Friday, May 29, 2009

Kmiec & George - Common Ground on Life Issues

This public discussion took place yesterday at Washington, D.C.’s National Press Club, Thursday, May 28, 2009.

Catholics in the Public Square has a post on it and AmP has some video and commentary on it as well.

"Is there Common Ground on Life Issues?"

Video & Text from George/Kmiec debate

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sotomayor - 6th Catholic Justice?

Father Z has some good analysis on the subjust...

Father Z

Ex-Fr. Cutie

This is a tragedy.

Leaving the priesthood because of breaking his vows of celibacy is one thing (... he didn't necessary have to do that if he had chosen to correct his ways) but to leave the Catholic Church completely to be with this woman is another thing.

It sounds like he didn't really believe in the presence of Christ on the altar at all.

A tragedy....

Priest who broke celibacy vow joins Episcopal Church

Father Alberto Cutie, an internationally known Catholic priest who admitted having a romantic affair and breaking his vow of celibacy, is joining the Episcopal Church to be with the woman he loves.

Miguel Diaz - Ambassador to Holy See ...maybe

Looks like Pres. Obama is high on appeasing the Hispanic population now a days with not only the nomination of Judge Sotomayor (Cuban desent) but also with the naming of theologian Miguel Diaz (also of Cuban desent) as ambassador to the Holy See.

The Hispanic aspect is of little concern to me ( I am Hispanic myself) in either case. I'm more interested in the qualifications, and the mind set of the individuals. Where they stand on certain issues and if they use their Catholic faith as a point of a credential to hold a particular office, well than I want to know how well they practice their faith.

I think thats only fair. If you put something on the resume, well let's validate that resume entry. In the case of proclaiming ones Catholicity, lets take a look. Many claim to be Catholic as a way to either gain the support of the Catholic population or a portion there of. Or maybe to try and show one's good standings concerning moral issues and "all around good guy/gal".

Only God can see into those individuals hearts to see their true motives, however we the public can view these individuals visible life styles and actions and come to some conclusions as to their Catholicity.

In the case of Miguel Diaz we can see his involvement as an adviser to the Obama presidential campaign (a president who is a non-apologetic pro-choice advocate) and Mr. Diaz affiliation with groups like 'Catholics in Alliance for the Common good' and a supporter of Kathleen Sebellius, another self proclaimed Catholic and pro-choice advocate, that Mr. Diaz's Catholic credentials may not be all that they claim to be.

Again as with the Sotomayor nomination, I believe that the Obama administration's objective is to divide and conquer the Catholic vote. There are those Catholics that will take the claims of Catholicity at face value without digging deeper and just go along with that name plate on the front of the car.

No matter that the car is a Hugo, it says Mercedes on the name plate. The performance just can't be ignored.

AmP has a good post on the subject:

Obama names theologian Miguel Diaz as ambassador to Holy See

A Hispanic Roman Catholic theologian who was an adviser to Barack Obama's presidential campaign will be nominated to serve as the next U.S. ambassador to the Vatican, the White House announced Wednesday.Miguel H. Diaz, 45, an associate professor of theology at St. John's University and the College of Saint Benedict in Minnesota, would be the first Hispanic to serve as ambassador to the Vatican since the United States and the Holy See established full diplomatic ties in 1984. Diaz was born in Havana.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sotomayer - A Catholic Perspective

No doubt we will be hearing from all sides Left, Right, Liberal, Conservative, Demo, and Repub, even Libertarian.

Enough will be said there and as a line in an old Styx song once said "...the left says yes and the right says no...I'm in between and the more I learn well the less that I know..." (Borrowed Time - Corner Stone).

So what can I, as a Catholic, make from this Supreme Court candidate. A Catholic perspective is what I need and so I will from time to time as the process continues for Judge Sonia's potential appointment to the highest judicial seat in the land, look to the numerous Catholic resources out there in the blog/internet world and posting links to them here at WestCoastCatholic.

Here's a start:

President Obama nominates Sonia Sotomayor - Catholics In The Public Square

The Sotomayor Pick: Bad But Could Have Been Worse - American Catholic

Sotomayor, sixth Catholic Justice, nominated by Obama to Supreme Court

A Golden Opportunity to Move Beyond the Legacy of Roe v. Wade - Headline Bistro

New Supreme Court Nominee Sonia Sotomayor - Catholic Analysis

ET Problem & The All-too-fallible Vatican Newspaper

Catholic Exchange has a couple of interesting articles to go along with that cup of java, or coke or heaven forbid Red Bull... it's 7:51am L.A. time presently)

The first one is on an Atheist theorizing about what Rome is up to....

