Monday, November 28, 2011

Homeless Children

Homeless children, struggling Mom's and Dad's.... heartbreaking.

As many suffer and struggle, we must all thank God for what we have and reach out to those that have not.
God Bless those in need.

First Mass With the New Changes

Just attended my first mass with the new changes.As can be expected, people are still trying to adapt, being creatures of habit and all.

To be expected.

Over all despite the priest making his little comments trying to be humorous "well here's one part that hasn't changed...Our Father who art in Heaven..."


...the mass went pretty well. Everyone seemed to be accepting. Didn't hear any comments after mass or heavy sighs during mass, which was good.

I like the changes, although I'm still trying to understand the nuances in the meaning. I've been going through Jimmy Akin's book 'Mass Revision: How the Liturgy Is Changing and What It Means for You' Its very helpful. I'd recommend picking up a copy.

Fr. Longenecker has a few good incites to the changes and some of the reactions he's encountered in a post entitled  'All or Many'. Also read his article in the Nat Catholic Reg and see how he prepared his parish for the new translation. (Introducing the New Missal: Why We Worship With Liturgy)  

And finally, a homily by Fr. Barron - Anticipation, The Potter and the Clay  

Any reactions you've encountered on the new translation? Let me know, I'm interested.   

Friday, November 25, 2011

Video: Conception to Birth - God's Creation

An amazing video showing the beginning of life at conception and the journey to birth.

Wow, you've got to see this. The mathematician asks himself, " perfectly organized the structure, it's was hard not to attribute Divinity to it..."

Link to the article HERE   

The video says it all...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christ The King - 34 Sunday in Ordinary

Last week before the beginning of Advent. I love the Advent Season.

I'm reviewing the reading before I go to a late Mass this Sunday and I also tapped into Fr. Barron of Word on Fire for a sermon.

The readings are awesome and the sermon expounds on the 'language fit for a Kings'
Sermon: Language Fit for a King   

"Hey, I wouldn't Want to Offend Anyone"

Another favorite line for not 'upsetting the apple cart' so to speak. Not wanting to be singled out as 'non-tolerant' or even judgmental and maybe even "what makes you so holier than thou" category.

"I wouldn't want to offend anyone"

I must admit, I've ducked under this transparent cover myself...shamefully. Maybe you're in a conversation with someone or in a group of people, at work or at a get-together with friends or family and someone says something that is counter to your faith, opposite to the teachings of the church.

Do you say something? Should you wait for someone else to respond to the fallacy?. Maybe if you just pretend to not hear the it.

How about when you're having dinner at a restaurant and you want to say grace before the meal  but you're afraid to sign yourself before you murmur a very quite blessing.

You don't want to offend anyone...

Here's a nice little article that addresses this thought.

The Consequences of the "I Don't Want to Offend" Mindset  

 Over lunch this week with a long-time client, the blessing I said at the beginning of the meal was the catalyst for an interesting conversation (as it has been with so many others in the past).  This human resources executive smiled as I made the sign of the cross at the end and said, “Well, I don’t see this every day.  I can’t remember the last time I said a blessing over a meal at a business lunch.”  Once again, the simple act of saying a blessing over a meal in public was prompting a conversation about faith in the public square and I must admit that I eagerly jumped right in!

Don't Need God...Enough to be A Nice Person?

Have you ever encountered fellow Catholics who seem to dismiss the teachings of the Church with a rational of "hey, I'm a good person...that's what counts" attitude?

Fr. Barron has a great post (as usual) of helping set this mindset straight.