giving and I would argue THE most giving institution on the planet.
It cares for the poor and un-wed mothers, feeding the hungry and caring for the sick and the dying.
That can’t be denied. But the release of this movie, this being the first Sunday of Advent is a timing that I would be surprised was planned.
Their strategy may be working too. Upon leaving the theater I could hear the other patrons whispering this and that about the Catholic Church. ‘Those Catholics..’ or ‘The Catholic Church…tisk, tisk, tisk’.
As we set out to live the ‘New Evangelization’ we have our work cut out for us. The secular society, especially Hollywood is in full war mode against the Church.
Go see ‘The Christmas Candle’ and/or ‘The Book Thief’ instead.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Extracting the Divinity out of Jesus

I read this review of Bill OReilly's latest book "Killing Jesus" on The Catholic Thing Blog

I read the book earlier this month and I had similar thoughts on the book. I read through most of OReilly's Killing Lincoln and I think it was well done. The historicity structure of the book is well done. The final hour of the presidents life is described in enough detail draw one into that fateful tragic evening.

O'Reilly's structure of portraying Jesus only in historical terms just doesn't work because of one very important pun intended.

....This is Jesus Christ, Son of God! You can't extract the historical Jesus without diminishing his divinity.

Bill sticks to his outline of Jesus with only facts he can prove with whatever resource he uses. And so while reading the book Jesus' character seems diminished and seems to doubt himself and Bill says just that, "he can't focus on his message to his disciples".

That's what I mean of his human aspect takes over his divine aspect. He is fully human and fully divine and I realize O'Reilly is sticking to his guns on the historicity approach however I couldn't help but get the feeling that Jesus seems kind of hollow.

In some of his statements on this show "The Factor", he has mentioned that he believes that many of the biblical passages mentioned at those times on his show are "Allegorical". While it's true that the Allegory is a sense of reading bible passages there are actually four senses of Scripture. The other three others that Bill never mentions (at least I haven't heard his say) are Literal, Moral and Anagogical and one passage can have more than one.

Also in one of his interviews promoting his new book, he seems to be saying that he doesn't believe Jesus said anything that could be heard while hanging on the cross. What about "Son behold your Mother....Mother your Son"?

How about " is finished".

I wonder if while only providing "historical provable facts" O'Reilly has convinced himself of dismissing some important aspects of the Catholic Faith.

Not once does he mention his claim of "you must eat my body  and drink my blood in order for you to have life". This is one of Jesus' most important claims and the focal point of our Mass.No other church makes this claim of consuming Christ.

Anyway I can't prove that, only he can answer that of himself.

I do like the early chapters involving the the history of Rome, the settings of the Holy Lands and the description of the relationship of the Romans and the Jewish people.

Not a bad book, again I just don't think believe it portrays the full Jesus.

Jesus is not just a historical President Lincoln or President Kennedy, he is God.

You can't take the Divinity out of Jesus.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Roman's Invented Jesus to control Jews

As an argument against the existence of Jesus Christ, I've heard that individuals invented religion to make themselves feel better, to give themselves a false sense of hope.

But....This is a new one for me.

Joseph Atwill, a biblical scholar has a theory that he want to share with the world.

"The Roman's made up Jesus to control the Jewish people..."

Okay, bring it forward. I don't believe it for one minute of coarse but I'd like to see it.

Just a few days ago I saw a brief interview with a Professor Candida Moss on Fox's The Factor. She professed the theory that Jesus was a socialist.

She is an author of a book discrediting the martyrdom of believers for the faith. they seem to be coming out of the wood work these days but I'm sure there were plenty along the 2000 year history of the Catholic Church

I think its good to hear the arguments. Thomas Aquinas showed that it's better to know the arguments against the faith, and to address them one by one.

Thomas called it The Summa Theologica.

Gonna, look this one up in the Summa. I'm sure its addressed there...

I'm going to start here...the Third Part of the Summa, STh III, Life of Christ

Here's the article on Joseph Atwill theory:

Scholar claims Romans invented Jesus as form of psychological warfare

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Obama Keeps Catholics From Attending Mass

Shutdown via Republicans or Democrats, the real "bucks stop here" person is president Obama himself.

He is the one in charge!

The military authorities have closed all chapels and in affect keeping Catholics from attending Holy Mass.

The military doesn't act without higher authority.....yes Mr. Obama's administration, but the direction is from MR.OBAMA!