Atheism , Christianity, and the ET Problem

The second is on the Vatican Newspaper. Seems that newspaperitus of the NewYorkTimes strain is spreading.

That All-too-fallible Vatican Newspaper

Calif. Supreme Court - The Ruling

The 6-1 ruling by the Supreme Court retaining the ban on gay marriages and upholding the voters voice is a sigh of relief.

Gay marriage advocates vow to bring the issue back to the ballot box next year.

Did you think it was going to stop there? Nope, and neither will the efforts of those of us that maintain that a marriage is between one man and one woman.

Gay Marriage Fight to Return to CA Ballot

The large rainbow flag that waves in Harvey Milk Plaza was lowered to half-staff after California's highest court upset a string of gay rights victories in other states by upholding a voter-approved ban on same-sex marriages.

But the mourning period represented by the black stripe hoisted in the gay pride flag's place did not seem destined to last long. Within minutes of the Supreme Court's 6-1 ruling, gay leaders said they were moving into campaign mode with an eye toward trying to repeal Proposition 8 at the ballot box as early as next year.

"So the court has said we have to go back," said Geoffrey Kors, executive director of the gay rights group Equality California. "We believe the political drive, the momentum, is there to do that."

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Obama - The Slogan for the Day

The Catholic Thing has a good piece on the growing list of slogans and enduring non-truths put forth from the Obama administration on abortion at the ND commencement.

Speaking of non-truth slogans, I just heard another one this weekend that had me cringing.

Mr. Obama compared the inmates at Gitmo to 'human fetuses'. O'brother.

Anyway here's the article:

Obama and the Enduring Untruths:

Along with enduring truths, there are some remarkably enduring non-truths; certain slogans that curiously hold on over the years, treated earnestly as moral principles, but utterly wanting in substance. One of the most persistent surfaced again a week ago in the commencement address at Notre Dame. It was delivered by that man Robert Royal has referred to as “a Certain Person [speaking] at a Certain Catholic University.” The most radical pro-abortion president of the United States offered, in the most amiable way, to find common ground with the pro-lifers. “[L]et’s work together,” he said, “to reduce the number of women seeking abortions by reducing unintended pregnancies.” He offered also to collaborate in “making adoption more available, and providing care and support for women who do carry their child to term.”

Calif. Supreme Court - Same-Sex Marriage

Proposition 8 in California was easily passed prohibiting same-sex marriage in California, however once again proponents of gay marriage are hoping that California's Supreme Court will over turn the vote of the people.

The Courts have done this once before, over-rule the vote of the people that is, and so the hope for gay marriage proponents is that 52.5 percent of the voters in California will be thrown out.

Please keep our state in your prayers. No same-sex marriage.

California high court expected to rule on same-sex marriage

California Supreme Court to issue Prop 8 deccision today

Monday, May 25, 2009

It's up and running. Check out the Facebook and iPhone apps.

P2Y - POPE to You

Friday, May 22, 2009

Legislaton Branch 'Out of Control'

We've heard the accusation before.

"No one has even read the entire proposed Bill and yet we are voting on it!" This of our bailout bills.

Reading the bill before voting, now that's a concept. The solution?

Speed Readers... I kid you not.

You know, though this is something we can joke about... it's really not that funny considering this is what our Legislative Branch of the government is doing.

Is this what we elected them for?

I think we are out of control...

'Speed Reader' Latest Democratic gimmick

P2Y - Coming May 24th

Memorial Day - Thank you to our Troops

(Photo AP)
Memorial Day weekend is noticeably here. The Freeway drive in this morning was especially light. Many have already starting the 3 day weekend.

Whether it be road trips or cross state flights or family gatherings or just plain relaxing at home with a cold one please lets not forget our men and women defending our freedom to do should things.

Do something small like remembering to place your American Flag out for display. Dedicate a simple rosary to those in uniform. And even more than these simple ways of thanks, how about living our daily lives beyond the memorial day weekend in ways that shows our respect for this great country and the freedoms that we sometimes take for granted.

Many Thanks to our Troops, have a great weekend everyone...

God Bless

WCC +<><

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Finding the TRUE facts on Abortion Numbers...

