Monday, December 31, 2012

Good Bye 2012 - Final Thoughts

Well that year just flew by. 

Don't get me wrong there were some days I thought would never end and some crosses that were quite heavy but, through the grace from above the year as a whole was filled with good memories and I thank God for every day of it.

Some final thoughts as we (in Los Angeles) tick down the final hours of 2012.

1) I am so thankful for my family. They are my life and God has been most generous in helping me provide for them and keeping my inner circle so close. He has blessed us many times over this year.

2) Thank you for friends and acquaintances...yes I get by with a little help from my friends.....

3) I haven't been able to blog as I want to and well I'll probably never have the complete amount of time I need to. However, I do enjoy sharing my thoughts. I promise to post more positive than negative post, but I'll still be honest in my post of what I believe and welcoming to different opinions that I both agree with and disagree with. Please share your thoughts with me?

4) Well, Oh, Oh right. I'll make it a point to get back to the gym. I'm not over weight or completely out of shape. Thank God for a good gene pool but I do need to exercise more than I have this past year.

5) I plan to be more vocal about my faith.Not to be 'in your face' however it seems to be the trend of today, to silence the voice of faith in the public forum. I plan to be a counter weight to that in my actions as well as  what I say.

6) Patience, I noticed a slip in my level of patience. Call it age in regards to stubbornness, but I must be more aware of my short comings here and exercise more patience.

7) It's hard to admit this but as some Catholic scholars and bloggers have pointed out, we now are living in a post Christian nation. ....very sad.

But that could mean a stronger church with those of stronger faith. The Catholic Church has always become stronger making its way through tough times. In it's long history of ups and downs, this fact has been quite evident.

When Rome persecuted Christians, Rome became a Christian nation. When the Renaissance produced faults with individuals in the Church which eventually lead to the 1500's and the birth of the Reformation, the Catholic Church corrected its wrongs and once again flourished. The recent Church scandal set the church in a bad light but now it seems to be coming around again.

Now though, the public forum seems to be excluding the voice of the Church and many self proclaimed faithful seem to agree with this exclusion.

Now is the time to double down on our faith. We know what the final out come is and we have nothing to fear. The Catholic Church will prevail as promised by Jesus.

So lets be bold together and "Not be afraid!"

This is the year of Faith as proclaimed by Pope Benedict. Let's make this next year a growth year for our Church by bringing back those in our families that have fallen away. Let's correct those who proclaim what the church is Not. Let's increase our prayer life daily.

God Bless all who have shared in this small unimportant blog. I thank you for your visits and what comments I get

Happy New Years!


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

School Tragedy Loss of the Innocent - What About Abortion

The tragedy of this past week has left the nation on bended knee. There's not a channel on TV, not a News show in the past few days, not a politician raising his or her voice in anger over the loss of  the 20 precious innocent lives in the school shooting as well as the adults.

Rightfully so, many have wondered why this has happened and many more are wondering how we can prevent such a tragedy from happening again.

Huckabee of Foxnews expressed it as having a nation that pushes out God at every opportunity and then, we're surprised when un-Godly things happen. Well that's a view point that won't get express much.

With all this outrage about this loss, the cry for Gun laws is the primary call for remedy and it seems the solve all for this kind of event. Stronger gun laws one gets shot right?

I don't think so. Evil exist and will always find a way to raise it's ugly head.

The only remedy for evilness is Godliness.

We can be outraged and again rightfully so, with the loss of the 20 innocent lives but we can kill 1 Million babies through abortion every year and that's okay.

Where's the outrage to that?

"Lets get rid of all guns to stop the killing of our children!"

Okay, lets stop Abortion and the murder of innocent babies.

Seems like on one hand killing children is unacceptable and on the other it's a right.

Doesn't make sense to me. You can't have it both ways

My heart was breaking looking at the faces of those lost in the shooting. These young lives that were just beginning with futures ahead of them that could have benefited our society, that could have enriched everyone around them were cut short and not allowed to flower.

This is the same thing with those innocent children who get aborted everyday without fan fare or community outrage as their live are cut short, never given a chance to benefit our society or enrich everyone around them. I wonder what their faces would have looked like, the smiles, the eyes with life shining from them.

Yes we need to address the present tragedy and yes lets look at gun laws without violating our constitutional rights and lets look at mental illness and school safety. Let look at all of that.

...AND lets look at a real stopper to killing children...ABORTION !

Got Bless the innocent children.

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Hobbit Movie - What is the Author's Intent?

The well advertised movie "The Hobbit" will hit the theaters shortly. Before you see it read the enclosed article to get the author's perspective...its a lot more than number of movie frames, 3D effects and great New Zealand 

The Hobbit and Virtue 

...then view the trailer

Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Relaxing ...with Alfred Hitchcock

So, I'm recovering from over stuffing myself yesterday. Good company and lots of good conversation with family.
Now I'm just relaxing with TCM on the tube as they play some of my favorite Alfred Hitchcock movies.

Can't go wrong with these thrillers. Set the TiVo if you can't enjoy now. Maybe your in one of those Black Friday lines....not me, I'm staying away from that madness

Anyways, here's a clip that may entice you....

North by Northwest

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Remembering Andy Williams and Christmas

Ever since I can remember Any Williams has heralded in the Christmas season with this holiday song

I'll still think of him and this song every Christmas to come.

Rembering Squanto the, Catholic Indian of Thanksgiving

Here's a tribute to the Indian Squanto. A major part of the Pilgrim's story not told.