The word is out "make things has hard as possible!", for veterans, elderly, Social Security recipients. This administration even has the gull to deny death benefits for our son's and daughters who have given their lives for our government representative and elected president so they can play political power games.

They are now closing all military chapels and arresting priests hired to support the spiritual needs of the soldiers.

And especially Catholics who have an obligation to attend mass on Sundays.

It's getting more and more obvious and "in-your-face" that our government is loosing touch with the people.

...and more and more obvious that this president has no shame when taking aware our religious freedom

Priest: Obama Admin. Denied Mass to Catholics    

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Gravity Movie and Habakkuk

Today's Sunday readings  had a great message about fortitude and trust in God's plan, even when things don't seem to be going according to our plans. Habakkuk's cries to God, pointing out the evils and tragedies of the day are similar to our own cries about the government shutdown, jobs, food shelter, the lose of a loved one, our pains and sufferings.

We often don't see God's pain and the purpose of our crosses. God tells us in the Sunday readings to wait as see how his plans will come it's fulfillment.

Gravity, staring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney is the lastest block buster out in theaters. So the wife and I went to see it after mass today. 

What a perfect movie to drive home the message from the Sunday meetings. A message of fortitude and not giving up even when faced with tragedy or when we feel at the end of our rope.

The scenes and special affects were spectacular, but the message of the movie is right on with God's message of hope and trust in Him.

Enjoy the movie!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pope Francis: "A New Balance"

The media is going bonkers over and interview with Pope Francis in which they are interpreting to mean, a change in Catholic Church doctrine. I just listen to Fox News this morning in which Uma used those words exactly to headline a segment about the pope's interview.

Catholics seemed to be confused and activists are celebrating in the streets...well not quite but they feel the reporting of the Pope's words shores up their arguments supporting Abortion, Gay Marriage  and a basic lax in Catholic teaching which is their main opponent, the Church that is.

The Catholic response is slow as usual but it's coming around. I think the Vatican communication office is once again slow to provide at least a correction to the erroneous babble of the media, maybe they feel they don't have to. Correcting everything erroneous spewing for the press would be laborious to say the least, but interview such as these where the Pope is quoted out of context should at least be a focus.

I'm going to listen to this weekends homily cuz I think this would be a perfect opportunity for local priest to address this. Maybe he can weave it into the reading for Sunday...the untrustworthy steward (Lk 16:1-13).

Don't be confused fellow Catholics. Whenever you hear a headline quoting the Pope about a change in doctrine, before making any judgements take the time to find and read for yourself the exact full transcript of what was said. Second seek a good Catholic resource (and I don't mean CNN, NBC, Huffington Post, NYTimes...etc). The Catholic Register, Fr Z, Fr. Longenecker, The Big Pulpit has a good collection of daily articles from various Catholic blogs to name a few.

Third go back and read the what the Pope said again and pray about it. Pope Francis was chosen under the guidance of the Holy Spirit...HS is NEVER WRONG!

There is no doctrine change, there is no call from the Catholic Church to reverse or ignore our stance on Abortion, Gay Marriage or Women Priest or whatever the flavor of the month "freedom to do what you want cause" is. The Churches teaching are unchanging...they are Christ's teachings.

Forth, be proactive. Be ready to explain to others who my voice a wrong interpretation of this particular interview or whatever church teaching they may have. Be prepared to explain your faith, with love and charity.

Follow the formula of the original missionaries; 1) Love it, 2) Learn it, 3) Live it

Show the love of God and His love for each and everyone of us, all sinners; teach the love of Christ His Son through the Church and its teachings, and Live the love of Trinity through our daily lives an outward example to all.

Below are some Blog post that better explains the Pope's call for a 'New Balance'....not a new doctrine.

The Key to Understanding Pope Francis' Pastoral Approach   

Pope Francis Grants an Interview and Shakes Up the Church  

Pope Francis’ comments on homosexuality in the Big Interview   

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Short Church Study...For 1$

This is a great idea...

Gus Lloyd hosts the morning show "Seize the Day" on the new Catholic Channel on Sirius Satellite Radio.Gus has put together a short booklet entitled "A minute in the church".

This looks like a great way to evangelize those in the pews and friends and family who want a short explanation of what the Catholic Church teaches.

Gus is making this available for only one dollar...that's $1.00 a piece. You need to buy these in bulk to take advantage of the price but this purchase would make a wonderful apologetic gift, an evangelization tool that parishes can take advantage of.

Please make it an effort to mention it to your pastors (who can get a FREE copy to review) who might want to make this purchase on behalf ot the parish.