I read this article in the American Spectator this morning and for me it underlines the main point of Catholics and actually many Christian support for the current administration's stance on abortion and social policies.

The argument is that the current administration's policies on social issues will decrease the number of abortions.

Therefore the Obama administration is more pro-life than pro-choice. This in the face of rather stark actions (policy overturns and legislation) of those in office. By administration I also include the current majority in congress.

The article points specifically to the Evangelical Left Ethicist, Glenn Stassen of Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, California who's support for Obama follows this thought process and conclusion.

Though this article point to the Evangelical Left I believe a large portion of the Catholic population has join the band wagon and also follows this line of thinking.

While Mr. Grassen points to a set of numbers and statistics to support his argument, many who digest this data are completely unaware of the ACTUAL data on this subject.

Why? The inconvenience of 'digging deeper', going the extra mile to validate what's being put in front of us. The willingness just to swallow what's put in front of us, as in believing everything on TV or maybe the latest gossip we hear, rumors ect...

Whatever the reason, we have to be diligent about researching the facts, finding good resources, not just believing what we want to hear.

In a nut shell, seeking the Truth wherever that may lead.

So, here's the article. Let's make our way through the fog of numbers and stats and find out what conclusions the real truth leads to concerning the numbers on abortion.

Evangelical Left Ethicist Defens Obama on Abortion

In October 2004, conveniently during the presidential election, Evangelical Left ethicist Glenn Stassen of Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, California, gained widespread attention for arguing that abortion rates had increased under President Bush after declines under President Clinton. A John Kerry supporter, Stassen sought to justify evangelical support for a pro-abortion rights candidate, arguing that wider welfare state programs more effectively reduce abortion than legal restrictions.

As many critics then pointed out, Stassen's sweeping claims were selectively based on abortion data for only 16 states through 2003. Now armed with more comprehensive data, and energized by President Obama's Notre Dame controversy, Stassen, a strong Obama supporter, is claiming vindication.

"Abortions reduced by 300,000 a year during the Clinton years, stayed flat or increased during the Bush years, and if they resume their reductions during the Obama years, then many consistently pro-life people like me will conclude that we should judge administrations not by their words but by their fruits," Stassen triumphantly concluded in a recent piece for Sojourners, Jim Wallis's website for liberal religionists.


Found this site on Twitter.

This blog is maintained by: ORBIS CATHOLICVS

This grad student offers my pic's of the city and takes you on a mini site seeing tour of the eternal city.

Pay him a visit and leave him a 'shout out - comment'. Sort of like signing the guest book.
If you plan to visit Rome, visit his website for a planned tour: ORBIS CATHOLICUS ROME TOURS

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

51% Identify themselves as 'Pro-life'

This was touted in this weekends news as a giant earth shattering milestone of sorts.
51% of Americans describe themselves as 'Pro-Life'.

51% Identify as 'Pro-live' IN U.S.

Maybe it's just the skeptic in me, though I usually try to see the silver lining in the dark clouds, but I don't consider it that earth shattering.

Forgive me for saying this, but those YES, I'M PRO-LIFE votes seem to me as only 'Lip Service'.

Geezz. what would cause me to say such a thing? After all those are encouraging numbers. Pro-lifers out number the Pro-choice'ers after all.

Well, I spent a few days thinking about this 51% earth shattering news and I kept thinking "that's only 1% greater than half the nation. Clearly 49% are still self described pro-choice. Is that a good thing? Just under (by a hair) half of this blessed nation is for abortion?

I'm thinking ONLY 51% percent is pro-life?

Hmmm.... how many of those are Catholic? All of them?

I thought of the masses at Notre Dame applauding President Obama and chanting " Yes we can, yes we can", the all familiar Obama campaign slogan. I thought, it wouldn't surprise me to find out that most of those in attendance would claim to be pro-life, yet there they were yes-we-can-ing.

Maybe it's those Obama stickers on the bumpers of the car's in my churches parking lot that has me pondering.

This even though everyone knows the clear path on abortion this administration is on.

Lip Service.

1.1 Billion Catholics in the world, over 65 million in the United States. Yet what administration is in office with 54% of the Catholic vote.

"But this administration's policies are more in line with Catholic teaching... if you put aside the abortion thing" is the claim that I've heard.

Is Catholic Social Teaching Inherently Liberal?