...he kind of saved the day for the pilgrims.

Squanto the Catholic Hero of Thanksgiving   

WCC - Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all!
May God Bless your Day


Fr. Barron: Skyfall...007, Ian Fleming Catholic Connection

Fr. Barron reviews Skyfall...I thought it was awesome. Some interesting facts about 007 and Ian Fleming his creator and the Catholic Connection.

I can relate to the "...not too old" message.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Went to see Lincoln (the movie) yesterday...a must see movie!


Elections + 2 Weeks

After the elections I just had to steer away from the news altogether. I went through an number of stages, most, who were disappointed with the election results, went through.

Anger, disgust, sadness, prayerful, contemplation, realization, and now while I'm not at the "at peace" stage, I'm more accepting of the state of life we're in today in our communities and a nation as a whole.

Accepting but not disengaged, and not without a path to follow. I came across this article by Fr. McCloskey that outlines much of my feelings.

Have a read and here's a thought about a comment or two.

...hello is anybody out there?

The Recent Unpleasantness by Fr. McCloskey

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hey I'm still here....!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be posting soon. Life's challenges have been keeping me very busy, however I'm missing keeping in up with blogging.

Stay tuned


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Defense Contractors asked to LIE!

The Obama Administration asked the Defense Administration to NOT notify employees of possible layoffs on Jan 2, 2013. The notices would have to be handed out November 2, 2012 in order to follow the law.

The WARN ACT requires a 60 day notice. I know about this since I work in the Defense Industry.

The O administration has asked  Defense companies to disobey this law....unprecedented from a self proclaimed "Transparent" administration.

This is going to hit the Defense companies very hard...lots of layoffs. And to think President Obama wants to hide this from the employees prior to the elections to help his re-election.

Now we have a President that wants Employers to lie and break the law.

What a nice New Years surprise. Thanks Obama you really do care.

Administration Gives Defense Firms Cover to Downplay Possible Layoffs

Obama and Israel - Uncertainty

This is one thing I've notice throughout Obama's first term in Office. From day one while his words seem to be supportive his actions are not.

What whatever Obama's real thoughts are my own lead me to believe that he is not a close friend of Israel.

View this video...

Friday, September 28, 2012

So Does Ryan Have Catholic Social Teaching Right?

Nice little video with a 30 second explanation of what Catholic Social Teaching is.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Are You Better Off - Let Me Count The Ways

This video just about sums it up although I would have added a few more. how my medical insurance coverage from my employer went up since 2009 by $6,000 dollars. I now pay $10,000 per year. Now most of that is my choice because I choose to maintain my present coverage. It would be less per year...but that would mean much less coverage.
...should I take the chance?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dinesh D'Souza in the So Cal - 2016 Q&A

If you're in the south land on Oct 7th, and either you have or haven't seen 2016 Obama's America, this is  a unique opportunity to ask Dinesh D'Souza questions on the movie.

It's a free event and all you need to do is bring a 'Can good' with you to the event. The can goods will be for their feeding the poor ministry.

The movie is an unexpected success and with Dinesh there to answer question, it will prove to be an educational fun filled event.

Now I'm Catholic but that won't stop me from taking advantage of this event.

For more information: Dinesh D'Souza So Cal

Wishy Washy vs To The Point

Two versions of the same issue on homosexuality...

In one instance the theology of "I only say things that are non-controversial", the church of feel good

The other tells the whole truth firm, with charity and love

What say you?

No sin?

Just give the whole truth..

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Obama - Our Flag

The Obama campaign isn't satisfied with changing America's values.

1) Marriage, Man and Women ----Change
2) Freedom of Religion ----Change
3) 16 Trillion Debt
4) Government Dependency
5) Class Warfare
6) Redistribution

They also want to change the country's flag

...This isn't my flag!


Stars and Stripes forever!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Romney Video - Headlines Tomorrow Morning, Morality Lost

This news article will be the MSM main focus tomorrow morning and will definitely affect the Romney campaign.

Romney Talks Bluntly of Those Dependent on Government    

The only odd thing is while it will be protrayed as something bad  IT'S ALL TRUE.

There are 47%, and I would say more...who have come to depend on that hand full of peanuts the government doles out in a form of a monthly checks that will become a vote in the Obama ballot box.

It won't be because of the great presidency of Barack, but the promise of more handouts and most Americans won't want to give that up. They will gladly give up their freedoms and their souls for "a pocket full of mumbles such are promises", as Paul Simon said in the Boxer.

Like the images of the Los Angeles streets of a bank robber flinging money out the window of the car being chased by LAPD, and hundreds of people coming out of their houses to pick up the stolen money. All the while thinking it is okay to take the stolen money. All thieves that they are.

Morality lost....

The same is happening with this election. Obama is the bandit flinging money out the window of DC with thousands coming out to pick up their share, as if it will make any difference in their life's circumstances.

Morality lost....

And while the Obama campaign will call foul on this, it's the exact same thing they are doing by alienating the other half of America, the so called rich, actually the middle class. Those that would call out the other half of America living on the pocket books of those who prefer to work through their struggles.

Yes, there are plenty of those who are really struggling but I believe many more are illegitimate in this claim.

The hypocrisy

This is an election that will go down in infamy.

Is this America?

Very interesting article...

What is America Today?   

I don't know...I look around and wonder 'What the heck is happening'.

I see and feel the affects of the economy, just like I expect everyone else in America is.

