Monday, June 28, 2010

Portuguese Bishop teaches against Church teachings

Something needs to be done about this Bishop. I hope B16 is aware of this the mis-teaching of Bishop Januário Torgal Ferreira.

I hope he is being mis-quoted or the translation is incorrect.

.... I hope.

The Church welcomes homosexuals, in fact. As long as they do not practice their homosexuality...

It is certain that a homosexual couple is not theoretical, isn't it? And affections are translated through this practice, through this psychic-affective fusion of mysterious unity that is the human being.

The Church must understand this?

True Catholic Teaching: CCC 2331

VP- Smartass Remark?

"Lower our taxes..."

Why is this being reported as a 'smart-ass' remark? The VP decided to use this owners place of business as a photo opportunity and rather than just nod and give out free ice cream he wanted to express his views to the VP.

So what's wrong with that? Why didn't Mr. VP give him an answer? Why does the Main Stream Media (MMM) have to demonize the ice cream shop owner? Because he didn't allow the VP to use him?

Could it be that the MMM
is not on the side of the people? That's becoming more and more evident. This ice cream shop owner is just another in a long line of regular, everyday people getting slammed by the press for not fully agreeing with this disastrous administration, starting with Joe the Plummer.

What a snake in the grass he is. How dare he voice his thoughts to the VP...give me a break.

The press is definitely not on the side of the people. They can't even just report the news. They have to SHAPE the news to. And what's worse is that many will swallow it whole.

Hang in there ice cream shop owner. Don't apologize for doing something we all want to do. Voice our frustration on this administrations deftness.

Biden Calls Custard Shop Manager a 'Smartass' After Taxes Comment
Vice President Biden called the manager of a custard shop outside of Milwaukee, Wis., a "smartass" after the man asked him to lower taxes. Biden made the comment Friday after the Kopp’s Frozen Custard shop manager told him that his dessert would be on the house if he lowered taxes. "What do we owe you?" Biden is heard saying in footage captured by WISN-TV.

This guy (VP) is so out of touch....

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Give Me the Money!

There are many people, families, businesses affected by the oil spill in the Gulf. And I'm sure there are plenty of more victims to come as long as the oil flows. Even if it's stopped the damage will continue to happen.

They all need to be compensated for their loses and in good time.

Having acknowledging that I remember Katrina as should everyone, and the amount of dollars, rightfully poured into that region.

I also remember the headlines of fraud, millions of dollars spent and nothing to show for it. It still goes on today.

It seems nobody wants to talk about that for fear of being called insensitive, unsympathetic.

This article seems to smack of that sentiment.

"Claimers are being turned away" the message seems to be saying. Why, because they don't have the proper paperwork. While many can empathize with that, having stood in long lines at lets say the DMV or Social Security Office only to be told at the front of the line, "we can't help you because you don't have the proper paperwork together. It could be a driver's license or birth certificate or electric/gas bill to prove residents or ID.

While this can be frustrating one comes to realize that the proper paperwork is needed. We just want to be told before we stand in line what's actually needed.

I believe that is the case with Oil Claims. It's not that they are just turned away by BP. It's one of those government red tape things just like the DMV or Social Security Office.

Instead of the further demonizing of BP, some justified some not, that the administration should be recognized as part of the problem.

Katrina is still going on and this oil spill will be with us for a long time. I hope all who deserve to compensated get compensated in quick time. I hope the fraud is at a minimum.

BP Oil Spill
Millions of dollars worth of claims have been filed by businesses and people who've lost their livelihoods because of the BP oil spill, but 60 days into the crisis, lawmakers say the company has paid only 12 percent of them.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another Spoonful of News...

Please accompany the following news articles with your favorite color Rolaids...

The Gaza Flotilla Ambush: What Did the White House Know? - American Thinker

Who lost Turkey? Not Europe - American Spectator

Obama's Political Oil Fund - WSJ

Monday, June 14, 2010

Earthquake in the Southland

Anywhere between 5.7 - 5.9, not sure where it's centered. I really didn't feel it, my kids yelled it from downstairs

The Lakers Lose.... in Other News

Okay the Lakers lose again tonight. Didn't see the game ... glad I didn't.

In other news...

Obama Backs Israel's Inquiry Into Flotilla Raid - Foxnews

Obama, the British, the Gulf and Afghanistan - American Spectator

World Cup organiser mulls vuvuzela ban

Japanese asteroid probe returns to Earth - Yahoo news

A TRUE Catholic Vote This Time Please!

The march to the November elections is here. Now is the time to mobilize. Another disaster like the 55% of Catholics that voted Barack Obama into office is not desirable.

For those that are waiting for your FREEEEE check from the Oval Office... IT AIN'T COMING!

The only thing that is approaching 'Free' are paid for abortions at the tax payer expense.

