Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fr. Donald Calloway - Amazing talk on Mary

I spent yesterday evening at a small church in Ontario, California, pretty close to the Ontario Airport, in fact it right next to the runway...a safe distance of course. It was there before the airport.

It's an amazing small church that is so faith filled. It's one of those small traditional churches with wooden pews and a Tabernacle right at the center of the sanctuary. It has a lector box that towers above the congregation about 10 feet or so. and more than anything the feeling is one of sacredness when  you enter.

The people that attend this parish are genuine and holy. The talk started about 7pm and I got there maybe 10 minutes till the hour and the place was packed. They had rosary and a prayer service which started at 6pm just to start the meeting. Now if this were held at my massive parish which seats about 2000, you might have seen a handful of attendees to this prayer service.But the place of the talk, while it only hold maybe 250 people only had standing room...and everyone was praying the rosary in unison...everyone. I kind of made my way half way down the center without seeing a spot to sit. So I made my way to the back to stand with the rest of the crowd that was still coming in for the talk. I could see they had that disappointed look that I was wearing..."no seating".

But out of the corner of my eye a little old lady was waving at me to come sit next to her. She was scooting over to make a spot for me.Wow, I as in shock, what a loving gesture. Most get annoyed at church when people are looking for a seat. What an example for me to follow, that elderly lady I mean.

The talk was truly amazing. Father Calloway's description of Our Lady's Motherly role, his insights, points I hadn't heard expressed before.

While most have heard his conversion story on YouTube, or read his book "No Turning Back" are going to love his style of writing in his new book "Under the Mantle"

I recommend it. I'm going to buy a few copies for my kids who have families of their own.

Here's a short clip of a very unique priest...