We work hard, pay my taxes, pull the belt tighter and tighter with each month.

Watch my insurance rates climb higher and higher and  forced to choose lesser coverage because of it as many others.

I see family members and friends struggle to keep pace with the economy, and to hold on to a jobs that no longer have any permanence.

401k's and retirements look way out of reach...and many fast approaching the age where they thought they'd be comfortably anticipating leaving the job commute and living a humble yet feasible life style. That won't happen now, not sure it will ever happen.

Yet, I look around at iPhone lines with people I'm sure are no better off. How can they afford it much less pay for the monthly service charges

Over 8.1 percent jobless rate and that's not counting those who have given up.

Food stamp usage has doubled, but I see plenty of cars and SUV's trucks with expensive rims and tires.

I just can't figure it out.

Reality doesn't seem to be well....reality.

The President assures us "yes we are better off than 4 years ago"

Really? I mean ....REALLY!

The election polls in favor of Obama seem to portray a time of prosperity...with 16 Trillion in debt!

I honestly believe we've reached that tipping point where those with their hands out are out numbering those  who have there hands in there wallets paying out more....only there isn't any.

How many of us know of family members who have the latest this and the latest that and we have no idea where they are getting the money. They certainly don't have jobs or have any major investments?

Some of these family members are out of work and aren't looking and still they play on their iPhone's are leaving for Las Vegas again for another fun weekend.

 I'm afraid we've come to that point where a majority of Americans seem to be dependent on the government and don't want to give up that dependency.

Many Catholics have sided with the Obama administration either having been fooled by the his social agenda claims of caring for the poor or are just too comfortable with not living a life style true to their faith.

Blunt but true and to the point.

So what should be expected is a very close race if not leaning toward an Obama second term.

And what then, I shudder to think.

More debt, more abortions, more poverty, more government control and forfeiture of freedoms including faith.

Inevitable, not at all. Just something to ponder very seriously.

These are just some thoughts. My faith is in God.

This post is not meant to promote despair of fear. I know many have had some of these thoughts.

Deep prayer is called for and we need to get off out duffs and talk with fellow Catholics, family members and friends, work colleagues about living out their true faith and coming to terms with an over dependency of government. As Catholics we must be a witness to our faith in everything and everywhere, including the voting booth.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Video: Our Sacred Honor

A short video from Santorum (my personal choice for presidential candidate...still supporting Mitt).

Outlines our God given rights...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

One Scapegoat, Goal Completed

...I knew this was going to happen...and so did those who thought it a wise move to go after the film maker responsible for the so called "disgraceful Muslim film..." that no one has seen. save for  some trailers that are on YouTube .

Here's an example of the vomit this move has generated:

“I wanna torture him with a shot [to] his knee cap, then blow his eyes with [a] knife, take a chain saw and cut his penis, then a hot rod would be given to his ass, then kill him until he is hanged till death,” funkyfolk1110 wrote. “Kill this bastard,” said another user.

Now with the scape goat in place the hope now is to divert all attention away from the Obama Administration on to this character.

All blame for these events as Ambassador Rice would say, "...are all  because of this individual" What she didn't say but was implied was " go get him and leave Obama alone."
Way to go. The State Department has no blame on them, despite the facts and evidence being put forth of prior warnings and knowledge of the attacks. Of inadequate security at the embassies. Of weakness in policies and failed strategies of appeasement.
And all they can say is "it's this film makers fault".
Scape goat in place....

Saturday, September 15, 2012

"Violence Not Directed Toward the U.S." - Administration Completely Out In Left Field

Mr. Carney's remarks are a complete joke, and completely out of touch with reality.

It seems everyday the administration is releasing comments and statements that totally contradict reality.

"It's all because of a video on youtube"
"The economy is turning around.."javascript:void(0)
"Yes, you are off better than 4 years ago"
"No, the radical Muslims don't hate us.."

other comments made that are not true:
"If you like your healthcare provider, you can keep them." (That was the first thing the got change for me)
"You wont' have to pay one more penny for your healthcare" (That was the second thing that got changed for me and every year it increases)

I guess they think if they say it enough people will believe them.

Bolton sets the record straight on the comments from Carney

Ugliest Girl In The World - Most Inspirational Girl

Wow, what an inspiring video. What a great person Lizzie is.
You've got to view this video.
Maybe we should sent this to the Muslim world to view.

Feds and L.A. Sheriff Go After Muslim Video Creater

So I don't agree with this video that was created...I think most people don't.

I've seen and heard about more insulting things protrayed about my Catholic faith, and those pieces of art or movies or comments by well know individuals and so called celebrites are right there in your face promoted in public.

I don't see Catholics burning down buildings or mob rioting.

What upsets me about this action from the Feds and authorites, is that it seems to me that there is a hope if they proceed to go after this idiot film maker that it will appease the Muslim Brother Hood and every Muslim extremist so that they will leave us alone.

So this article pin points where he and his family lives, identify his religious affiliations all in the hope to divert attacks on the U.S.

All this will do is put his whole family in danger and put every Christian in the gun sights of the radicals. 

You have our State Department using every opportunity to say " wasn't us it was this guy, just leave us alone" What about freedom of speech?

I totally disagree with the content of this movie (I've only seen the trailers) and believe me where this short video would have probably gone un-noticed it's now being protrayed in the media as the cause of all our ills in the Middle East.

What a bunch of bologna.

