Tuesday, October 21, 2008

'Obama Catholics' to the left of me... 'Obama Catholics' to the right of me...

AP tries to put out all the scorch-earth antics from the pro-Obama catholics.

Thanks AP for your dedication.

On lying to American Catholics about Obama

I've reached that moment of feeling powerless to put out all the fires being started by pro-Obama "Catholics." Maybe if I received funding from George Soros like some of these "Catholic" groups do, I'd have the free time to take all of this on. But I don't.

I will, briefly, however, simply point out the many lies published on the "Catholics For Obama" website, specifically it's "Catholic Case for Obama." Just one example:

"Senator Obama and Senator John McCain hold indistinguishable positions on embryonic stem cell research"

False. Obama wishes to dramatically expand it, while McCain allows for the use of already-created embryos. This leads to very different results, as Robby George points out. CFO also makes the claim that recent technology is acceptable to Catholics. Some of it is - but that's not the kind that Obama supports. He wants to create and then kill (more) embryos. That doesn't stop CFO, however, from quoting an irrelevant statement by Cardinal Rigali. They use the same tactic in their other points: misquote, misrepresent, misapply (oh, and avoid). I sure hope they haven't deluded themselves into thinking they are being objective.

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