The prayer vigil/alternate commencement service out side the main hall was barely covered at all and then only because the news wanted to see how fanatically violent those right-wing catholics can be. How disappointed they were. A mere 25 or so students out of the hundreds were present with their families along with maybe 1000 others united in prayer.

Students inside decided to wear 'building mock-ups' on there grad-cap's instead of the 'cross & babies feet' to show their support.

Still those outside chose to bear witness.

To Bear Witness to the Truth: An Unequivocal Moral Obligation for All Christians

It almost seems like we're are a church divided.

A House Divided

Even the Vatican Newspaper is confused.

Vatican Newspaper Praises, Criticizes Obama in Two Separate Stories

While I'm disappointed in the state of things right now, and while it seems that the 'Catholic-in-name' celebrates, government officials, professors have the podium at the moment...

Carla Bruni Criticises Pope Benedict XVI

... their call for the church to change isn't going to happen. With Pentecost fast approaching, we should be reminded of the beginnings of the church. We see the same chaos happening with the heretics of the early church pulling the faithful away from the true teachings of Christ.

The church survived ... and grew. (through much sacrafice and prayer I might add)

Throughout the churches history through the Reformation of the 16th century, through whatever turmoil, the church has survived and grew. We know the promise of our Lord, that the church is safe with him and to those that will follow the true teachings of the church.

We have a true leader in the church with Pope Benedict XVI. He has been trounced in the news and by those holding the podium of late.

B16 once said:

"An Adult faith does not follow the Waves of Fashion and the Latest Novelties."

How true.

This Sunday (May 24) is Ascension Sunday where Christ promises the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Sunday after that (May 31) is Pentecost Sunday, the birthday of the Catholic Church. Through the promise of Christ and the guidance of the Holy Spirit we Christians will overcome any obstacle. We will survive and grow strong. Stay true to the teachings of the church.

Pay no heed to those that say 'the church must change'.

Learn your faith, live your faith. Pick up the scriptures and read. Join a bible study group at your parish, men's group, women's group. Receive the Sacraments (including confession) regularly.

Take courage and take the challenge to 'be the light in the world'. (and I look in the mirror myself)

Don't just pay 'lip service'.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

ND Commencement - Obama "Common Ground"

President Obama gave the commencement speech, a very eloquent 30 minute speech by the way, today at Notre Dame. No one can deny him his oratory skills.

However, what he says and what he does are two different things. And for me, as I listened to the speech, that is what I measured it by. While addressing the issue of abortion head-on with claims of 'common ground' and 'conscience', my thoughts kept in review his first 100 days in office.

They just don't add up. Obama's first steps in office to reverse the banned funding for international support for abortion, and his more recent decisions to roll back the ban on stem cell research are a complete 180 from what he verbally proclaims.

As far as Fr. Jenkins speech, the mention of "Audacity of Hope", a clear reference to Mr. Obama's book said all that was necessary for me to understand father's encampment.

Father's total ignoring of the 40% of U.S. Catholic Bishops and many Catholic Leaders who voiced their disagreement with Fr. J's decision also leads me to believe that the Catholic Leadership at the University may not be all that solid in the faith. Noting the elevated attendance of the professors and staff at the ceremony, those not wanting to miss the press coverage and national recognition was disappointing.

There were some Staff and faculty at the prayer service outside but that was not covered in the televised press very much.

The cheering masses at the ceremony was very sad. The bestowing of an honorary law degree for what was described as "proven actual work and accomplishment" for a president who has been in office less that 6 months just didn't make sense either.

I hope parents of children who are thinking of attending this prestigious university for it's Catholic identity will think twice and search elsewhere. For along with the $40,000.00 a semester price tag for the education and the loss of one's child's faith in my opinion, is too high a price to pay.

Divide and Conquer is the aim of this Obama visit. It seems to be working. Mark my words Obama will be pointing to this Catholic support for his administration's policies.

AmP has some very good commentary and analysis.
Link:American Papist

Friday, May 15, 2009

Advanced Technology - China Launch

I'm posting on this because not just to note the technological advancement of China but mostly on a photo which accompanied the article.

(China's Launch article)

In the lower right corner of the picture you will see what appears to be people in a boat observing the launch of an advanced sea ballistic missile from a submarine.

Front row seats to show China's new found strength, however what perplexes me is along with the close view of the missile exiting the ocean waters, are they aware what comes next?

A plume of extremely hot, extremely toxic gases from the firing of the main missile engines. At this close proximity escaping this would be futile.

