Friday, February 28, 2014

Tom Clancy's Ukraine in Today's News

The crisis in the Ukraine is one that I feel is not getting the attention that it should. It appears that Putin is making a play for that country as we see a daily escalation of military action along the border with Russia and the Crimea region.

Putin is from the old Soviet Union school of power. The older Russian's would like to see that Mother Russia status again. Putin would like the super-power stature again for sure.

The news is bleak, with our president with his usual "line-in-the-sand" jargon. What are we going to do especially with the added military cuts? I really feel and I'm praying for the people of the Ukraine.

On Ukraine, Putin holds all the cards and dictates the timetable

At any one time I'm usually reading 3 or 4 books at the same time, most are on my Catholic faith, theology, philosophy, apologetics. Most of my reading is non-fiction, but I still like a good yarn once in a while so I try to include in one of those 3 or 4 books with one of my favorite fiction writers.

Clive Cussler is one of my favorites. His Macgyver type characters and a bit of history in his storyline make for a mindless adventure.

But one of my favorites is Tom Clancy. Again with that bit of history and military authenticity make the read on a plane of believability. I bought his first book "Red October' and I've been reading his books ever since.

And who can forget the movie...."one ping only!".

I was saddened to hear of his passing late last year and I don't think there will be anyone to take his place, at least on that caliber. He will be missed.

I'm presently reading his last book,   "Command Authority"   and it isn't disappointing in it's plot line. In fact it seems a little too real.

Why do I say this, well because it seems the book's plot of the President of Russia, a former KGB officer is trying to bring back the old style of Soviet global influence and he's starting with the Ukraine.

In the book the Russian President is planning his takeover of the Ukraine under the pretext of protecting the Russian's who reside in the northern part of the country. Controlling the EU through the oil deals that have been signed and which will eventually lead to a West show down.

I'm only half way done with the book but I feel like I can read a chapter and listen to the nightly news repeating what I just finished reading.

I'm hoping the book as a happy ending ...but more so with state of the Ukraine.