Friday, October 03, 2008

Brothers AT WAR

I found this sight referenced from another blog. I just don't remember which blog so forgive me if I don't link them, but I do want to say thank you...

This is a project under taken by an individual who has two brothers that decided to go of to war and fight the good fight. This particular brother is not a soldier like his other two brothers, but he wants to know and understand the reasons why his brothers decided to take this path.

He has decided to follow them to Iraq and film them and come closer to them in a way that makes me kind of envious. I don't have a brother, though I do have some wonderful sisters.

The bond shown in this short clip (below) touches the heart and though some of us don't have brothers, it may steer us to want to know our Brother's in arms in Iraq or Afghanistan and other parts of the world.

Why do they volunteer?

What do they hope to accomplish?

What, in following this need to do something as dangerous as being a soldier, do they give up at home.

Thank you Brothers (and Sisters) AT WAR

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