Advanced are they? ...well about as advanced as showing the world that they can blow up a satellite as spread debris to orbit the globe and endanger the space station and manned vehicles in earth orbit as seen this week when the shuttle astronaut's observed debris from a blown up China Sat.

Not too smart.

Having these advanced weapons of destruction doesn't make the nation that holds them advanced. In the case of Iran, a nation whose religious beliefs for some extremist, justifies blowing one's self up to kill anyone around or the voiced intent to destroy Israel.

Iran having a nuclear weapon scares the beegeeebeees out of me.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jim Caviezel New Movie - The Stoning of Soraya M.

Thanks to the 'Catholic Hack' for passing on this information.

Jim Caviezel has always put out a good performance whether it be in Mel's film 'the Passion of the Christ' or one like 'Frequency' or maybe one of my favorites 'The Count of Monte Cristo'.

So watching the trailer from his new film, it looks to me that he won't disappoint. This is just a pre-release screening but you can sign-up for tickets for a showing in your location.

It looks powerful....
Watch the Trailer: The Stoning of Soraya M.

It's All An Illusion

According to a gathering of neuroscientist and psychologist at the Naples Philharmonic Cneter fo the Arts in Florida these are the worlds best visual illusions.

What justifies them as the best...I don't know, but they're still pretty cool.

Check them out.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (ISNS) -- The three best visual illusions in the world were chosen at a gathering last weekend of neuroscientists and psychologists at the Naples Philharmonic Center for the Arts in Florida.

The winning entry, from a Bucknell University professor, may help explain why curve balls in baseball are so tricky to hit.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

B16 in The Holy Lands - Defying Expectations

The Catholic Thing has a good post on B16's visit to the Holy Lands.

Though the MSM coverage is trying to set the bar of success for the pontiff B16 is showing that he's success is measured by a higher source, one not man judged.

Pope Must Defy Expectations - Again

The pope is in the Middle East. Wars, oil wealth and corruption, tyranny, terrorism. What good can come out of that troubled part of the world? Especially when every move he makes and word he utters is being subjected to sharp and often less than well intentioned scrutiny? And by people seeking to use the visit to their own advantage?

Many Muslims and Jews, not to mention secular denizens of the region, are skeptical of this pope, as are even many Middle Eastern Christians. The New York Times reports that the Latin patriarch of Jerusalem, Archbishop Fouad Twal, told the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, “The thing that worries me most is the speech that the pope will deliver here. One word for the Muslims and I’m in trouble; one word for the Jews and I’m in trouble. At the end of the visit the pope goes back to Rome and I stay here with the consequences.”

So the pope has his work cut out. What can he expect to achieve?

Prayers for the Pope

Our Father
Hail Mary
Glory Be

ND Rumors....

AmP puts some perspective on the RealCatholicTV (see previous post yesterday) call to prayer.
Thanks AmP...

What has apparently happened is that someone has "filed a brief" in Rome with "actionable consequences" against Notre Dame. According to my knowledge of canon law, that's about as significant as someone sending a letter to the President - sure, you can send them a letter, but that doesn't mean they have to read or act on it. All this means is that Archbishop Burke('s staff) checks the mail.
Of course, Archbishop Burke could conceivably do something, but we have zero evidence that he will if we're basing them on the rumors circulating right now. Frankly, this doesn't strike me as his style - to rush something out the door with the President coming only a few days away.


Keeping this issue in one's prayers is still a very good idea...

1,000,000 rosaries anyone? ND Rosaries

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Notre Dame - Is News Coming Soon?

Is news forthcoming pertaining to the Notre Dame leadership?

Don't know but a special prayer request has been requested.

Prayer Request: RealCatholicTV

Is Notre Dame Catholic?

The date of the commencement is fast approaching.

Now even some of the graduating Seniors are drawing the line

Some ND Seniors Say No to Graduation

So, should ND still be considered a Catholic University? The question was posed to Archbishop Burke

“What should the Church do about Notre Dame?” I asked Archbishop Raymond Burke last night. His answer:

“What it should do is have Notre Dame come clean. Is it Catholic or isn’t it? A Catholic institution, a Catholic university, cannot give honors to someone who is a promoter of things that are opposed to the most fundamental beliefs of Catholics, and so that’s what needs to happen.”
How can the Church do that?

