Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Aug 31 - Article Roundup

My work computer is fried.... the mother board they tell me. I need some file off that hard drive. Hope they fix it soon.

Mean while, I'll sip on some Java and fiddle with a 'Status Presentation' for this mornings meeting

Why Catholic Teaching on Homosexuality Isn’t Bigoted- The Catholic Register

Trapped (Miners) - American Spectator

The Education of Glenn Beck - American Thinker

Is Peter the Rock Part I - The Sacred Pages

This Day in History, Aug 31 - History Channel (Video)

Iraq War Spending vs. Defecit Spending Without War

The CBO has a new set  of numbers that tell a different story than the one the White House is telling.

CBO: Eight Years of Iraq War Cost Less Than Stimulus Act 

According to CBO numbers in its Budget and Economic Outlook published this month, the cost of Operation Iraqi Freedom was $709 billion for military and related activities, including training of Iraqi forces and diplomatic operations.
The projected cost of the stimulus, which passed in February 2009, and is expected to have a shelf life of two years, was $862 billion. MORE

Monday, August 30, 2010

Aug 30 - Article Round-up

Labor day in sight...wishing everyone a good week.

Fr. Michael Rodriguez On Homosexuality - CMR  (Video)

Will Media Notice How Clean Beck Rally Participants Left National Mall? - Mom always told me to pick up after yourself.... a lost art
 today I guess

The Pentagon's Budget Is Not Bloated - American Thinker

How "Catholic" should you be online? - National Catholic Register

Prayers: Doug Kmiec in serious car accident - Catholic Vote Action

MOVIE: Get Low

Saw a movie with the Wife this weekend that was a surprise delight for me.

Get Low has an odd cast of actors (Robert Duvall, Bill Murray, Lucas Black) and one actress (Sissy Spacek)that at first glance one will seem incompatible. But the combination actually works!

I was also surprised to see the Catholic teaching of Reconciliation, the main theme of the movie. One can't have someone else ask for forgiveness for you, one can't ask for forgiveness in the solitude of ones own mind or heart (mortal sin), one must 'confess' it out loud. In the case of Catholic Teaching, to a priest.

While the movie doesn't quite make that connection, it does portray that overall theme...asking for forgiveness

Friday, August 27, 2010

Dogs Go To Heaven?

This is so funny...a friend sent me this.

A fun battle of wits and theology.

Dogs go to Heaven? Hysterical! Absolutely unreal that this actually happened! These two churches face each other across a busy street.

TGIF - Article Roundup

A few interesting reads. A long week and I'm looking forward to the weekend.
Don't get me wrong I'm truly greatfull for my job. You know how it is.

I shouldn't complain but sometimes .....I do.

A Relativist, Wrapped in a Muslim, inside an Agnostic - American Specator

Does Barely True Mean True? - American Thinker

Fr. Barron on the 'Our Father' - InsideScoop (Video)

Archbishop Won't Attend Obama Speech - Creative Minority Report

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Article Round Up Aug 24, Tuesday

Bagel and Coffee...

'Not Too Catholicy now Mr. Pope'... - CMR
Fare Well Mr. Star Hustler - American Catholic

Lair, Lair pants on Fire - American Thinker

The 5 Dumbest Things You Can Do If You Have Too Much Debt - OOPS!

I  Believe.... - InsightScoop 

Judge: ...Stem Cell Research, That's Killing Babies

Finally, a Judge that isn't afraid to tell the truth!

U.S. Court Rules Against Obama's Stem Cell Research

Judge Royce Lamberth granted the injunction after finding the lawsuit would likely succeed because the guidelines violated law banning the use of federal funds to destroy human embryos.

"(Embryonic stem cell) research is clearly research in which an embryo is destroyed," Lamberth wrote in a 15-page ruling. The Obama administration could appeal his decision or try to rewrite the guidelines to comply with U.S. law.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Timothy Mc Veigh - Catholicism

Michel Martin, you're an idiot. Why would you make such a comparison? Why is the Catholic church twisted to make such comparisons?


NPR’s Michel Martin Links Timothy McVeigh to Catholicism, Christianity, ‘Did Anybody Move a Catholic Church?’

