Thursday, January 26, 2012

Florida Debate - Santorum Alive!

I'm watching a second showing of the debate, came home late.

Question on 'What role will Religion play in your administration?'

Newt had a great answer "...not just for an hour on Sunday..."

But Santorum hit it out of the park " has everything to do with and reason"


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

State of the Union, Re-Union

The third State of the Union speech in the administration of President Obama is now past us.

My first impressions, well the third sounded a lot like the second. More promises of more this and that, more protection from the making the wrong choices with the guidance of the government.

Bigger bureaucracy with two or three more committees and gov organizations.

All this equals MORE SPENDING more debit.

Mitch McDanials was gracious in his opening remarks of his rebuttal pointing out the words of praise the president rightfully gave our men and women in the armed forces. Obama welcoming them home from the war. He missed only one point there. Our honored veterans will be coming home to no jobs. There military units will be dissolved to pay for all the promises he would lay out in the reminder of his speech.

The president spoke of those of us struggling because of lost wages, foreclosed homes, debit and the like.

I remembered reading at lunch time today a chapter in  a book by Brian Benestad, Church, State, And Society - An introduction to Catholic Social Doctrine.

He was quoting JPII who said Catholic Social Doctrine is crystal -clear about the obligation toward the poor. Christians are obligated to have  "a love of preference for the poor" or a preferential option for the poor, which JPII defined as a "special form of primacy in the exercise of Christian charity." 

Benestad adds, This means much more than having the right opinion on welfare. A genuine love of the poor must include efforts to help people to get out and or stay out of poverty. Welfare is important as temporary measure for those on the road to self-support and as a permanent subsidy for people who cannot, for various legitimate reasons, obtain or hold a job. (pg336)

It just seemed to me that the presidents speech didn't bring me to believe that that would take place; help the poor get out and or stay out of poverty.

Here's Mitch McDaniels rebuttal.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Jesus vs. Religion

There is a youtube video circulating.

The jest of the video is a young man 'rapping' his thoughts on who he thinks Jesus is compared to what he thinks Religion is.

All in all it's very well done, in step with today's culture. He expounds on why he thinks Religion, according to his definition, is bad and one can only follow Jesus without it. Including some political swipes, think I've protrayed that fairly.

Anyway I found a counter to that video that I believes addresses come of the claims of the first video and corrects some of the errors.

I do like both video's the attempt to give his thoughts in such an artistic way, even though I have my disagreement with the message of the first video. I love the way the two video's complement each other. They try to communicate their ideas in a common way.

The Father doesn't quite hit that cultural note like the first video, but I love the attempt to find common ground and still not back away from debating the message

Take a look at both videos and let me know what you think.

Video No. 1

Video No. 2

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The 54 Chino Hills Babies

This morning I spent time at a special mass to  remember the 54 aborted babies  found in an empty field in Chino Hills back in 1997. Every year we in Chino Hills and the surrounding churches both Catholic and Protestant come together to celebrate life through the tragic deaths of these innocent lives.

There were multiple church services in the communities. The Catholic service I attended at St Paul the Catholic Church had a beautiful service. I was honored to represent one of the 54 children who were each given a name. The name given to the baby I represented is 'Joshua Promise'.

I remember the day that the babies were found. A call went out to the church community and the community as a whole, that a group a young boys were playing in a field in Chino Hills when they came across scattered boxes. Being curious children they opened one of the boxes only to find what they didn't expect .... the bodies of aborted babies. They ran home to tell their parents what they found. The parents alerted the authorities and the word spread.

I remember arriving to the site of the find. The babies themselves were already in the possession of the authorities. As the community gathered for prayer, the local media began to show up. I remember standing right next to a couple of the media. A young man and a young woman. I don't recall what part of the media they represented but I do recall what they conversed about.

The young gentleman reporter was heralding to the young attractive woman reporter how "he too was Catholic...just not that Catholic". They both laughed together.

He obviously didn't want to be associated with us wackos who came together in prayer for the aborted babies.