“There’s an apostolic constitution, Ex Corde Ecclesiae, which sets forth the requirements for a university to have the name Catholic. I think that Notre Dame has to either follow those norms or say ‘We’re not a Catholic university anymore.’”

B16 in The Holy Lands

So there are those that are upset that B16 didn't apologize for his German heritage or his association (however minimal) with his forced Nazi Youth particication and he didn't apologize for the Catholic Church involvement with the attocities (even if it's been proven time and time again that the Church saved Jewish lives).

Even when the Pope showed his support for Israel by walking out of the ecumenical gathering in which Muslim offical Sheikh Tayseer Tamimi delivered a tirade against the Jewish State.

More to come on this later. Meanwhile here's what the press has on it.

Pope B16 under fire... - Jerusalem Post

Vatican defends B16... - AP

'Gender-Based' Abortin Legal - Sweden

What the heck is going on in Sweden?

Swedish health authorities have ruled that gender-based abortion is not illegal according to current law and can not therefore be stopped, according to a report by Sveriges Television.

The Local reported in February that a woman from Eskilstuna in southern Sweden had twice had abortions after finding out the gender of the child.

This isn't even mainstream news. Not a peep on the local news networks. Don't they do this in China? A girl baby isn't as important as a boy baby?

This is traditionally Mary's month of May. I will be praying for the unborn especially this month asking our Mother Mary to intercede for us.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Chino Valley - Planes of Fame Airshow 2009

(Photo: Planes of Fame-Chino Airshow)
Heads Up!

The Planes of Fame Airshow 2009 in Chino Valley is NEXT Weekend, May 16th.

If you're in the area of Chino Valley, about 50 miles out of Los Angeles ( a freeways throw away), San Bernardino and you're a vintage airplane buff or just like airshows in general, you're in for a treat.

This airshow is one for the books and a must see. WWII vintage airplanes flying along with F18(s) in group formation is a sight to see. Living in this area, us local yokels witness the occasional P51 Mustang flying overhead from time to time along with a number of experimental aircraft. So when this ad is placed in the local newspaper we know to mark our calendars.

Some enjoy the fly-overs from our back yards and other prefer to attend the festivities at the Chino Airport where the presenters are dressed in Vintage 1940 uniforms and flight gear and the sound of Glenn Miller and other big band music is blaring from the flight line speakers. It's like going back in time.

So mark your calendars and we'll see you there.

Link: Planes of Fame 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I would like to wish all Mother's a very happy Mother's Day.

WCC +<><

Friday, May 08, 2009

At War : Are You a Catholic that's Part of the Solution or a Catholic that's Part of the Problem?

This is a question that you must answer for yourself. The truth is between you and our Maker so you are fooling no-one.

Fr. Corapi has a great message concerning the Notre Dame Scandal. Though the his message forcus' on this particular scandal the question applies to much more.

It's time to own up.

Part of the solution or part of the problem?

Catholic in name only?

Prayers for the Holy Father - B16

(photo: EWTN)
B16 is on travel to Jordan then on to the Holy Lands.

Our prayers are with him on his journey...

EWTN coverage

Our Father

Hail Mary

Glory Be


Thursday, May 07, 2009

To Russia with Love: Chernobyl Today

Meet Elena.

Elena lives in Ukraine, and is about to take you on a tour of Chernobyl and it's surrounding area. It's a place frozen in time and will be for a long time to come.

The world's most disastrous nuclear plant accident is perhaps not so fresh in the minds of many. What actually happened remained a State secret for many years, and perhaps all the details will never be known.

Elena's journey's by motorcycle through these areas fill us in on the aftermath of this event and gives us a glimpse of the towns and villages that will remain uninhabited for an unforeseen future.

It's a great story and one worth reading.

And so join Elena on her motorcycle trek. Lot's of pictures, some broken english and a story you won't find in the local newspapers.

My name is Elena. I run this website and I don't have anything to sell. What I do have is my motorbike and the absolute freedom to ride it wherever curiosity and the speed demon take me. This page is maintained by the author, but when internet traffic is heavy it may be down occasionally.


have ridden all my life and over the years I have owned several different motorbikes. I ended my search for a perfect bike with a big kawasaki ninja, that boasts a mature 147 horse power, some serious bark, is fast as a bullet and comfortable for a long trips. here is more about my motorcycle I travel a lot and one of my favorite destinations leads North from Kiev, towards so called Chernobyl "dead zone", which is 130kms from my home. Why my favorite? Because one can take long rides there on empty roads. The people there all left and nature is blooming. There are beautiful woods and lakes. In places where roads have not been travelled by trucks or army vehicles, they are in the same condition they were 20 years ago - except for an occasional blade of grass or some tree that discovered a crack to spring through. Time does not ruin roads, so they may stay this way until they can be opened to normal traffic again........ a few centuries from now.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

NOPE: Obama No-Show on National Prayer Day

Thursday, May 7th is National Prayer day. A time honored day enacted by Congress in 1952, a time for all faiths to come together in joint prayer.

