Monday, October 20, 2008

How to Buy an Election: Obama Style

And the money's keep rolling in.

I must say for an economy that's on the brink and all those desparate, struggling people out there that are just making ends meat, Mr. Obama sure seems to be raking in the remainder of their life's savings.

150 million dollars, that's an unheard of amount in election time history.
(Mccain is limited to 87 million because of an early election promise)

I must say that's impressive by any means, however it reminds me of all those people who struggle everyday but still manage to buy up those Lotto tickets, hoping to strike it rich.

.... Hmmm, HOPE'n to strike it rich. There maybe some rational for their thought process.

After all 'Wealth-redistribution' sure does sound good to some ( appears many). Like flies on an empty candy wrapper, I'm afraid that's all they'll find.

No candy.

With all the bailout money's already pledged and future bailouts in the making (auto industry) and on top of that Mr. Bernanke's signaling to the House and Senate majority to put together a pork-barrel package, I mean stimulus package, well I don't think Mr. Barrack's promises will add up to much.

I HOPE their dreams of CHANGE do come true.

But then again, I pray that their odds are better than this weeks Lotto Ticket purchase.

Obama raises stunning $150 million in September

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama raised more than $150 million in September, a stunning and unprecedented eruption of political giving that has given him a wide spending advantage over rival John McCain.

The campaign released the figure on Sunday, one day before it must file a detailed report of its monthly finances with the Federal Election Commission.

Obama's money is fueling a vast campaign operation in an expanding field of competitive states. It also has underwritten a wave of both national and targeted video advertising unseen before in a presidential contest.

Campaign manager David Plouffe, in an e-mail to supporters Sunday morning, said the campaign had added 632,000 new donors in September, for a total of 3.1 million contributors to the campaign. He said the average donation was $86.

The Democratic National Committee, moments later, announced that it raised $49.9 million and had $27.5 million in the bank at the start of October. The party has been raising money through joint fundraising events with Obama and can use the money to assist his candidacy.


... like taking candy from a baby.

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