That phrase hit a nerve with me then and it does now. "I'm Catholic too...just not that Catholic"

Either you are Catholic or your not. That's why as true Catholics we have to live our values everyday not just on Sunday, but everyday in every way of life, no matter where we are or what we're doing.

And especially in these elections. We need a president in office that governs with those values.

Creative Minority Report has a post on a poll take to see how Catholic view president Obama and if they would vote him back into office. The results are not pretty.

51% of Catholics say they will vote Obama back into office.


Please, please, please remember before you you're Republican, Democratic, Independent, Green Party or Librarian that you are Catholic.

Vote that way.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Etta James Tribute

Thank you Etta for a unforgettable song.

A Catholic's Thoughts At This Moment in the Elections...Pre - SC Primary

Okay, here we are a day before the SC Primary. The last debate, number 8 I think, was last night. I haven't watched it yet except for a few of the news clips that have been airing on the news channels.

The first question pertaining to Newt’s sec

ond wife and the response to it from ‘Ging’ have been circulating.

Well, this West Coast Catholic has been nursing a very bad upper respiratory infection all week and still going to work. I feel lucky to have work so I’m trying to push myself a little. Today’s a day off for me and so I’m sitting here thinking on the elections.

You know, questions that you yourselves, fellow Catholics and non-Catholics alike have probably been stirring in your own minds.

In my case, “What’s a Catholic to do with this field of Republican Candidates?” I say Republicans only because, right up front and its obvious in my posts, that I’m not an Obama second term guy.

So the first questions I asked myself are “from the field how do I vote, right now? Who am I for and against?”

Well, maybe a better question is “who am I for the most and least, knowing I’m not voting for the incumbent”.

This is where I stand and a few reasons why, right or wrong and they all can be debated. I reserve the right to even change my mind. This is just how I see thing right now, today, the Friday before the NC primary.
I welcome your thought…

Okay, so who do we have left in the field? Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.

Ron Paul, let’s start here:

Over the past few weeks It’s been quite a shocker for me to see how much support Ron actually has. In my mind I can be supportive of Ron on his pro-life issue but then I try to understand his stance on foreign policy and frankly that just makes me cringe. Too much of an isolationist for me.

Look, this world is a wonderful gift from God, but let’s face it, it’s a very dangerous place with lots of not so good events happening. Poverty, war, crime. One can approach it from a stand point of, “well lets just take care of our own, leave everyone else to themselves and we’ll all be happy”.

This is not how it works and it’s definitely not a part of Catholic teaching. If that were the case Catholicism wouldn’t have spread. Civilization wouldn’t have spread. Closed societies have been tried before. China comes to mind, the old Soviet Union remember and the ’Iron Curtain’.

So we’re a Super-Power and with that, whether one likes it or not, we have certain responsibilities. Now this is where it gets sticky. How much responsibility and when do we draw the line and just bud out of foreign affairs? We can debate this endlessly but for now my point is I figure Ron Paul as out of the mainstream and at one end of the spectrum. He wants to ‘bud out’ too much.

I understand he has the College vote and I can understand that. The youth are our future and thats for sure, but the mentality of ‘hey you do your thing and I’ll do mine, it’s all good’ is a bit na├»ve. Not all youth have this mentality but I know how Ron’s non confrontational message can be attractive to the youth. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way in life.

For me Ron Paul will not be chosen to represent the Republican Party. I believe his votes are drawing away from supporting other candidates in the running who I believe have a legitimate chance at winning and a complete set of values that I want our next president to have. Still it’s an individual’s right to put an X by the person they support.

Mitt Romney:

Mitt ‘inevitable me’ Romney. It’s not that I don’t think Mitt is a bad guy, cause he isn’t. It’s true that I just don’t seem to identify with his wealth but he’s earned it. Again we can debate on how he earned it, however I believe the Obama campaign will go down that path the minute he would become the winning Repub in the race.

I’m more concerned with his record while in Massachusetts, and specifically his role in the demise of the Catholic adoption agency there as well as the Catholic Hospitals because of polices he supported. While I do think I would support him if he was chosen the primary winner he is not my first choice.