I know in my neighborhood the local churches (of various faiths, Christian, Mormon, Buddhist, etc..) gather together with city officials for a joint prayer ceremony and the city celebrates with honoring the day.

At the White House a similar gathering takes place, except this year of course.

President Obama has better things to do. What an example for his children and for the Nation.

This really strikes me as odd. For an individual (Mr. Obama) who places so much emphasis on 'leadership' to take this stance for no prayer day attendance, well this is a strange way to show leadership.

This unfortunately just enforces in my own mind where Mr. Obama was going when he proclaimed that " we are not a Christian nation...". With his selected cabinet making decisions against the life of the unborn this is just another road marker down a road thats becoming quite evident. No Faith.

And this morning I heard that another government DHS report is out about those "Pro-Life extremist".

DHS Definition of Pro Life: "A movement of groups or individuals who are virulently antiabortion and advocate violence against providers of abortion-related services, their employees and their facilities. Some cite various racist and anti-Semitic beliefs to justify their criminal activities. "

What errks me even more is the Gallup Poll (Gallup Poll: More Than Two Thirds of Catholics Approve of Obama) which shows more Catholics back the leadership of Obama. What does that mean.

So... prayer day for President Obama is a big fat NOPE.

We had an White House Easter Egg hunt though......

Obama to be prayer day no-show

President Obama is distancing himself from the National Day of Prayer by nixing a formal early morning service and not attending a large Catholic prayer breakfast the next morning.

All Mr. Obama will do for the National Day of Prayer, which is Thursday, is sign a proclamation honoring the day, which originated in 1952 when Congress set aside the first Thursday in May for the observance.


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

He's Back! - Fr John Corapi

He's been away from the public forum for awhile now. Most of us have resorted to his tapes, DVD's, and his EWTN series.

But now after a lengthy and well needed break, he is speaking in Buffalo , New York of all places in August of this year.

Here's a short interview. While reading it I can actually here his deep baritone voice.

Good to have you back Father. You bet I'll be visiting his website to see if he's available to speak at our parish.

Popular Preacher Returns

Father Corapi Ready To Hit the Road Again

Father John Corapi gets on a phone in his Montana office and asks someone to boost the volume. The assistant who helped arrange an interview with him had warned about this. “Speak loudly,” she said, “he’s hard of hearing.”

Father Corapi himself has never been hard to hear. For nearly two decades, his thundering voice has preached the Gospel with a forceful, meat-and-potatoes theology that’s made him among the most recognizable priests in the world.

But since August 2007, that voice has been relatively silent. At first, that was by choice — having traveled more than 2 million miles spreading the good news, Father Corapi quit public speaking to focus on writings and recordings. But just one week into that hiatus, a mysterious sickness began to ravage his body and left him mostly bedridden.

He’s recovering now and has headed back to the speaking circuit.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Opie's Angels & Demons - Pictures in the Sistine Chapel

So Opie has fired a salvo back at the Holy See. I guess he's kind of frustrated at the debunking of his latest film Angels & Demons so maybe he figures to generate some stink as a promotion for the film.

Ron Howard: Vatican Obstructed 'Angels and Demons':

At a press conference Sunday, Howard said he hadn't sought cooperation from the Vatican based on the opposition he encountered filming "The Da Vinci Code," another Brown novel that angered many Catholic leaders.

But he said the Vatican nevertheless exerted influence regarding his filming permits, and he was told it would not be possible even to shoot scenes in Rome that had churches in the background.
"When you come to film in Rome, the official statement to you is that the Vatican has no influence," he said. "Everything progressed very smoothly, but unofficially a couple of days before we were to start filming in several of our locations, it was explained to us that through back channels and so forth that the Vatican had exerted some influence."
"Was I surprised? No. Am I a little frustrated at times? Sure," he said.