Charles Carroll - The Only Catholic to Sign the Declaration of Independence

Charles Carroll of Carroliton, Maryland was the only Catholic to sign the Declaration of Independence in 1776. He not only signed his name but his place of residence so non would doubt who he was.

A great book on the founding of Washington D.C.: Washington Burning  by Les Sandiford

The American Catholic has a short video

Know your history!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Oh Fr. Breen, why?

Creative Minority Report website, reports on Fr. Breen of Nashville 
Fr. Breen Saga Continued.

It's been reported that CMR is trying to bring down Fr. Breen. It hasn't occurred to the media the Fr. Breen has done this to himself.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Google Overexposer

This is very sad. A warning that it's suggested you change your name if you've been over exposed on Google.
I can't understand why anyone would put a good part of their lives on the Web.
Very Dangerous.....

Young will have to change names to escape Google

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Insight Scoop Highlights

A couple of good articles for your review this morning. Both from Insight Scoop.

Article #1:

Article #2:
Reasons not to become Catholic

Thanks Carl!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Retired Archbishop Philip. M. Hannan of New Orleans - The Concentration Camps

A touching video of the Archbishop at a WWII Concentration, and his story of what he saw.

The Archbishop of the Concentration Camp - American Catholic

Article Round Up Aug 17

Home on Vacation. There is something to say about having a leisurely cup of coffee, knowing I would be in a meeting at the same time if I were at work.

Ahhhh, the sun is shinning bright on this beautiful Southern California morning. It's going to be a hot one and I plan on strolling the Saw Dust festival later today in Laguna Beach. Maybe catch some lunch by the waters.

But for now here's the morning article roundup.

Un-American to Criticise the Chevy Volt - Can you say 'Lemon' boys and girls?

Israel has 8 days to Hit the Iran Nuclear Site - This is scary....

Hindenburg Omen - It's going to be a bumpy ride.

Catholyc Astroturf in Action - Beware of the of the 'Catholyc'

Monday, August 16, 2010

Obama Weighs in on the Mosque At Ground Zero

Obama has weighed in on the issue of the Muslim Mosque being built at ground zero.
Obama Strongly Backs Islam Center Near 9/11 Site - That's a definite, 'You Becha'

Well shoot, guess I'll weigh in myself. And that's a definite NO! Charles Krauthammer says it best.

Sacrilege at Ground Zero - by Charles K.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

World Mantra - "Don't be Judgemental"

Patrick Madrid has a sermon posted that hits the nail on the head as far as our duty as Catholics.

How many times has the scripture been thrown down "Don't be judgemental, lest you be judged." as a defense to support intolerance to homosexuality, to abortion, to euthanasia, to many other worldly vices that many seem to want to legalize?


thanks Patrick...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

More Insane News

Ball of Confusion...

San Fransisco to Ban Happy Meals - But Marijuana is Okay

How to Distinguish The Constitution From Toilet Paper - Some find it hard to tell the difference

California Prop 19 - Another Step Closer to the Cliff

Just when I was getting through the week with some sense of sanity after the 'Marriage ruling' we in California are again wondering "What the Hell is going on? Have we totally lost our minds?"

It looks like that's exactly what is now being proposed in our Golden (Tarnished) State. Prop 19 is a new proposal up for vote in November to legalize 'Pot Smoking in the Work Place'.

...if there are only Twenty people loyal to you Lord...would you spare us?.....how about 10....5...?

While I will not be moving out of the State anytime soon, I would like to encourage everyone out there in blog land to pray for our State.It's in really bad shape and fear a 'Cliff' is near.

I haven't lost faith in God's providence however it can sometimes sadden the heart.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Magis Center of Reason and Faith - Fr. Spitzer

Father Spitzer, former President from Gonzaga University has a great new Website and an equally fascinating new book.

Magis Center of Reason and Faith is the must bookmark new website. From their website:
MCRF'S GOAL: To explain the consistency between science and faith in contemporary astrophysics.
In the last ten to fifteen years, implications of transcendence in astrophysics, philosophy of mathematics, and metaphysics have become more pronounced. Indeed, no other decade in history has revealed more or better evidence for God.

