Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Great Info-commercial

The Great Obama Info-commercial is on tonight. A full ½ hour of no commercials, questions, debate, rebuttal, “but what abouts” or “$250,000 or $150,000, which is it?, type of examinations.

Below are a few TVGuide alternatives and a few “I’ll do that later” activities you might want to consider doing instead of wasting your time:

Animal Planet ----------- Pet Star (amazing tricks !)
E! -------------------------- Hope Floats (Movie of Hope & Change)
ESPN --------------------- NASCAR (what can I say)
Food Channel ------------ Barefoot Contessa (I don’t know why)
History -------------------- UFO Hunters
TBS ------------------------ Everybody Loves Obama..I mean Raymond

Things you put off:
Wash Car ----------- It will be dark out side …but what the heck

Pick up a few store items
1. Cat Litter
2. Toilet Paper

Remove ingrown toe nail (it will be more painful after the elections)

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