Mobilize the troops...the voting troops that is. The prayer warriors and everyone else that wants to end this madness.

The Long and Winding Road...

Here's a story you've got to read to believe.

The short of it... 'A father of 8 ready to be ordained a Catholic Priest.

CMR has the story: Father of 8 to become Priest
Raised in a Jewish home, he converted to Christianity, married, became a Protestant minister, had eight children, is a pro-life leader, and finally converted to Catholicism a few years ago. That's a long and winding road but now the 51 year old is becoming a Catholic priest.

Applause at Mass

This is something that I see happening more and more at Sunday Mass.

Why do parishioner's applaud at mass, either for a homily or an unannounced event during mass?

Pope Benedict XVI sets us straight.

Father Z ways in.

Whenever Applause Breaks out in the Liturgy...

Friday, June 11, 2010

As the World Turns....

There is so much in the news on a daily basis.... it's hard to keep track of it.

Sting and the War on Drugs (Video)
- What of a Maroooooon!

China exports Surge... - What did we expect...just don't buy goods from China

Weekend Political Reading - AmP

Why Obama Failed - CMR

Friday, June 04, 2010

Jobs?...You call these Jobs?

the Admin is touting the 431K job increases for last month.

95% of this job growth is the the government sector not private sector. Many of these jobs are for TEMPORARY CENSUS WORKERS!

Hello, these jobs will go away as quick as they came! I don't get it. Yesterday I saw an article that list where people are migrating to in the U.S. Guess where that place is?

Yup. Washington D.C.!

It's not fair to say but I can't help myself...."when you're looking for a handout, you go to the source".

Sorry, I feel better now.

Economy adds 431K jobs but few in private sector
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Job creation by private companies grew at the slowest pace of the year in May, even while the hiring of temporary census workers drove overall payrolls up 431,000. The unemployment rate dipped to 9.7 percent as many people gave up searching for work.
The Labor Department's new employment snapshot released Friday suggested that outside of the burst of hiring of temporary census workers by the federal government many private employers are wary of bulking up their work forces.

That indicates the economic recovery may not bring relief fast enough for millions of Americans who are unemployed.

Virtually all the job creation in May came from the hiring of 411,000 census workers. Such hiring peaked in May and will begin tailing off in June.

By contrast, hiring by private employers, the backbone of the economy, slowed sharply. They added just 41,000 jobs, down from 218,000 in April and the fewest since January.

Insight Scoop Roundup

Insight Scoop blog does the news roundup...

I currently have 137 browser windows open (seriously, I do)...
... (64 in Camino, 68 in Firefox, and 5 in Google Chrome; I don't use Safari anymore), which means it is time for one of my occasional clear-the-decks, something-for-(almost)-everyone, potluck-styled round-up posts...

1$ Million to Archdiocese of New Orleans - BP

Wow, didn't hear this on the news.

BP gives $1 million to Archdiocese of New Orleans for oil spill relief
As millions of gallons of oil from an offshore rig explosion fouled hundreds of square miles in the Gulf of Mexico and advanced toward the Louisiana coastline, New Orleans Archbishop Gregory M. Aymond thanked BP for $1 million in emergency relief funds.
The grant will allow local church relief agencies to provide emergency food, financial and counseling assistance to needy fishing families.

Bashing Beatle - Oh Paul

I thought Paul had a little more class than this.

“After the last eight years, it’s great to have a President who knows what a library is,” McCartney quipped.

I still love his music and that's what he should stick to. You're suppose to receive an award with honor, humbleness and grace.


McCartney is the third recipient of the Gershwin Prize. Hailing from England and having earned no university degrees of his own, the Beatle may not know W. was the first American president to earn a master’s degree in business administration. (The fact the MBA is from Harvard really irks the left.) Not to mention Bush is married to a librarian.

Oh Paul, I respect your opinions, I have a few on the monarchy of England and your government myself. Just don't think this was a smart thing for you to do in public especially at such a high profile event.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Harvard 40yr Study on 'Stimulus Spending'

Very interesting Harvard study on 'Stimulus Spending'.

This study, 40 years in the making, re-affirms all our doesn't work.

40 year Harvard Study: Shows Stimulus spending grows government at cost of private sector. - American Principles Project

Al and Tipper Gore - Marriage Separation

I'm not a fan of the policies and political ideas (Global Warming) of Mr. Gore, however I am saddened by the announced break-up of his marriage to Tipper.

Marriage is a sacred sacrament, unbreakable in God's eyes. As His children when one suffers we in the family of God all suffer.

There is too much divorce in the world. I pray for the Gore family.

Former VP Al Gore and Wife separate.
Former Vice President Al Gore and his wife, Tipper, are separating after 40 years of marriage.

Catechism Of The Catholic Church: Marriage