You have Press Secretary Carny saying it has nothing to do with U.S. policy or hatred for the United States.

Come on, were not stupid.

Where there is weakness as our present administration has shown (pulling out of the Middle East, not doing anything of substance to stop Iran, no game plan in Afghanistan except give a pull out date) it will be exploited. 

I'm not saying we should go and bomb anyone. But I am saying when you show weakness , when  you try to buy a bully off, when you try to just ignore the obvious, it's only going to make you a prime target.

Symbolicly lynching this idiot film maker in public isn't going to change anything in the Middle East.
The history of radical Islam is well documented from it's inception to present times.

There may be a many good Muslims who support us and reject this violence. I wish they would be more vocal in their protest against this. But it seems they don't outnumber the controlling radicals that are on the news.

Strength is the only remedy.

LA Sheriff: Feds interview Calif. filmmaker 

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Movie: Confessions of St. Augustine - Restless Heart

This looks like a good movie..can't wait to see it.
A Fall release, remember to watch for this movie near you.

Website: Restless Heart    

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Catholic Church - Friday Prayer Call

This is not a bad idea, of course this would not be mandatory but it would be a good practice to undertake.

Every Friday I fast from eating during the day with only meal at dinner time with my family. I do this not to bring attention to myself, in fact no-one at work knows that I do this. Not even most of my family members.

I do this to thank God for all his blessings of the week and for the graces he's given me to carry me through any hard times and moments of crisis that might arise during the course of life.

So Friday at 3:00pm, the time of the Passion of Jesus, remember to set your alarms for a short prayer time  maybe with a fellow Catholic
The article calls for only on the first of every month but I don't think every Friday is a tough request. Make it a permanent part of your life.
Catholic Church calls for public prayers in offices on Fridays   

Friday, September 07, 2012

Democratic Convention: Cardinal Dolan Closing Prayer

With a convention filled with speakers, some Catholic who proclaimed the support of Abortion, of Gay Marriage and a vote that Boo'd God back into the party platform...Cardinal Timothy Dolan closes with a benediction.

Prayer for protection of life and the Un-born, of the protection of Religious Liberty, of our men and women in the Armed Forces...

The Unwelcome Cardinal Dolan      

The Vortex: Michael Voris Conference in Irvine

I'm attending a conference this weekend with Michael Voris of ChurchMilitant.TV.

The Topic is Freedom or Slavery: The Church in the US

Come join us.... 

Pope Benedict Coat of Arms
The Papal mitre (of Pope Benedict XVI's coat of arms) is silver and bears three bands of gold (representing the three powers: Orders, Jurisdiction and Magisterium),  joined at the centre to show their unity in the same person.
 Truly Catholics:
United under the jurisdiction and authority of the Magisterium


Truly Catholics 


Saturday, September 8, 2012
 9 am - 4:45 pm

Add to my calendar


The Hotel Hanford
3131 Bristol, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Driving Directions   Bristol exit south (off the 405) Hotel Hanford is IMMEDIATELY south of the 405 between 405 and Paularino

Michael Voris seated smiling

Truly Catholics Presents:

"Freedom or Slavery;  The Church in the U.S.

 Join Truly Catholics at the Hotel Hanford, Costa Mesa, for Michaels's second southern California conference.  
Saturday, September 8, 2012 , 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Join us for this event - Emmy award winning, Real Catholic TV's, Michael Voris - for a full day of information, education, authentic Catholic teaching and inspiration.  (Michael's bio)
You will learn the historical, philosophical, temporal, spiritual and moral teachings of the Roman Catholic faith, and why we have the promise of Christ's truth in these absolute teachings.
Grow in your faith and in your knowledge of truth.
Raise the bar!
 Schedule: (subject to change) registration from 8:10 - 8:55am, 9:00 am-Throughout the Centuries-Continuity of Catholic Teaching,10am- coffee/tea/muffins break; 10:30- "Who's in Charge Here, Anyway? (Hierarchy and authority within the church) Q and A;   12 noon-Lunch (grilled chicken with mixed greens,vegetetables,beans and dressings, sourdough rolls, drinks and dessert) ; 1pm-  "What about Contraception?-Do They STILL Teach That?"; 2pm - Social Teachings - Social Justice? and Q & A;  3:00 break; 3:20 Michael Voris - "So, What Now?"/ Q & A; 4:40 closing.
This will be a unique opportunity to spend a day with Emmy award winning speaker, Michael Voris. Get your questions about the faith and the church answered!
Be informed, motivated and inspired to seek and boldly speak the truth!
Join us! -  Get your tickets today!
EarlyBird Special Tickets are only $60 (which includes lunch and helps defray the costs of the event)
Register for Saturday Conference,   " Freedom or Slavery: The Church in the U.S.", Saturday, September 8, 2012, here:  

Monday, September 03, 2012

Obama: "It's a Re-Run....It's Been Said Before"

President's resent claim of the Republican convention's message as "A Re-Run...Black and White TV...said before"

Well let's take a look at the 2008 and 2012 elections message from the president.

(thanks The American Catholic Blog)

Paul Ryan Not Catholic Enough?

Well the media is pulling out all the stops in trying to portray Paul Ryan as not Catholic enough.

...No I'm not kidding, the media is doing this judgement.....really?

Naturally they point out the  (some of the) U.S. Bishop's letter objecting to Ryan's proposed budget cuts.

Again with the Media: 'we define what catholic means' ..and 'we're going to beat you over the head with your own confusing statements'.'s an article that can hopefully set things straight.

