Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Science of Global Warming

Dr. Roy Spencer is a scientist that analyses the data from an environmental space satellite that I helped design (along with hundreds of other engineers), AQUA, EOS

If you are interested in exploring the actual science behind 'Global Warming' rather than just rely on what the various news media outlets, blogs, radio talk shows, ill informed Congressmen and women, not to mention Presidents, actors and actresses etc... then this is the website for you.

An actual scientist who is dedicating his life to this science of earth's environment. He has a terrific book (Climate Confusion) which explains the workings of earth's climate which helped me understand what makes the world hot and cold, and how it's ever changing weather is hard to predict on a daily basis much less 20, 30 years down the road.

...oops forgot my umbrella again.

Check out the various post on the good Dr. Roy's blog. 'Global Warming 101' is a good place to start.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Frozen Fetus at Doctor's Office

This is sick....and horrifying

For as long as this is reported to be going on, I don't understand how this wasn't exposed earlier. Receptionist, patients, anyone?

History of an Abortionist

Dr. Kermit Baron Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortionist, whose clinic was shut down last night after an investigation discovered "deplorable" conditions including blood on the floor and over a dozen fetuses in jars may have a long history of risky and illegal practices when it comes to abortion.



Frozen Fetuses Found During Doctor's Office Raid (video)

Link: Catholicwiki

Here's an interesting new website...well new for me.
Check it out

Link: Catholicwiki

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Challenge to Life: Quarrel in Rome

There seems to be a disagreement in Rome over the life of an unborn baby, whether it was appropriate to abort the life or to save it to less the emotional pain of the parties involved.

Now that seems weird to have this particular argument with the Rome leaders. Catholic Culture brings this argument into focus.

An Important Quarrel in Rome
You probably remember the case of the abortions performed on the Brazilian girl who was impregnated with twins by her step-father last year. Archbishop José Cardoso Sobrinho publicly stated that the doctors who performed the abortions would incur excommunication. But the President of the Pontifical Academy for life then wrote an essay in L’Osservatore Romano in which he sharply criticized Archbishop Sobrinho for an alleged lack of sensitivity to the difficulties of the situation, especially for the girl. Archbishop Salvatore Fisichella argued that the Church would have been better served by a strong display of mercy and tenderness rather than a pronouncement of justice.

Interrogation Memo's: What's the Truth?

The Obama Administration, is still on the hunt to, in their minds, 'bring to justice those who sanctioned the interrogation process of Guantanamo prisoners',

They are starting with the lawyers with the hope of proceeding up the chain of command from there.

This article posted on News Busters focuses on the the lawyer thing and kind of straighten my mind out on the arguments that the administration is hanging their hat on.

The argument that the lawyers put together the laws which allowed the 'torture proceedings' is preposterous. The fact is the lawyers put together opinions on the whether or not the law supported this type of interrogation, enhanced interrogations.

Ahh, excuse me, but the lawyers didn't "craft" anything that "allowed" the use of any "harsh interrogation tactics." Those men didn't have that authority. Those lawyers only wrote a legal opinion, they didn't write legal policy. That's like claiming that the people who draft war plans are the ones who "allow " the use of those plans. But that's not how it works. Read more:

The administration is prosecuting lawyers that offered opinions! Imagine that, we can be in trouble for offering opinions. Boy, what could be done with that one if it becomes a precedent.

Also, I was reading at a favorite Barns and Noble hangout and I found a very interesting book on this subject, the enhanced interrogation process that is.

'Courting Disaster' by Marc Thiessen is an excellent book for anyone that wants to understand what the enhanced interrogation process is and what it is not. Don't figure you'll learn the facts from the NY Times or anyone on TV for that matter.
White House speechwriter Marc Thiessen was locked in a secure room and given access to the most sensitive intelligence when he was tasked to write President George W. Bush’s 2006 speech explaining the CIA’s interrogation program and why Congress should authorize it. Few know more about these CIA operations than Thiessen, and in his new book, Courting Disaster, he documents just how effective the CIA’s interrogations were in foiling attacks on America, penetrating al-Qaeda’s high command, and providing our military with actionable intelligence. Thiessen also shows how reckless President Obama has been in shutting down the CIA’s program and releasing secret documents that have aided our enemies. MORE

Question everything and do your research!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger Woods...