Newt Gingrich, what can I say. He has so much baggage…as the news outlet pundits say, that collected they’d fill the warehouse seen in one of Indiana Jones movies. Yes, he has baggage, he’s been in the DC business quite a long time so he has a lot to put under the microscope, which is the exact opposite of the White House occupant of today had when he took office…..NO EXPERIENCE.

But I do put him above Romney. If I believe in repentance, I can’t take Newts conversion lightly. I have to give him the benefit of the doubt. I do appreciate his communication skills and I believe he is more conservative in his views than Romney. I do believe there has to be a bigger contrast between the incumbent and the challenger.

I’ve said this before, but people keep telling me that the ‘Independents’ will decide the next president and to tell you the truth, that scares the beegeebees out of me. For one thing this same kind of thinking gave us McCain as the Challenger and put Obama into office. And now its Romney AND Paul that the Independents are placing high on the primary winning list. Not sure what that’s about.

I’m tired of the past married stories. Yes, Marianne has a right to be bitter. Divorce in our society, what 70% of all new marriages end up this way I’ve read somewhere, is not leading our nation to a better future. I did a quick Google search on Marianne Gingrich and the first three pages of hits all referenced the claim of ‘Open Marriage’. Now this was Newts second marriage so what happened to the first marriage. Marianne was the other woman in that instance, so for me her creditability isn’t all that great. Absolutely Newt’s creditability also is in the dirt. But again the ‘repentance’ word comes to mind. If he says he is a changed person and the church acknowledges this than I too acknowledge it.

I believe Newt can bring it to Obama, I do believe he would lead the nation well with his experience.

Rick Santorum last but not least:

Santorum is my first pick. He has all the values of my faith that I want to see in a president. He has the DC experience needed to fill the executive office. He may not be as flamboyant as Newt or as rich as Romney.

There are plenty of articles out there to support my thoughts. This post is just me thinking out loud or through my fingers on the keyboard.
So this is how they stack up, at least for me.

1) Rick Santorum
2) Newt Gingrich
3) Mitt Romney
Nope not Ron Paul….

Let’s continue to pray about this election and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Catholic Celebrity Wahlberg - A Breath a Fresh Air

Now here's a pleasant surprise from a movie celebrity of all people. Not very often do you come across someone who is not afraid to proclaim his faith, on TV for that matter and really mean it.

Mark Wahlberg of the recent movie 'The Fighter' during an interview was asked about his faith helping him out of the streets and jail.

A breath of fresh air if you ask me. So many times you hear the claim of Catholicism followed by some outrageous support for Planned Parenthood, gay married or married priest.

Mr. Wahlberg when asked if he attended mass everyday, could have said yes or just allowed the television audience to believe he did, but instead corrected the statement with "...if not mass at least a daily visit, 10 or 15 minutes to pray.". A bit of honesty. No claims of visions or dreams of enlightenment, just a determination to pull himself out of a mislead life of selfishness and time in jail.

Very cool. Wish there was more celeb's like Mark.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Catholics Beware: Is Romney Really Pro-Life?

Today the mantra for all the Conservative news pundits is "Defeat Obama at all Cost!".
Unfortunately that includes throwing out little issues like Abortion, pro-life.

Yes, I agree the national debt is killing the nation but so is Abortion.

Don't worry, the front runner, Romney is pro-life.

That's what Mitt has said himself, and so why would anyone ever question that? How do we know what's really in his heart?

Okay, how about judging his actions... is that okay?

Read on: Mitt Romney Didn't Just Give Planned Parenthood Money, He gave them extra Power, in Massacuttets.

Ya know, this is what happened with Obama, the claim being "He's pro-life". "He'll reduce abortion". Come on fellow Catholics, let not go down that road again.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

All Romney New Hampshire - "I'm Mad As Hell And I'm Not Going To Take It Anymore!"

Well I wasn't too surprised with the results after all New Hampshire is home for Romney, or at least his " Summer Home".

Now my Summer home is the same as my Winter home which is the same as my Spring and Fall home.This is the same for most of us who are managing to keep our homes. So much for feeling like Romney is in touch with me.

Liberal State you say? How so?
Well, look at tonights results:

1. Romney
2. Ron Paul
3 Huntsman

Does this reflect the nation? I think not.

