Saturday, August 31, 2013

Obama and Syria: A Man Of Indecision

So I just heard President Obama's Rose Garden speech.

In essence, he passed the buck to the Congress. After verbally flogging congress many times by saying he will bypass congress to meet his own agenda, he now says he will have to rely on them to make this decision.

Congress will not be back in office until September 9th so this is going to drag on many more weeks.

In my opinion this is no longer about Syria and saving the people, but about getting the president out of a jam and his big mouth.

The president's plan wouldn't have work anyway. It had no end game. What a foreign policy catastrophe.

In my mind I can't get over how the 100,000 deaths of Syrian, many of them women and children are okay and don't matter as much as the women and children that were gassed.

Meanwhile, Christians are still being killed, churches still burned, innocent women and children murdered in the streets. No end in sight.

We can't have a complete hands off. We need to do something, and I mean not just throw a few cruise missiles. We need to seek the true non Al Qaeda rebels and refugees and train them to be true freedom fighters so they can help themselves. Prayers and prayers and more prayers are needed.

This president is showing his complete incompetence in foreign affairs but he is our president and like it or not he is laying some major ground work on the worlds trust in
our country.

We just got a major black eye with that Rose Garden speech.

Friday, August 30, 2013

A Little Bromide with that Voris

I've received a number of emails forwarding me the latest Micheal Voris video...
Yes, I've seen it.



My initial thoughts:

  • I don't see anything wrong with professional Catholics supporting themselves. Okay I know about the non-profit aspect, but do you really think they can do this for free?
  • I don't think to work in these apostates you  have to take a vow of poverty
  • Can you support you and your family on 40K and do this work full time. Even St. Paul had to work as a tent maker....and he had additional financial support as well?
  • Do we really know all the facts? 
  • If you shoot from the hip be prepared to get hit my your own bullet (ricochet)....I just made that one up :-)
  • I'm not sure why Voris is doing this? I mean I like his stuff but does he really thing we should stop giving to Catholic Answers or EWTN?
  • Doug Keck is Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, and host of "EWTN Bookmark. Prior to his arrival at EWTN, Mr. Keck spent 20 years at Rainbow Programming, a joint venture of NBC and Cablevision.  Senior Network programming positions held during his tenure at Rainbow included Vice President of Operations and Technical Services for Rainbow’s multiple Cable Networks (AMC, Bravo, IFC, FUSE, CNBC, Newsport, Regional Sports, and Regional News Channels), and General Manager of its Television Operations Center.  Mr. Keck also served as senior programming executive for Sportschannel New York’s Emmy award-winning coverage of Yankees’ and Mets’ Baseball. Involved in the launch of more than 25 international, national and regional networks, Mr. Keck was responsible for the initial creation and implementation of Rainbow network’s “on-air look.” Previously he had worked for several years in New York area Radio. In his work prior to EWTN he must have been making bookoo bucks. I think he has given up much and EWTN is in debit to his experience which reflects on the success in spreading he Gospel message. Yes the Holy Spirit is the primary guiding force, but everyone has their God given gifts and Doug Keck has used his for the glory of God.
  • Much can be said also of Catholic Answers, from their meager beginnings to their radio and multimedia, books and conferences they produce.
  • Do I like Michael Voris, yes I do. But I don't understand his motives in this case.
  • Transparency, absolutely...I understand the "whistle blowing aspect" but is there a better way to change things? Do you pen a list of 95 objections and pin them in an internet video?
  • It seems to me Voris is dragging some mighty good names through the mud.

I've enclosed a link (which has additional links ...) to an article that can articulate these thoughts more clearly.

Do We Need Michael Voris?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Private Revelation of Joel Osteen...Apostles were WRONG?

A few months back (May 2013) it was Episcopal Bishop The Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori that said St Paul was wrong in Acts 16, where Paul cures a slave girl of a demon that had given the girl the ability to fortune-tell and made money for her masters.

Now preacher Joel Osteen Pastor of mega church Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas has upped the ante by claiming, not only was St Paul wrong but also St Peter and St John in their gospel of non-tolerance, according to Joel.

Reading briefly through his claims it appears Mr. Osteen has a theology of "everyone gets to heaven, so don't sweat the SIN aspect"....kind of.