Anti-Catholic Media Claim Paul Ryan is not Catholic Enough   

President Obam - Navy Seals

Powerful ad with a mother of a fallen Navy Seal expressing her outrage over President Clinton's concern of what if something went wrong during the Bin Laden Raid; about what would have happened to...wait for it....President Obama!

What about what would have happened to the soldiers in the operation?

The mother say's it best...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fast Is Fun...Drag Race

Ok...this is just fun
I feel the need for speed....

Monday, August 27, 2012

Catholic Social Teaching & Paul Ryan: Solidarity and Subsidiarity Both Together

Fr. Barron comments on Paul Ryan's thought process in economics.
Both Solidarity and Subsidiarity together.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

SEAL Team Six 'No Easy Day' Book - Author Guilty or Not?

Wow, it's both interesting and very sad to read the various articles various articles   and news reports about this new book recounting the Bin Laden raid by a SEAL Team member actually there.

A few observations.....

1) The out rage of this new book centers around the near release of this story and it's secrets. The thing that most confuses me in all these news reports and accusations of SEAL secrets being divulged is that....well....NO ONE HAS READ THE BOOK YET!

The co-author said he believes there is no Classified information for whatever that's worth. I would assume he could be held as an accomplice if there is.

No one knows what the book actually says! Yes, proper authorities have not reviewed it yet. They would be the ones that would at least comb the book for Classified information. But has anyone else read the book? Can anyone else point to anything specifically that would justify the accusation of the  revealing of Classified information? I'm sure his fellow SEAL's have and the fact that the first hand account is out doesn't mean anything. There are plenty of other books about SEAL Team accounts of Bin Laden raid as well as other missions from Team members. I don't hear a cry of "traitor" going out for them.

The Commander and Chief's co-operation with film makers for political reasons in the up coming movie due out between now and December has generated the same out cry from the SEAL's group. No-one has seen that film either to be fair.

Other media released informations has pointed to a true release (from somewhere) of classified information.

 How about the release of the SEAL Team members name? Isn't that a Classified item?

What if the accusations prove false and the books contents are deemed benign? What then? The only classified information would be the revealing of the name of the individual and the persecution in the media of this individual.

2) If the accusations do prove true, hero or not that would be serious and I believe he should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

I realize he is now retired and I read something about the SEAL Team author not getting benefits or having a difficult time financially. That still wouldn't justify his actions, should the accusations be true, war hero or not.

I to have a security clearance for my job at work. When I retire or encounter financial troubles (beyond what I can mustard through now) that doesnt' give me the right to publish a book on what I know and seen to augment my financial necessities. I wouldn't even think of that.

I'm well aware of the paperwork I signed and re-iterated my understanding of the consequences during my polygraphs. No excusses.

3) My third point, why does it seem that the media who is playing out this story, revealing the name of the individual and all, why do they seem to me to be such hypocrites?

Let's see, when they (media) reveals classified information it's "their duty" to keep the public informed. It doesn't seem to matter who's lives they put in danger. The claim is that the individual in this case is only doing it for profit. Okay that may be partially true (we don't know all the facts yet) but does that mean the media isn't doing it for profit?

Not sure where this is all going to lead. Maybe the media is using this individuals actions to justify the Commander in-Chief's actions.

Does two wrongs make a right?

Are there indeed two wrongs here?

We just don't know all the facts...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Catholics - Divided and Confused

Politics at its worst….or best depending on who you talk to. Case in point, Paul Ryan the Senator from Wisconsin and Chairman of the House Budget Committee, GOP VP Candidate and oh least we forget… a Catholic.

Ooops! Did I say that out loud?

We’ll I guess the opposing campaign and Main Stream Media will have to address that won’t they?

And they have with today’s article in The Daily Caller Blog, referencing an interview. 
Hoping to discredit Mr. Ryan on his economic stance with arguments that would add to the debate and give voters a chance to decide isn’t enough for a win so let’s see what Paul Ryan’s former pastor has to say about his Catholicity.

To be fair Senator Ryan has stated his Catholicity and how his faith has aided in forming his stance on economics regarding the poor…so I guess it’s fair. Reverend Wright has been compared although I’m not sure it’s an equal fair comparison.

So let’s begin with an interview with his former pastor Father Stephen Umhoefer.

First off the interview is with a very left leaning media group, Center for Media and Democracy (CMD). Sounds like a dirt finding mission but let’s read on.

To prep the good Fathers remarks, the article points out the letter from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, call for Catholics to “resist for moral and human reasons” Ryan’s ‘Path to Prosperity’… (A mistake in my opinion)

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops took sharp exception, calling on Congress to resist "for moral and human reasons" cuts to food and nutrition programs to the poor. The Conference called instead for "shared sacrifice ... including raising adequate revenues, eliminating unnecessary military and other spending, and addressing the long-term costs of health insurance and retirement programs fairly." Faculty at Georgetown University put it more bluntly in an open letter to Ryan: "Your budget appears to reflect the values of your favorite philosopher, Ayn Rand, rather than the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

Oh and just for flavor, the faculty at Georgetown, Ayn Rand references…

Ok, now let’s toss into this salad of discredit, the rhetoric of Father Umhoefer.

The first question is how does this affect the poor. And everything else follows from that. That doesn't mean it's a Republican or Democrat [question] -- you could argue that. But the primary question is how does this affect the poor?"