Nevertheless he said he felt that he was able to preserve the overall "Angels & Demons" experience despite the restrictions by recreating scenes on sets. For the Sistine Chapel alone, some 20 members of the production crew — posing as tourists — took photos of all the frescoes, floor mosaics and paintings of the tiny chapel where popes are elected — until they were told to stop, the film's Web site says.

So let me get this right. 20 members of of the production crew pretended to be tourist to take 'illegal' pictures inside the Sistine Chapel so they could create the sets necessary. Anything for an Oscar Awards hit movie I guess.

I guess it doesn't matter if taking pictures in the chapel is prohibited for reasons that it my contribute to the decay of the art and paintings. But hay what the heck.

Maybe the Vatican 'obstructed' the use of certain scene shots in locations sensitive to cameras and bright lights. Protecting 100's of year old art is considered obstruction. Ya-right.

Saturday, May 02, 2009


I went to the Vigil Mass this Easter, 2 1/2 hours long and worth every minute. For those who have attended his Mass before, you know it as the Mass of the Catechumens.

All those entering the Catholic Church are baptized, Confirmed and participate in Communion for the first time. Those in attendance renew their baptismal vows and the ceremony is beautiful.

This music video, sent to me by a dear friend sums up the feelings involved but the deep senses of the soul are between you and your maker.

Thanks Paul

History, a thing of the past - Jon Stewart history lesson

You know, sometimes from talking with people it seems that they believe anything that they hear from TV Celebrities.

Either from the likes of your typical movies stars turned news commentators or maybe a favorite comedian let say. The other day I learned that Myli Cyrus and Brittney Spears think that Miss California contestant was totally wrong in giving an honest answer to the question posed to her on gay marriages and she shouldn't have won based on that answer.

Well okay then, if it's good enough for Hannah Montana, a 16 year old who's life is just beginning well then it's good enough for me by golly.

What errks me even more than these follies is when I hear history being re-written to coincide with a particular stance be it political or even religious (Angels and Demons comes to mind) or for anything else for that matter.

Case in point, Jon Stewart is a fav for many to watch. His raw comedic talent is appealing to many and I myself enjoy a good laugh that his talents generate from time to time.

However Mr. Stewart, talented though he is, is not a very good historian.

Mr. Stewart's comments calling Harry Truman a war criminal for dropping the A-Bomb, not once but twice, is something that needs to be corrected. He uses this aligation to support his thoughts on 'torture', a hot button topic of today.

While Mr. Stewart is applauded when he calls others on their hypocrisy Jon has to face his own music as well.

PajamaTV Afterburner host Bill Whittle does some excellent fact checking and calls Jon Stewart onto the truthful history carpet.

Will Jon own up to the facts and correct himself...we shall see.

Jon Stewart, War Criminals & The True Story of the Atomic Bombs

Weapons of Mass Distortion: Shut Up

WMD or Weapons of Mass Destruction was an acronym to insinuate the centrality of the failed Bush, Iraq war.

Just to be 'transparent' (I guess that's the buzz word today) I don't agree with that notion that Bush failed on the Iraq War.

WMD is a double edge sword acronym. The other side of the blade can be defined by it's new meaning; Weapons of Mass DISTORTION.

One of those weapons is in this arsenal is 'SHUT-UP'.

View the video:

Oh, and just to be more transparent, I found this video on Patrick Madrid's website.
Thanks Patrick

Friday, May 01, 2009

Angels and Demons - 'Mwu-ahahah...'

Andrew Leigh writes this analysis of the Ron Howard/Dan Brown book to movie "Angels and Demons" due out this month.

He goes through the age old arguments, "It's just entertainment", " Don't knock if if you haven't seen it yet", "It's fact mixed in with a story of fiction"

Excellent, enjoy the read.

CAUTION: The article has a movie spoiler, however it's probably best to go over these finer point of the movie (aka book) before you pay your $10.00 to see it.

Ron Howard's 'Demon' Defense Doesn't Hold Water
Here’s an understatement for you: Not everybody likes William Donohue. Whereas some admire him as a passionate defender of the faith, others view him as a hectoring, self-righteous censor, with a tendency to get red-faced and a bit shouty when locking horns on one of the ubiquitous news talk shows.
Howard, of course, is always calm and collected. Besides, he’s Opie; and who doesn’t like Opie? So I enter this fray with the greatest trepidation, fully expecting to regret every minute of it.