Anyone who has listened to Mr. Osteen preach or seen him on various interviews (I have done the latter. I won't post them but you can find them online), he preaches from a 'non-judgemental' theology. Accept everyone the way they are.

Okay, I can see a glimmer of "Love the sinner hate the sin somewhere deep inside that message...somewhere, but here's where Pastor Osteen goes off the cliff.

He claims the the chosen Apostles, chosen by Jesus himself to be teaching an incorrect gospel.

Really? 2000 years after the death of Christ and the establishment of his Church, we find out that we started off on the wrong foot and that Joel Osteen is going to set us straight?

This private revelation of pastor Osteen my shine with truth for his congregation and for those that don't want a change of heart or life style away from sin.

And St Peter, St Paul and St John were wrong?

What about:

Matt. 16-19 And I will give to thee (Peter) the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatsoever thou (Peter) shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whsoever thou (Peter shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

Was Jesus wrong too?

What about Gal 1-9: As we said before, so sy I now again. If any man preach anyh other gospel unto you than that which you have received let him be accursed.

Hey why change when I can go to a church that says, come as you are to our "feel good about yourself" church and be welcome.

Oh and please make all checks out to Pastor Joel Osteen, Lakewood's accepted.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Is Islam A Religion of Hate?

With all the violence in the Middle East, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Palestine, Afghanistan etc... and with the terrorist events in England, US and throughout the world, the argument that "Islam is a Violent Religion" has been circulating and seems to be solidifying.

The counter argument that the majority of Muslims are a peaceful people and practice Islam in a loving peaceful manner seems hard too coincide with world events. The counter argument is furthered by those that say only a small minority are radical and hateful and that the rest of the billion or so Muslims are getting a bad rap.

I saw this short extract of an Oxford Union debate with Mehdi Hasan taking the counter argument that Islam is non-violent is very interesting. He is very articulate and forceful.

I believe his claims of violence in Christianity regarding the same old points of the Crusades and how only .001 percent of Muslims are radical are misleading. His claims that the majority of those practicing Islam are against the radicalization of Islam and are vocal just doesn't hold water.

There is a million Muslim march scheduled for 9/11 this year but I'm not use what the message is or who the organizers are.

 This is topic that is not going away soon. How should Christians react?

In light of the persecution that's going on, churches burning, clergy and religious being murdered the message has always been the same for the Church. Love your enemies, pray for them. But that doesn't mean ignore the elephant in the room. To pray for your enemy would also lead one to recognize who the enemy is. Satan no doubt is at work.

But do Christians accept Islam as a Christian religion? An offshoot to be accepted?

I'll be writing more on this later. For now let introduce the subject. I'd love to hear your feedback on this debate extract. I'll try to locate the full version of the debate

By the way, Mr.Hasan and his team won the debate...


Monday, August 12, 2013

California State Legislation is .....EVIL

I've lived in So Call all my life. Some things I like about it, some things I don't..

The weather is spectacular most of the time...
I've been up at the top of Palm Springs Tram,  8,516-foot Mountain Station, surrounded by San Jacinto Mountains, in snow and earlier in the day at the beach enjoying the surf.

I've witnessed spectacular sun rises on my way to work everyday and red glowing sunsets looking out my my back home family room window highlighted against the outline of Mt. Baldy.

I'm sure thats what most of the tourist come to Southern California for.

The diversity of people is inspirational.
I don't think there's anywhere else in the 50 states that can claim the wide rrnge of different cultures and peoples sharing their ethnic backgrounds of foods and family traditions.

I've been to parties with friends with pot luck consisting of Chinese food, Soul food, Mexican food, hamberburgs, hot dogs, Filipino food, you name it. Everyone loving the company of each other.

New York comes close to this diversity and they started it all with Ellis Island, but they're all crammed in the city boundaries. California diversity is spread out throughout the state.

The California Sate Legislation is EVIL
There is one aspect of California that will lead it to it's death... The State Legislation is pure evil. The Golden State is now not so golden anymore. The State Legislation is running this state into the ground. 4 billion dollars a year are slated to Embryonic Stem Cell Research, without monitoring, the State is bankrupt, religion is driven from our schools and communities.