Umhoefer said that Ryan's lack of attention to the poor and the emphasis on individualism espoused by role models such as Ayn Rand concerned him. "Paul would say that the only way to save the country from a coming [fiscal] disaster is 'follow my plan.'" But according to Umhoefer, the problem is "you can't tell somebody that in ten years your economic situation is going to be just wonderful because meanwhile your kids may starve to death."

The Father says he has never sat down to discuss politics with Mr. Ryan but what the heck right. Let the Father judge him on what he thinks Ryan really believes.
As a final crouton, I mean comment let’s ask Ryan to keep his Catholic views to himself…
"What I wish for Paul -- he is so smart and so articulate and has made this whole budget, which he can defend on his own view ... of how the economy and politics work. I wish he wouldn't bring in the Catholic church. He doesn't need to if his economic and political argument are strong, and I'm sure he believes that they are."
Nice Father, nice.

Now before you dot the I’s and cross the T’s on judging Paul Ryan GOP VP Candidate, Bishop Madison’s Catholic Bishop Robert Morlino has also weighed in.

Making decisions as to the best political strategies, the best policy means, to achieve a goal, is the mission of lay people, not bishops or priests. As Pope Benedict himself has said, a just society and a just state is the achievement of politics, not the Church. And therefore Catholic laymen and women who are familiar with the principles dictated by human reason and the ecology of human nature, or non-Catholics who are also bound by these same principles, are in a position to arrive at differing conclusions as to what the best means are for the implementation of these principles — that is, “lay mission” for Catholics.
There’s more…

Thus, it is not up to me or any bishop or priest to approve of Congressman Ryan’s specific budget prescription to address the best means we spoke of. Where intrinsic evils are not involved, specific policy choices and political strategies are the province of Catholic lay mission. But, as I’ve said, Vice Presidential Candidate Ryan is aware of Catholic Social Teaching and is very careful to fashion and form his conclusions in accord with the principles mentioned above. Of that I have no doubt. (I mention this matter in obedience to Church Law regarding one’s right to a good reputation.)
And in conclusion…
Above all, let us beg the Lord that divisions in our electorate will not be deepened so as to have a negative impact on pre-existing divisions within the Church during this electoral season. Let there be the peace and reconciliation that flow from charity on the part of all. Thank you for reading this. God Bless each one of you! Praised be Jesus Christ! (Sorry Father Umhoefer, I believe the Bishop’s view on this)    

So, you have some church leaders saying Nay and others saying Yea.

The hardest part for me in reading this article and its various links was reading the Comments. It’ very hard to say this but it appears the media and the Obama campaign is winning…Winning in the sense of dividing and confusing Catholics who are not educated in the true teachings of Catholic Social Doctrine and are being further confused by clergy who are well meaning but some who are equally ignorant of Catholic teachings in Social Doctrine. How do we tell the difference?

Where does one turn to for the truth if you can’t rely on the leaders of one’s own church to set the record straight with ONE VOICE?

With the exception of the Intrinsic Evils (Abortion, Euthanasia) the other non-intrinsic evils of social justice (helping the poor, caring for the sick and elderly…) are prudential judgments and Catholics are allowed to have a difference of opinion. But we should always look to the truths of what the Catholic Church teaches to inform our consciences.

The laity is going to have to tread carefully and with much prayer in educating oneself in the true teachings of the Catholic Church.

Hearing it taught from the pulpit isn’t going to happen with any fluidity. Not with all the homilies on what the second collection is about this Sunday. Helping the poor in this matter is charitable but after seeing the same homilist return every year around the same time you kind of get the feeling that this poverty thing isn’t going to end anytime soon and with one’s own finances dwindling one can’t always give as much as one would like.

No real substance to what the church teaches is ever really given fully (with a few exceptions), just that feeling of guilt for not being the one in your pew that doesn’t put anything in the basket.

There’s got to be more to helping the poor without going poor yourself.

And I hate those that say, ”well, unless you give your last dime…you’re not really giving.”

Really?, I’m sorry but I am just not at that level in my faith just yet I guess, cuz dragging my family into poverty just to say I gave my last dime isn’t going to happen. Maybe it’s that over-zealous “self preservation” gene in me. And yes I do know the difference of given from surplus and given from your need.

They even have you at the checkout stand at the local grocery store.

“Would you like to give to such-and-such organization? It’s only a dollar!” they ask out loud. You either hit the Yes or No button on the ATM monitor.

So how do we really help the poor? There’s got to be not just a better way….but the right way, the way of Jesus and His Church. We all want to help the poor. We all have those in our families, friends and neighbors, strangers on the street that we would love to end their plight and give relief to their suffering.

I especially get very emotional when I see or know of children suffering.

So decisions have to be made and candidates will have to be chosen. How do we get that true teaching in time for the ballot box.

Here are a few resources that I’ve investigated that have helped me begin to understand the teachings of the church on social doctrine.

1)  Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church by USCCB     2)  Church, State, and Society: an Introduction to Catholic social doctrine by J. Brian Benestad     3)  Defending the Free Market: The Moral Case for a Free Economy by Father Robert A. Sirico    4)  Render Unto Ceaser: Serving the Nation by Living Our Catholic Beliefs in Political Life by Bishop Charles J. Chaput     5)  The Social Agenda: A Collection of Magisterial Texts by Pontifical Council For Justice and Peach, Vatican    So where are Holy Scripture and the Catechism on this list you might ask? They’re there in these books and resources. They point to the scripture passages and CCC references.

