Saturday, February 23, 2013

No Place On Earth - New Film

This looks interesting. I'd like to see this one...

Monday, February 18, 2013

The New Pope Analysis - Enough Already!

You know , sometimes I'm about ready to throw a shoe at the TV screen, with all the experts analysis.  Priest X and Monsignor Y and News Correspondent Z and Journalist so-and-so says the next pope should be more politician or the next pope should be more liberal or conservative or younger or older or more receptive toward change in church teaching...etc....etc...etc..

Okay, it's interesting to a point then, I hear the secular end of it and it's like the presidential elections again.

I haven't heard the fact from anyone's lips on the news channels whether from clergy or journalist that the Holy Spirit is guiding this whole event and that's the only opinion that counts.

I see more and more scrutinizing of Pope Benedict's health...he has a pace maker...he is blind in one eye, and my heart goes out to him. We should keep in our daily prayers.

One of my thoughts is "if the Catholic Church is so irrelevant, why so much attention?" I mean, when was the last time you heard of the who will be the next leader of Calvary Chapel or whatever church. In one breath the argument is that the Roman Catholic Church is meaningless, irrelevant, out of touch. "They need to change"

I have to laugh to myself...  

Keep calm, the Holy Spirit is in charge. We are in good hands... 

Fr. Mitch Pacwa has a good episode on 'The Threshold of Hope" program on EWTN that addresses the things that Pope Benedict can and can not do.

Here's the link, have a view  

Friday, February 15, 2013

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a ...a.....ROCK!

Asteroid to be exact!
This ones coming close too, closer than our Geosynchronous satellites. As a designer of satellites at an Aerospace company, this kind of stuff intrigues me.

Check out the animated video HERE 
And here's the article:

Asteroid 2012 DA14's Friday Flyby: A Stargazer's Guide 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dorner - Finally coming to an end here in So Cal

Living here in So Cal is like a roller coaster at times.

Today ex-LAPD Officer and murderer, was finally caught in a shootout in Big Bear, but not before shooting two more law enforcement officers. One has died and the other is in critical condition.

I first heard the news of his re-sighting while going between buildings for a meeting. I couldn't keep my mind on business the remainder of the day, catching tid-bits of what was going on from fellow workers and colleagues.

Someone mentioned the shootout and another two officers down. then the news of the death of one of them. Two law enforcement officers killed and two more seriously wounded in a span of six days. A very bad week here in the South Land. And all by an ex-law enforcement officer. Very bizarre.

I followed the news all the home from work. A lengthy drive on the crowded freeway during traffic hour. It gave me some time to think about my recent complaints about how hard my commute is and how long the hours I put in everyday.

Shameful, now that I say a rosary for the fallen. I have a lot to be thankful  for.

It has been reported that the officer who died and a new born baby in his family. Very tragic.
It's even been reported that he was hold up in a cabin only a few yards away from the Sheriff Command Center.

I gave the wife a big kill an hug, told her how much I missed her much to be thankful for.

Prayers for the lose of families involved. I'll dedicate my Divine Office, Night Prayer to those affected by this tragedy.

Thank You B16

There are many expressing their thoughts on the decision of Pope Benedict XVI to step down form the papacy. Some who have insights worth reading and contemplating, however others who don't know what they're talking about.

The latter have expressed their vile thoughts in a very disrespectful manner showing their hostility of the church itself by their criticisms of B16 upholding of the teachings of Christ's church. Those I can readily ignore.

It's others with unknowledegable opinions of what they describe as a failed Papacy due to some kind of mistake in the selection process. One such article I read today came from an unlikely source, Fox News by John Moody entitled As Vatican leader Pope Benedict never had a chance which told of a papacy doom to failure from the outset.

Mr. Moody says "Benedict XVI faced an insurmountable problem: He was not John Paul II". Mr. Moody obviously doesn't know the accomplishments of B16.

Mr. Moody a writer of a Bio on the late Great John Paul II, obviously has a soft spot for the predecessor of Pope Benedict and rightfully so.As one of the longest papacy's JPII had much time to tend to his flock and he did it very well with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. No argument there.

However, to doom the reign of Pope Benedict as "never had a chance" is ignorance of the last past 7 years of church history.

First, 7 years of B16 compared to 26 years of JPII isn't exactly a fair comparison. JPII began his Papacy at the young age of 58. He was the youngest pope to be elected in 132 years. B16 was 78 years old when he was elected and he's 85 now. JPII was 84 when he died.

While JPII was a prolific writer  with many encyclicals from his pen, one can't deny the deep intellect portrayed in the writings of B16. I just finished Jesus the Infancy Narratives this past advent. His other two books entitled Jesus are so packed with information I'm still going thru them. 

Though not as numerous, the encyclicals penned by B16 are a treasure. One of my favorites is Caritas en Veritate (charity in truth). Here's a site with his writings.

Yes I'm saddened by his decision to step down and trust in the guidance of the Holy Spirit at this time is what we need to look to. We must not overlook the contributions of Pope Benedict in these trying times. He's sense of orthodoxy has kept the church from sailing against the rocks. With the push of the secular world to have the church change it's course by tossing overboard its teachings on life at conception, marriage between one man and one woman, a return to the sacredness of the mass to name a few, without the acknowledgement of just a few of the successes of this papacy is true ignorance of of this great leader.

Benedict didn't accept the papacy with competition in mind, to out do he's predecessors, he entered it begrudgingly, realizing the need for his leadership and willing to sacrifice of himself to the need of the church. He clearly stated at the beginning of his papacy that he fully expected to retire his previous Vatican post and spend his remaining time writing and studying.

He is sacrificing once again, fully knowledgeable of the fact that this decision may not be what others may want but what, through much prayer and contemplation as he put it, for the better of the church.

Thank you Pope Benedict for your service. Well done most faithful servant..