So I'm sitting here, gathering my thoughts and sort of watching the movie 'Network' on TV, of all movies to watch on this election night.

I'm purposely staying away from the high paid analysis tonight... I'm not in the mood of hearing the various spinning going on, whether on the local networks, CBS, ABC, NBC or Cable, CNN, MSNBC, or Foxnews for that matter. Oh wait that's also what's happening in the movie I'm watching, network manipulation.


I love that seen when everyone is screaming this out of their windows.
Sometimez you just want news that's just 100% news not 95% opinion and maybe 5% news.
Well..... you know what I mean.

I'll come right out and say that West Coast Catholic is endorsing Santorum all the way. I'm not worried about the results tonight because New Hampshire is a Liberal State, its an Obama State, so is Iowa for that manner.
It's how they voted in 2008 and I don't think it will change.

So now we know who the Independents are rooting for. It's been claimed that the Independents will select the winner of this presidential election and I believe it. After all they voted Obama into office the last go around. I'm not picking on the Independents, Catholics also put their 'X' by "Hope and Change". The best that the Republican establishment could do in opposition was John McCain. Now I like McCain and I'm grateful for his service for this great country.

But McCain is a Moderate and so is Romney.. Not a big contrast between President Obama. Now a Republican Moderate in my book is not going to defeat Obama, not much of a contrast and that's what it's going to take to remove Obama out of office, someone who is a complete opposite. Not someone who is, well moderate.

What do you do when salt looses it's taste? You throw it out and trample it under foot.

What do you do with luke warm water in your mouth? You spit it out.

What do you do with a Moderate Candidate? You re-vote in what you already have.

That's what will happen if we don't get a clear cut different candidate than the present White House occupant.

That's why I'm for Santorum. Not a perfect individual but one that's not afraid to live his faith even in front of the camera, not just on Sunday. for an hour. I believe in his policies  strong Foreign Affairs, on economics and his stance of Catholic Social teachings in his entitlement reform and his staunch pro-life record. Again not perfect but trustworthy which is not what I see in the other candidates. Especially not Romney

I feel that Romney is going to be a pinata against Obama. Here's an article that will be on TV that will be the face of Romney's "Bain Capital" experience.

The Fired Bain Factory Employee  

There's going to be more of them...

Right now though the news pundants are ready to declare a National Republican  primary winner, I say it's far from over.
It's Santorum for my vote. Here's a couple more articles on Romney you might want to read before you align yourself with his camp.

Romney's baloney, pious and otherwise  

Beware the Myth of Inevitability   

Friday, January 06, 2012

The O'Reilly, No Spin Zone - No CCD Zone

Bill O'Reilly has mentioned his Catholicity on more than one occasion, often claiming Sister So-in-So use to keep him in line with her ruler.

Unfortunately Bill's knowledge of his faith and the Catholic truths he opines about leave me with a Simpson "Doh!" on my lips. I can't believe he says some of the things he says about the faith.

Just the other night while finally inviting Santorum onto his show he made some blatant errors on the topic of contraception and Catholic teaching.

98% of Catholics don’t follow the teaching:
It’s like eating meat on Friday:
It’s a man-made doctrine; Jesus didn’t say it:
I didn't get a chance to post on it however I did read a post that had the same thoughts on the interview, so I rather give the recognition to the "  Two Catholic Men and a Blog  " who did a good job with the analysis.

Bill O’Reilly, Rick Santorum & Artificial Contraception  

 Here's the interview:

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Iowa - Romney Wins

Romney by 14, wins Iowa my book Santorum wins the evening.

Monday, January 02, 2012

New Translation - Fr. Richard McBrien take on it

For the most part our parish is moving to make the new translation a smooth change. We are still catching ourselves, myself included still responding with the older translations. Almost immediately recognizing the error as the incorrect response leaves my lips.

Fr. Z has an interesting post on a  response by the infamous Fr. Richard McBrien of Notre Dame. As can be expected he isn't actually doing cart wheels of joy.

Fr. Z does a good analysis.

Dealing with McBrien on the new, corrected translation