You may ask, “Who is this guy?”

He’s just another self proclaimed Catholic blogger among many…and you would be right. I’m just an everyday (West Coast) Catholic seeking only the truth like you are.

You can’t get the truth strictly by listening to cable and local TV news or talk radio and not from Facebook either. Sometimes good intentioned individuals and religious will give you their two cents. (Including me)

So you have to do some research and study yourselves. It isn’t going to happen by osmosis. You need to put the time in.

Look for legitimate resources and verify them. Start with the Church and its books, encyclicals, church fathers and teachers, as well as other resources. Study alone or in groups of like minded Catholics seeking the truth.

And most of all pray, pray, pray. Lead a life of example, even when no one is looking…especially when no one is looking.

…cuz God always is.

Its well worth it and your faith and life will be for the better as well as for those around you. And keep from being divided and confused.

Be One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

NetWork Sister Campbell: What Does She Want?

The good Sister does some great service working with the poor no doubt, but like many in the religious orders, she needs a refresher course on Catholic Social Doctrine.

Here in this interview with Bill O'Reily, he asked repeatedly 'what is it that you want?'. The good sister wouldn't, couldn't whatever, say exactly in plain language what she wanted done to help the plight of the poor.

It sounds like she is saying she wants a guaranteed wage for workers. While that sounds good it doesn't help the poor get out of their situation. It keeps them there permanently.

It also encourages others who otherwise can and should work hard to just do the minimum in life. Why should they work harder if they can get something by working less.

It also increases the poor in number when those that are working now have to make up the difference, not out of choice, to give that guaranteed wage. I'm not talking about the ultra rich here. I'm talking about those that are making a living to keep afloat themselves. The taxes involves with the good sisters wish affects all not just the rich that she is alluding to.

There are many ways to help the poor and this being a prudential judgment, there are many solutions that can differ among Catholics with good hearts. But a good study on what the church actually teaches is a must if we are actually going to get the poor to higher ground and put them on a path of freedom from poverty.

I takes both the ideas of Jefferson and Locke as well as Aquinas and Aristotle, both material needs and responsibilities as well as spiritual from both the giver as well as the receiver.

Take a minute to listen

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Catholic Social Justice - Sen Paul Ryan

Solidarity, Subsidiarity, Common Good, Prudential judgement....what do these terms truly mean.
This is the language that Paul Ryan is using in his speeches,  but do you know the terminology? 
Do you understand the true meaning of these words and phrases.
Here's a great resource. The first 5 chapters explain the building blocks of Catholic Social Justice. 
A must for everyone, Catholic and non-Catholic
Church, State, and Society: An Introduction to Catholic Social Doctrine (Catholic Moral Thought)    

Paul Ryan "Plan to Prosperity"

Excellent interview with Paul Ryan as he explains his "Path to Prosperity". Many have criticized but not many know the facts. A good lesson in Catholic Social Justice.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Paul Ryan..."our rights come from nature and God...

Finally some language I can understand.

"...Our rights come from nature and God, not government. We promise equal opportunity, not equal outcomes."

It's about time.

Paul Ryan Catholic Round-Up

courtesy of The Big Pulpit

Rommey/Ryan vs Obama/Biden : Let the Debate Begin

Okay, so now we know both teams in the presidential race.

With the choice of Paul Ryan ...well I can live with that.Ryan is very knowledgeable in economics and we need that so much.

Just saw Face the Nation this morning and already the claws are out and slashing. And yes the opposition as something to fear.

If the debate can focus on the economy and not about the side character assassination, the Obama is a one-term president....and more importantly we can get America back on the right track.

Here's a taste of the debate to come.

Friday, August 03, 2012

The Devil: The Great Untruth

Father Barron has some thoughts on Satan, the Devil.

I feel we don't do enough study on who and what the Devil is. We are not aware of his great influence.

Listen to Father's presentation and reflect.

Traditional Marriage: Truth

Great Article on the the compromise of Gay Marriage:

There can be no compromise on same-sex ‘marriage   

Christian's Don't Support the Poor....Really? Come On Now.....

I just saw this on the net today.

The claim, "Christians don't support the poor..."

Are you serious? What kind of claim is that? Where's the proof?

The exact opposite is the truth. Ask any parish, church what ministries they have in support of the poor. I can could the number of 'Second Collection: we have at our parish every weekend. That is one of the main arteries of Christian belief.

Who are these people that are making this claim? What is their basis?

Does this strike anyone else as totally ridicules?

Chick fil-A: Kiss In

So now after a very positive response to show support by buying the product that Chick fil-A puts out, it's now time for the opposition to express their non-support.

And how they express that is very telling.

It shows what they are really about. Direct attack on marriage, the forced introduction into society of the gay lifestyle.

Why did this group agree on the 'KISS-IN' action. Why not just not buying the product or a simple sign carrying protest. Or any number of ways including using our government processes of legislation.

Why the in-your-face, approach?

They know that children will be at the restaurants, they know that families frequent the establishments.

What is the KISS-IN suppose to accomplish? Are they hoping to stop these families from not going and not witnessing this exhibition?

Don't they know they are also affecting the people that work at these restaurants? What about their families? Are they willing to affect these families and how they support themselves.

So if they don't care about how  these families support themselves, what do they care about?

The arguments even go so far as to say to say the CEO of Chick-fil-A can't spend his own money on what he wants, as they point out that "he didn't make that money on his own"

This is using Obama's argument " didn't build that on your own".