(photo: MSN)
I'm watching the Tiger Woods fiasco speech... why? I don't know. I'm watching FoxNews to see the headlines.

...I thought this was going to be a 2 minute's going on and on and on and on...

His Mom (I think it's his Mom won't even look at him.

His wife's family is there. The camera shot is making sure that it appears he is talking directly to them and that they support them.

Well, I pray it's a real change in his life not just a speech.

....Oh wait

A hug from his Mother...

I can't believe the continued speech analysis.

Please go on to other more important news !

Dalai Lama out the back door....

Wow, what a way to treat a guest at your house.
Yup, those are trash bags.

Lent: Free Lenten Spiritual Reading Books

Patrick Madrid has a link to 'Free Spiritual reading books' on line. A treasure trove...

LINK: Lenten Jackpot!

Lenten Fasting...

The Sacred Page has a great post on Lent. Michael Barber, Brant Pitre and John Bergsma always have some great stuff.

"When you fast...": An Ash Wednesday Post
Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the traditional period of "Lent". "Lent" is an old English word for "Spring", but of course for Christians it is more than a recognition of the changing of seasons, it is a call for a change of heart.

Elton John: "Jesus was a Gay Man"

Oh brother, another celebrity interpretation of who Jesus is. Most of the time it's an explanation that usually justifies their life style.
According to Elton, yup you guessed it. Jesus was a Gay Man.
Elton John Says Jesus Christ Was Gay
He's made some crazy statements in the past, but pop singer Elton John now claims Jesus Christ was gay.
In an interview scheduled to be published by Parade magazine this Sunday, John says, "I think Jesus was a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man who understood human problems,

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Joe Biden: What's that on his head?

This has been going around the internet on various blogs and news sites.

Seems that there are still those in this world that are still oblivious to the Lenten season and Ash Wednesday. But is this an excuss if you're Catholic?

This shameful example of news reporters on British TV news not knowing that those are ashes on Joe Biden's forehead.

...ya know I get this same reaction from self proclaimed Catholic's at work when I come back from lunch time Ash Wednesday mass.

"What's that on your forehead...Oh, aaaa, Ash Wednesday...Oh, I, I, I knew that."

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stimulus Day: The Numbers Don't Lie

From What I heard on the way into work today on news radio, the White House is in major "tell our side of the story" mode... or what I would like to refer to as "Hey, who are you going to believe?...Me or your pocketbook"

In case you didn't know, this is Stimulus Bill anniversary day. We are suppose to take a few moments today and mutter, "Whewww that was a close one! Thank you Mr. Obama!".

Well, not so fast. The numbers don't lie as well as a teleprompter can. American Thinker has the post.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Christianity Lite: The beginning of the end

Is this the beginning of the end of what some consider 'Christianity Lite'? Well, maybe not the beginning, but certainly a step closer.

I'm referring to the resent decision by B16 to allow those of the Anglican faith to move into the Catholic church.

First Things has a great article on this.

Christianity Lite
Once in a while comes an historical event so momentous, so packed with unexpected force, that it acts like a large wave under still water, propelling us momentarily up from the surface of our times onto a crest, where the wider movements of history may be glimpsed better than before.

Such an event was Benedict XVI’s landmark announcement in October 2009 offering members of the Anglican Communion a fast track into the Catholic Church. Although commentators quickly dubbed this unexpected overture a “gambit,” what it truly exhibits are the characteristics of a move known in chess as a “brilliancy,” an unforeseen bold stroke that stunningly transforms the game. In the short run, knowledgeable people agree, this brilliancy of Benedict’s may not seem to amount to much. Some 1000 Church of England priests may convert and some 300 parishes turn over to Rome—figures that, while significant when measured against the dwindling numbers of practicing Anglicans there, are nonetheless mere drops in the Vatican’s bucket.