The State Dole is being handed out to whoever wants it, whether they legitimately need it or not
See Dude story from La Jolla 

And now the ever wise State Legislation has put a bill on Governor Browns desk, which he just signed, that will allow transgender use of school bathrooms

What do we do?
So what do we do, how do we deal with this? Some will say, "There's nothing we can do, we just have to live with it". 

I've heard others say, "The Legislation is just too far gone. Too many people depend on the Sate and Federal dole that they can't affect elections because they will loose that check in the mail".

Still others, "I'm leaving the State!"
Oh, ya and go where? There nowhere to hide.


Here's the plan....

Catholics listen up. Teach you children well!

Raise your families in all the Catholic Church has to offer. Immerse yourselves in the sacraments, teach  your children to love the Catholic Church. Keep your teens engaged in there faith, pray with them daily. Help them to understand their faith with an adult mind.

Encourage them to be the next doctors, lawyers, congressman, state legislators  That's the only way we're going to stop this downward spiral

Engage our family, friends and neighbors about our faith. Correct any misinformation about the church. The New Evangelization is here and NOW!

Be a witness to our faith in all we do. "Make a mess!" as Pope Frances says.

For me, I'm staying on the front lines here in So Cal., I'm not giving up.

I'm going to put on the Shield of Christ, mark myself with the Sign of the Cross and do battle. 

Friday, August 09, 2013

Philosophy 101 - Self Course

A very informative post over at BrandonVogt Blog on what books to read if your interested in learning a little philosophy.

I love philosophy, I just wish our schools would introduce our kids more to it.

Here's the recommended books as suggested by Peter Kreeft himself.

Thanks Brandon for sharing this

Peter Kreeft Recommended Books

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Watchout MSM - Prime Time News With a Christian Perspective

It's about time!

EWTN announced this week it will begin broadcasting a new Prime Time News program beginning September 3rd, 5 days a week.

All the news that the main stream media leaves out and covering all the news items they do with a Christian perspective.

So many times the news is reported with whatever spin the particular news outlet seems to want to put on it. More times than not, the news is not portrayed in any truthful manner and follows an agenda to show even the most evil news item in a positive light or not report a news worthy item at alll.

The resent Dr. Kermit Gosnell story stands as a prime example. Now a days the news isn't reported without some sort of bias to it, left or right and diffidently not in any religious light at all.

Beginning on September 3rd, that will all change. Now hopefully we'll see news reporters ask some pointed questions, news items eliminated altogether (prolife marches, WYD...). 

Now when the Pope speaks, we'll get the real translation, not a total distortion. 

Fr. Mitch Pacwa announced it on 'EWTN LIVE' last night. 

Below is the broadcast....

Friday, August 02, 2013

New Books I'm Reading, Aug 2, 2013

I love to read.

As a kid I'd spend hours in the local library. I loved Lack London's Call of the Wild and Robert Louis Stevenson's Timeless Adventure, Kidnapped. I learned to play Chess by reading a book.

I've always got at least three books going at the same time. Now I'm not a speed reader, it takes me a while to finish but I read every part of the book. Cove to Cover. Usually a book the Catholic faith, maybe a technical book or non-fiction, and a on occasion a book of fiction just for some mindless reading.

I have my trusty NOOK (A gift from my wife. I prefer the NOOK to the KINDLE. The video screen and the expandable memory beat the KINDLE hands down.) which I load up every Sunday with video, MP3 files with Catholic debates, books, commentary and of course music.

But I still prefer books. Books you can hold in your hand, feel the pages, flip back a paragraph or two to pick up your last thought or just re-read a previous chapter. The make quick reference when piecing together a post or paper. And well they have character, like an old friend always there when you need them.

I get to work pretty early so I have a change to least twice a week, sometimes more, put together a collection of news articles, blog post from my favorite Catholic bloggers and well anything that catches my interest on whats happening daily.

I read these while waiting for my next meeting, or during lunch. I don't read on my vanpool ride home, I get car sick. That's what my NOOK is for.

Anyway here are a couple of new books I just purchased and about to start.

1) American Church by Russel Shaw

2) Sign of The Cross by Francis De Sales