What a poison thought. They are willing to attack 'Private Property' principle.
The ability to own your own, house, business, car, faith, religion.

Here's the famous Fulton Sheen on the topic of Private Property:

What is their agenda?Why the Kiss-In?

It's the elephant in the room, their cause is against the 'Common Good'      .

Chick-fil-A protests: Will petition and 'kiss-in' help or hurt?   

Thursday, August 02, 2012

A Chickfil-A Day: Democrat Party Adds Gay Marriage to Platform

A show of unity today, solidarity as lines formed in a show of support for the CEO of Chick-fil-A and his establishment.

I think the most telling moment of this whole affair is the response by the Democrat Party  to add Gay Marriage to their platform.

It's all but a given and undeniable.

With the support of the Democrat Party for Abortion and now Gay Marriage apart of their platform....


No amount of policy offsets can counter these two major anti-Catholic stances.

Now does that mean Catholics won't vote for unfortunately. They put him into office.

But lets say it again. The Obama Administration and the Democrat Party are opposite Catholic teaching and Therefore....


Friday, July 20, 2012

Colorado Tragedy

Truly a tragedy in Colorado. Who really knows why this happened.
My prayers go out the families of the injured and those deceased.

Mass shooting in Colorado movie theater [updated]

The alleged killer is in custody and time may tell what kind of pathology motivated the massacre (not that it matters). Early reports are that he tossed a smoke bomb tear gas cannisters into the theater before opening fire during a scene featuring shooting. The terror and confusion inside the theater were beyond what we can imagine.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fr. Sirico on Economic Freedom

Another great talk about "Can we be Free without Economic Freedom"

Romney - Rice Ticket....Nahhh!

I totally agree with Matthew Archbold's assessment of the proposed Romney, Rice Republican ticket.

To me it's just another compromise on the way to saying "the means justifies the ends..".

Why is it the the Catholic has to make the compromise. We either practice our faith fully or we might as well be just another flash in the pan religious group, changing with whatever the times say today.

Salt without taste, luke warm water.

That's what happened with the Catholic Obama vote. Let down the path of total compromise. Obama has proven time and time again to be an enemy of the Catholic Church whether it be the Health Mandate, Abortion, Gay Marriage, or re-defining the Catholic mind set of "Don't convent thy neighbors goods". Ask Cardinal Dolan...

Here's Matthew's artical:
6 Reasons I Won't Support Condoleezza Rice for VP    

1) Abortion. When asked by a Washington Times reporter about her stance on abortion, she responded by calling herself "mildly pro-choice."
I guess babies killed during a Romney/Rice administration would only be mildly dead? Nope. They'd actually be all the way dead.
2) She's a professor at Stanford. Do you really think she's getting more conservative while hanging out at Stanford?
3) I don't trust Mitt Romney. I don't. He's been all over the map on too many issues. So I'm looking for a vice presidential nominee that will help me suspend my disbelief. I'm looking for someone to essentially vouch for Romney. 
4) Peggy Noonan seems to think it's a great idea. That's never a good sign.
5)  Judges. Judges. Judges. Who a presidential nominee picks for a vice president certainly gives us a hint as to what kind of judges they'll select. And that would say nothing good about Romney's selection.
6) One of her responses when asked  about abortion just bugged me to no end because when pressed by a reporter about her abortion stance, she reportedly said, "Well, I don’t spend my entire life thinking about these issues. You know, I spend my time really thinking about the foreign policy issues. But you know that I’m a deeply religious person and so, from my point of view, these extremely difficult moral issues where we have—where we’re facing issues with technology and the prolongation of life and the fact that very, very young babies are able to survive now—very small babies are able to survive—these are great moral issues."
You don't spend your life thinking about what you admit are the great moral issues? What? She's not brushing it off by saying it's above her pay grade but her answer sure seems a little dismissive of the 50 million unborn who've been killed at the hands of abortionists, doesn't it?

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Rep (Col.) Allen West - A Straight Talker

No matter whether you agree with or don't agree with Florida Representative Allen West (Col.) there's no doubt that he's a straight talker.

I can see the military training when he addresses crowds or reporters, very straight forward un-wavering.

I like him...

Here's a clip

Friday, July 06, 2012

George Wegiel: Defending Religious Freedom in Full: A Generation's Challenge

(McNaughton Fine Art)   

One of George Wegiel's best talks given to the graduating students of Benedictine College. The topic,  Religious Freedom, a Generation's Challenge.

Oh and check out his Book: The End and the Beginning    

A Generation's Challenge   
At the time of the American Revolution, Catholics accounted for less than 1 percent of the population of the 13 colonies – a tiny population clustered primarily in my native Maryland and a few counties of Pennsylvania. Yet within a few decades of the founding, the great tides of European immigration that began to wash onto the shores of the new nation – those "huddled masses yearning to breathe free," as they are memorialized on the Statue of Liberty – brought millions of Catholics to the New World: at first, Irish and Germans; later, Italians, Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Ruthenians, and many others who wove their lives and aspirations into the rich ethnic tapestry of American democracy. Those 19th-century immigrants felt the sting of anti-Catholic prejudice, even anti-Catholic violence. But notwithstanding that bigotry – which historian Arthur M. Schlesinger Sr. once described to the dean of U.S. Catholic historians, Fr. John Tracy Ellis, as the deepest prejudice in the history of the American people – Catholics have, I believe, almost always felt at home in these United States.