Father Spitzer's new book is entitled 'New Proofs for the Existence of God:Contributions of Contemporary Physics and Philosophy'.

Here's an interview on EWTN Live with Fr. Mitch Pacwa

Goverment Bans E-Readers?

A story you got to read to believe...

Sometimes the federal government does something so laughably moronic, that one has to stop and ask the question “Are they really that dumb or is something else going on?”
Here is the setup.  Recently a number of universities around the country decided to take a look at using some modern technology in the classroom in an effort to save money.  These universities took part in an experimental program to allow students to use the Amazon Kindle for textbooks.  As you know, many people now use e-readers like the Kindle or the Nook as a replacement for traditional printed books.  There are many reasons for this including cost, environmental impact, and convenience.  Further, anyone who has gone to college understands the high cost of textbooks and would likely support any way to reduce this large expense.
Here is the pathetic punchline.  For conducting this experiment with the Kindle, Obama’s Department of Justice threatened legal action against the universities.  The ridiculous contention of the Obama administration is that the Kindle and e-readers violate the Americans With Disabilities Act.  Why?  Because the blind can’t easily use them.
Now the first thing that would pop into the minds of anybody with a third grade education and that does not work for the government is this simple question.  If e-readers discriminate against the blind, do not traditional textbooks discriminate equally?  The obvious answer is yes.

10 Books Every Conservative Must Read - Benjamin Wiker

Just bought a book at B&N this weekend, one I've got to pass on to you all.

The book is entitled '10 Books Every Conservative Must Read-Plus Four Not to Miss and One Impostor', by Benjamin Wiker, Ph.D.

About the Author

Benjamin Wiker received his Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University, and has taught at Marquette University, St. Mary's University, Thomas Aquinas College, and Franciscan University. He is a senior fellow at the St. Paul Center for Biblical theology and is also a senior fellow with Discovery Institute. Wiker has written several other books, most recently Answering the New Atheism: Dismantling Dawkins' Case Against God (co-authored with Scott Hahn) and 10 Books That Screwed Up the World: And 5 Others that Didn't Help. He lives in rural Ohio with his wife and seven children.

Mel Gibson, Christopher Hitchens & Catholicism

Two video installments from Fr.Barron.

One on the fanatic interest of the misgivings of Mel Gibson

And the second video on the final chapters of Christopher Hitches22

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Pelosi: Baby Jesus, Did He Ha ve a Right to Life?

I didn't believe this until I read it.

Did Jesus have a right to life?

Pelosi actually wouldn't answer the question when proposed to her. A Yes or No wasn't in her answer. How hard could it be to answer it? This self claiming 'well educated Catholic'.


Pelosi can't say if Jesus had right to life
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), a Catholic, publicly stated earlier this year that she had a duty to pursue policies “in keeping with the values” of Jesus Christ, the “Word made Flesh.” But at a press briefing last week, when reminded of this statement, Pelosi declined to say when Jesus got the right to life.

“Whenever it was,” said Pelosi, “we bow our heads when we talk about it in church, and that’s where I’d like to talk about that.”

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Amazing Pencil Art"

Dalton Ghetti is an amazing talented humble artist. He has a unique talent as a sculptor using a 'Pencil' not as his tool, but as his medium.

That's right, his sculpture are on the end of a pencil!

Finding the Art in a Pencil Tip

Pencil Tip Art

A Very Sad Day In Los Angeles - Marriage

A Judge in the City of Angels has decided that the peoples of Los Angeles were "Un-Constitutional" in their support of Marriage.

Marriage, defined by 1 man and 1 woman.

He used terms like 'moral disapproval' and saying things like, California "has no interest in differentiating between same-sex and opposite-sex unions,"

What does that mean. I guess if you're the one defining them you can make them mean anything. And that's just what happened. A Judge over ruled 52.3% of the people's vote.

It's not over by a long shot. A shallow victory for those attempting to change and redefine Holy Matrimony.

Holy Matrimony will always be between 1 man and 1 woman. No court ON EARTH can ever change that.

Marriage Over Turned in California

Judge Being Gay a Non-Issue...