Understanding the Iraq Surge

This is very interesting. A very insightful video

Understanding the Surge from ISW on Vimeo.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day Movie: The Moral Relativism of Anne Hathaway

I watched the 'Valentines Day' movie this weekend along with hundreds of other valentine conscience husbands and boyfriends.

...and It was all I expected. Love stories with a twist staring various leading actors and actresses.

Ms. Anne Hathaway playing the character of a struggling resent college graduate with student loans up the gazzoo. She manages to hold down a part time office job while juggling a 'phone-for-sex' hotline. A bit of entrepreneurship and moral relativism she learned in college, perhaps?

Well, it seems Ms. Hathaway is closer to that moral relativist character in real life than we think.

She has stated that because the Catholic Church has teachings that are contrary to her real brother's chosen life style...

"The whole family converted to Episcopalianism after my elder brother came out," she tells the magazine. "Why should I support an organization that has a limited view of my beloved brother?"

...she must leave the church. Limited view of her brother? I don't think the Catholic church has anything personal against her brother. Now the homosexual life style is another thing.

InsightScoop has the post.

Global Warming:Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

The house of cards is starting to crumble....

World may not be warming, say scientists

Climategate U-turn as scientist at centre of row admits: There has been no global warming since 1995


Friday, February 12, 2010

Oprah and the Dominican Sisters of Ann Arbor

I thought I'd never say this but, I highly recommend you view the 4 YouTube segments of Oprah's show, highlighting the Dominican Sister of Ann Arbor Michigan.

A truly amazing look into life at the convent these wonderful sisters live in. They are so refreshingly honest in explaining their decision to answer the call to the religious life.

The Dominican Sisters On The Oprah Winfrey Show

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Miss me yet?

LOL - I'm on the floor with this one.

LENT is almost here...

The church season of Lent is almost here. Wow, first Valentine's Day and Lent around the cornor. Time is flying...

For Lent, I found this link in an email I received this morning. It's a video reminding us of Lent, Catholic Weird Al style.

Catholic Weird Al Readies for Lent.

More Rain... More Snow... Less Global Warming

With more rain, snow and wintry weather in the forecast, I thought it appropriate to post a few follow-up post on ...well, our changing climate

The Great IPCC Meltdown Continues
It’s not just the threat of Himalayan glaciers disappearing by 2035.
Now another headline grabbing IPCC scare story is melting away
. A report in Sunday’s London Times highlights new humiliations for the IPCC.

“The most important is a claim that global warming could cut rain-fed north African crop production by up to 50% by 2020, a remarkably short time for such a dramatic change. The claim has been quoted in speeches by Rajendra Pachauri, the IPCC chairman, and by Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary-general.”

There is however one teensy-weensy little problem. As Professor Chris Field, the lead author of the IPCC’s climate impact team has now told reporters that he can find “no evidence” to support the claim in the IPCC’s 2007 report.

There’s more.

The great global warming collapse
As the science scandals keep coming, the air has gone out of the climate-change movement...

In 2007, the most comprehensive report to date on global warming, issued by the respected United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, made a shocking claim: The Himalayan glaciers could melt away as soon as 2035.

I thought of killing myself, says climate scandal professor Phil Jones
THE scientist at the centre of the “climategate” email scandal has revealed that he was so traumatised by the global backlash against him that he contemplated suicide.
MORE (Phil, buddy it was a mistake, life is precious, move on...)

For the record.
I do believe in global warming. The worlds weather is in constant change. I just don't follow those that believe 'man-made CO2' is the main cause.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Peter Kreeft - 'Critical Thinking for Christians' sent out an email pointing to this lates entry into their library.

One of my favorite authors, Philosophy Professor Peter Kreeft has put this together. Everyone should read it.

Critical Thinking for Christians
I have been asked to write about the importance of critical thinking, and I’m sure Envoy’s editor meant me to talk about critical thinking not just as an academic exercise or professional game but as a divinely designed tool for ordering our thoughts, our actions, our world, and our task of being working organs in Christ’s Body, His hands and feet for building His Kingdom, His empire – in other words for our jihad, our holy spiritual war.

