Friday, July 20, 2012

Colorado Tragedy

Truly a tragedy in Colorado. Who really knows why this happened.
My prayers go out the families of the injured and those deceased.

Mass shooting in Colorado movie theater [updated]

The alleged killer is in custody and time may tell what kind of pathology motivated the massacre (not that it matters). Early reports are that he tossed a smoke bomb tear gas cannisters into the theater before opening fire during a scene featuring shooting. The terror and confusion inside the theater were beyond what we can imagine.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fr. Sirico on Economic Freedom

Another great talk about "Can we be Free without Economic Freedom"

Romney - Rice Ticket....Nahhh!

I totally agree with Matthew Archbold's assessment of the proposed Romney, Rice Republican ticket.

To me it's just another compromise on the way to saying "the means justifies the ends..".

Why is it the the Catholic has to make the compromise. We either practice our faith fully or we might as well be just another flash in the pan religious group, changing with whatever the times say today.

Salt without taste, luke warm water.

That's what happened with the Catholic Obama vote. Let down the path of total compromise. Obama has proven time and time again to be an enemy of the Catholic Church whether it be the Health Mandate, Abortion, Gay Marriage, or re-defining the Catholic mind set of "Don't convent thy neighbors goods". Ask Cardinal Dolan...

Here's Matthew's artical:
6 Reasons I Won't Support Condoleezza Rice for VP    

1) Abortion. When asked by a Washington Times reporter about her stance on abortion, she responded by calling herself "mildly pro-choice."
I guess babies killed during a Romney/Rice administration would only be mildly dead? Nope. They'd actually be all the way dead.
2) She's a professor at Stanford. Do you really think she's getting more conservative while hanging out at Stanford?
3) I don't trust Mitt Romney. I don't. He's been all over the map on too many issues. So I'm looking for a vice presidential nominee that will help me suspend my disbelief. I'm looking for someone to essentially vouch for Romney. 
4) Peggy Noonan seems to think it's a great idea. That's never a good sign.
5)  Judges. Judges. Judges. Who a presidential nominee picks for a vice president certainly gives us a hint as to what kind of judges they'll select. And that would say nothing good about Romney's selection.
6) One of her responses when asked  about abortion just bugged me to no end because when pressed by a reporter about her abortion stance, she reportedly said, "Well, I don’t spend my entire life thinking about these issues. You know, I spend my time really thinking about the foreign policy issues. But you know that I’m a deeply religious person and so, from my point of view, these extremely difficult moral issues where we have—where we’re facing issues with technology and the prolongation of life and the fact that very, very young babies are able to survive now—very small babies are able to survive—these are great moral issues."
You don't spend your life thinking about what you admit are the great moral issues? What? She's not brushing it off by saying it's above her pay grade but her answer sure seems a little dismissive of the 50 million unborn who've been killed at the hands of abortionists, doesn't it?

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Rep (Col.) Allen West - A Straight Talker

No matter whether you agree with or don't agree with Florida Representative Allen West (Col.) there's no doubt that he's a straight talker.

I can see the military training when he addresses crowds or reporters, very straight forward un-wavering.

I like him...

Here's a clip

Friday, July 06, 2012

George Wegiel: Defending Religious Freedom in Full: A Generation's Challenge

(McNaughton Fine Art)   

One of George Wegiel's best talks given to the graduating students of Benedictine College. The topic,  Religious Freedom, a Generation's Challenge.

Oh and check out his Book: The End and the Beginning    

A Generation's Challenge   
At the time of the American Revolution, Catholics accounted for less than 1 percent of the population of the 13 colonies – a tiny population clustered primarily in my native Maryland and a few counties of Pennsylvania. Yet within a few decades of the founding, the great tides of European immigration that began to wash onto the shores of the new nation – those "huddled masses yearning to breathe free," as they are memorialized on the Statue of Liberty – brought millions of Catholics to the New World: at first, Irish and Germans; later, Italians, Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Ruthenians, and many others who wove their lives and aspirations into the rich ethnic tapestry of American democracy. Those 19th-century immigrants felt the sting of anti-Catholic prejudice, even anti-Catholic violence. But notwithstanding that bigotry – which historian Arthur M. Schlesinger Sr. once described to the dean of U.S. Catholic historians, Fr. John Tracy Ellis, as the deepest prejudice in the history of the American people – Catholics have, I believe, almost always felt at home in these United States.

Website Plug: Pundit & Pundette

Just wanted to put a plug for the Pundit & Pundette website. They have some terrific posts.
Give them a read...

Great stuff.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

America, The Almost Chosen People of God

WhileI love this country and truly grateful for being born here,
...and while I understand the founding of this great country under the guidance of Judeo/Christian value.

And still further, I acknowledge the exceptional ism of this country among it's worldly peers, I don't for one minute think we as a country are infallible or without judgement from our Maker.

President Lincoln once said ..."we are Almost a Chosen People..."

Fr. Baron has a good take on this thought.


Mr. President You Lied To The People - It's a TAX! ....Nothing but a TAX!

How anyone in the administration can still be arguing that the Health Care Law (Obama Care) is not a tax is not being disingenuous's lying.

This doesn't even include the additional hidden taxes within the law itself.

But for right now lets just concentrate on the Supreme Court ruling for now.

Megan Kelly exposes the obvious in this video clip.

2012 Elections: Catholics Know The True Teaching of the Church

Catholic Social Teachings (the poor, immigrations, wealth distribution,,,) including Freedom of Religion are the focus of the 2012 Elections.

Don't let just anyone define these teaching except the Church itself.

Fr. Sirico has the true teaching