Maybe with his permission to distribute to the parishioners, team up with other ministries in the church to make the purchase.

Anyway this offer ends on October 31st so please pass the word and make an attempt to make this happen at your parish.

Here's Gus Lloyd's webpage for more information.

Thanks Gus!

Gus Lloyd - Seize The Day 

Monday, September 16, 2013

We Know not the Time or Place...

The tragedy of today's Ship Yard murders leave us shaken and saddened.... especially for those who have lost a love one in such mindless violence

Father Z posts a good reminder to us; We know not the time or prepared at all times.

Prepare your body and your soul, Go To Confession!

Sudden, Unprovided Death and You 

A Little Kindness....

With all the violence and heartache in today's headlines...

This simple three minute video set my mind at ease....hope

This Three Minute Commercial Puts Full-Length Hollywood Films to Shame

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Obama and Syria: A Man Of Indecision

So I just heard President Obama's Rose Garden speech.

In essence, he passed the buck to the Congress. After verbally flogging congress many times by saying he will bypass congress to meet his own agenda, he now says he will have to rely on them to make this decision.

Congress will not be back in office until September 9th so this is going to drag on many more weeks.

In my opinion this is no longer about Syria and saving the people, but about getting the president out of a jam and his big mouth.

The president's plan wouldn't have work anyway. It had no end game. What a foreign policy catastrophe.

In my mind I can't get over how the 100,000 deaths of Syrian, many of them women and children are okay and don't matter as much as the women and children that were gassed.

Meanwhile, Christians are still being killed, churches still burned, innocent women and children murdered in the streets. No end in sight.

We can't have a complete hands off. We need to do something, and I mean not just throw a few cruise missiles. We need to seek the true non Al Qaeda rebels and refugees and train them to be true freedom fighters so they can help themselves. Prayers and prayers and more prayers are needed.

This president is showing his complete incompetence in foreign affairs but he is our president and like it or not he is laying some major ground work on the worlds trust in
our country.

We just got a major black eye with that Rose Garden speech.

Friday, August 30, 2013

A Little Bromide with that Voris

I've received a number of emails forwarding me the latest Micheal Voris video...
Yes, I've seen it.



My initial thoughts:

  • I don't see anything wrong with professional Catholics supporting themselves. Okay I know about the non-profit aspect, but do you really think they can do this for free?
  • I don't think to work in these apostates you  have to take a vow of poverty
  • Can you support you and your family on 40K and do this work full time. Even St. Paul had to work as a tent maker....and he had additional financial support as well?
  • Do we really know all the facts? 
  • If you shoot from the hip be prepared to get hit my your own bullet (ricochet)....I just made that one up :-)
  • I'm not sure why Voris is doing this? I mean I like his stuff but does he really thing we should stop giving to Catholic Answers or EWTN?
  • Doug Keck is Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, and host of "EWTN Bookmark. Prior to his arrival at EWTN, Mr. Keck spent 20 years at Rainbow Programming, a joint venture of NBC and Cablevision.  Senior Network programming positions held during his tenure at Rainbow included Vice President of Operations and Technical Services for Rainbow’s multiple Cable Networks (AMC, Bravo, IFC, FUSE, CNBC, Newsport, Regional Sports, and Regional News Channels), and General Manager of its Television Operations Center.  Mr. Keck also served as senior programming executive for Sportschannel New York’s Emmy award-winning coverage of Yankees’ and Mets’ Baseball. Involved in the launch of more than 25 international, national and regional networks, Mr. Keck was responsible for the initial creation and implementation of Rainbow network’s “on-air look.” Previously he had worked for several years in New York area Radio. In his work prior to EWTN he must have been making bookoo bucks. I think he has given up much and EWTN is in debit to his experience which reflects on the success in spreading he Gospel message. Yes the Holy Spirit is the primary guiding force, but everyone has their God given gifts and Doug Keck has used his for the glory of God.
  • Much can be said also of Catholic Answers, from their meager beginnings to their radio and multimedia, books and conferences they produce.
  • Do I like Michael Voris, yes I do. But I don't understand his motives in this case.
  • Transparency, absolutely...I understand the "whistle blowing aspect" but is there a better way to change things? Do you pen a list of 95 objections and pin them in an internet video?
  • It seems to me Voris is dragging some mighty good names through the mud.

I've enclosed a link (which has additional links ...) to an article that can articulate these thoughts more clearly.

Do We Need Michael Voris?