I think we need to know seven things about ‘critical thinking’:

First, what is it?

Second, where does it ultimately come from? How is it God’s gift?
Third, how should it order our thoughts?
Fourth, how should it order our actions?
Fifth, how should it order our world?
Sixth, how should it order our spiritual warfare?
And finally, how will it order our Heavenly victory and peace after this warfare is accomplished?

White House: Climate Change 'aka' Global Warming Agency

(Photo-Associated Press)
Ahhhhh, has President Obama looked out his Oval Office window lately....?

Snow, Snow, Snow...

We all know that by just changing the name of something (Climate Change Agency) that it doesn't mean it's intent has changed (Global Warming Agency).

I know "JOBS!" is the focus of the President, but do we really need another government agency?

Washington DC is the only place that shows a positive job growth.

Doesn't that scare anyone else?

WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration on Monday proposed a new agency to study and report on the changing climate.
Also known as global warming, climate change has drawn widespread concern in recent years as temperatures around the world rise, threatening to harm crops, spread disease, increase sea levels, change storm and drought patterns and cause polar melting.

'Creation' - Charles Darwin, the Movie

I read this movie review over the weekend, about a new movie release in Europe. The movie is entitled 'Creation' and it centers around the life of Charles Darwin.

Though the movie has not found a distributor here in the States, I found the comments at the end of the article most interesting. The movie is deemed very controversial and no doubt can be seen in the post at the end of the article.

The exchange of ideas of those supporting the movie's views and opposing them is very educational.

Have a read...

'Creation' Movie review by James Bowman
It will come as no news to readers of The American Spectator that science is now no longer just science but has become a religion-substitute for a large number of Americans. This faith, perhaps, claims even a majority of those in some other liberal democracies of the West. And if science, and its political arm, environmentalism, is the new religion, Charles Darwin is its Christ figure, despised and rejected of (theist) men and persecuted for the Truth he sought to bring to set men free of their inherited chains. These are not the bonds of sin and death but of the superstition and ignorance which supposes the world to have had any Creator at all or any Redeemer other than Darwin himself. That is what we mean by myth: a story that explains the world, whether or not the story happens to be true, and the Darwinist myth now comes closer to an explanation that people are prepared to accept than any other since the Redemptive history in the Christian interpretation of the Bible.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

"The Lost Decade" -.... found it!

If you heard the State of the Union speech you propably remember this line from President Obama:

We can't afford another so-called economic "expansion" like the one from the last decade -- what some call the ‘lost decade' -- where jobs grew more slowly than during any prior expansion; where the income of the average American household declined while the cost of health care and tuition reached record highs; where prosperity was built on a housing bubble and financial speculation.

Yup, the blame game again. It's getting old and not all true either. So lets dig a little deeper to verify that claim of the 'lost decade'.

The Lost Decade
President Obama called the "oughts" (2000-2009) the "lost decade." That was his way, yet again, of blaming Bush. More precisely, it was Obama heeding the advice of Homer Simpson.
The three little sentences that will get you through life. Number 1: Cover for me. Number 2: Oh, good idea, Boss! Number 3: It was like that when I got here.

It was like that when Obama got there. The whole decade was lost when he got there.
Or perhaps President Obama was not channeling Homer Simpson, but was channeling
James Carville channeling Homer Simpson.

The truth is always there just not so plain as it can be. That's what this administration is hoping...that you don't dig deeper.

Monday, February 01, 2010

There are Football Pro-Choicers and Football... Anti-choicers?

This cracks me up.
Pro-choicers are upset about the Pro-life commercial of Superbowl fame.
I guess the argument is 'you can CHOOSE to have an Abortion but you CAN NOT CHOOSE to NOT have an Abortion.

... that would be Anti-Choice?

It's a case study in the conundrum of liberal ideology: radical feminist groups declaring that a woman's choice to not have an abortion is, somehow, anti-choice.