Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Is Aproaching... And Atheist Respond

A public showing of Atheist disapproval of the up coming Christmas season....
Seems like a rally cry for those that share their erroneous views.

The Blaze has the story and video

A group called the American Atheists has paid for a huge billboard on Route 495 outside the Lincoln Tunnel in North Bergen, N.J., that is raising some eyebrows.

The billboard shows a silhouette of the Three Wise Men approaching the Nativity, with the words: “You KNOW it’s a Myth / This Season, Celebrate REASON!”

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!
God's Blessings to all


Sunday, November 21, 2010

B16 New Book 'Light of the World'and Condoms

The media is a buzz over comments Pope Benedict made in his book (an interview).

Now the media and those who favor the wide spread use of condoms are putting their spin on what the Holy Father said. They even are joking that "...I guess the Vatican will be putting out a.'Position Paper' to explain (correct) what the Pope said. I heard that one on Fox News of all places.

So what are we to think as Catholics? American Papist points to Dr. Janet Smith for an explanation to these leaked excerpts.

Leaked excerpts from not yet released books seems to be the going thing today (Palin is going through the same thing). A way to put a spin on books and writings before anyone can judge for themselves , maybe even introducing a bias instead of allowing an honest read.

Summary: No the Holy Father isn't changing the teachings of the Catholic Church.

This week, Light of the World, a book-length interview given by Pope Benedict XVI to journalist Peter Seewald, will be released worldwide. Several of the Holy Father's statements have already started making news, particularly his comments regarding condom usage in the prevention of the spread of HIV.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Debate: Peter Kreeft & Robert Spencer - Good Muslim/Bad Muslim

Patrick Madrid presents this Debate.

Kick off your shoes and enjoy the discussion.
Several weeks ago, I heard that this debate was coming up, but I was unable to attend. Two people I know personally and respect, Dr. Peter Kreeft and Robert Spencer, debated the question of Islam. For those of you who know Dr. Kreeft's work, you know he is eminently reasonable, always irenic, and a deep thinker. In fact, as I have gone on record saying many times over the years, I regard Peter Kreeft as our generation's C.S. Lewis.

Robert Spencer, who, like Peter, is a fellow Catholic, has in recent years produced a serious body of in-depth critical scholarship on Islam. His website,, is very influential and both widely admired and widely reviled (mainly, though not exclusively, by Muslims). These two men have very different views of Islam and of Muslims, and this debate promises to be an excellent opportunity for both positions to be carefully examined, compared, and contrasted. That's the hallmark of any good debate, in my opinion. I say "promises to be" because I haven't watched this video of the debate yet, though I am just about to do so.

Sneak Preview: Cathholicism Project

Way to go Fr. Barron!
Sneak preview of his 'Catholicism' project.

Same Old Obnoxious Barbara Boxer

I still can't believe my fellow Californians voted her back in to office after 25 years of catastrophic Senator.

And it looks like she's back to her " me Senator...I've earned it" ways.

Sen. Boxer: U.S. Just like Iran and N. Korea (Creative Minority Report)

Pope B16 and ObamaCare

Does the Pope endorse the Obama Heath Care Law?

Some would like to twist his recent message on health care, however let's see what he really said. Thanks American Papist for the article.

Liberal Catholics are salivating over Pope Benedict’s message to the 25th international conference of the Pontifical Council for Health Care ministry, using his words to imply Vatican (and church teaching) endorsement of the recent health care legislation passed by the Democrats and President Obama.

Prayers For F22 Pilot

Evidence that the pilot of the F22 that crashed in Alaska did not survive. He was married with 2 children.

Prayers for the pilot and his family as we approach Thanksgiving.

Our Father
Hail Mary
Glory Be
Act of Contrition
Rosary for his family

Evidence found at the remote, rugged Alaska site where an F-22 Raptor crashed indicates the pilot died, an Air Force official said Friday evening.
Part of the fighter jet's ejection seat was found at the site, which means Capt. Jeffrey Haney of Clarklake, Mich., was not ejected and could not have survived the Tuesday night crash, Col. Jack McMullen said.
Read more:

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Restrepo Medal of Honor Recipient

If you haven't seen the movie, go out and rent it. The book 'War' tells the story of the brave soldiers actions.
Pray for our troops.

Wall Street Journal has the story of Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta

Beatles Come to iTunes

Well, it's about time...time to load up my iPod.
LOS ANGELES - Nearly 50 years after the Beatles took television by storm, the Fab Four’s songs became available on iTunes yesterday, setting the stage for a possible new outbreak of Beatlemania - this one online.

Archbishop Timothy Dolan - President of USCCB

Well, this is a very pleasant surprise considering who was the anticipated winner of this extremely important position.

Thank you God.

The vote makes Archbishop Dolan the most visible face of the church in the United States. It also suggested that the bishops were seeking a powerful and reliably orthodox voice to reassert the church’s teaching in the court of public opinion and to disarm critics who insist that the bishops have lost their moral authority as a result of their role in the sexual abuse scandals. 

In a stunning (and welcome) upset, the assembled bishops of the United States elected Archbishop Timothy Dolan to be the President of the USCCB for the next three years. Here is how the ballots played out…

Friday, November 12, 2010

European Missile Shield

Now await a minute, we already had a European missile shield ready to go in (Poland).

...and Obama canceled it!

Now NATO thinks they have to bribe the Russians by giving them Satellite imagery from American Satellites?


NATO to Offer Russia Access to US Sat Imagery
AFP - NATO will offer Russia access to some US military satellite data in exchange for its participation in a missile shield project for continental Europe, a Moscow newspaper reported Friday.

Monday, November 08, 2010

The Reformation

Interesting article from The Sacred Page Blog.

There's a provocative piece up by Bryan Cross on the blog "Called to Communion". The opening grabbed my attention.

“So we stand here and with open mouth stare heavenward and invent still other keys. Yet Christ says very clearly in Matthew 16:19 that He will give the keys to Peter. He does not say He has two kinds of keys, but He gives to Peter the keys He Himself has, and no others. It is as if He were saying: why are you staring heavenward in search of the keys? Do you not understand I gave them to Peter? They are indeed the keys of Heaven, but they are not found in Heaven. I left them on earth. Don’t look for them in Heaven or anywhere else except in Peter’s mouth where I have placed them. Peter’s mouth is My mouth, and his tongue is My key case. His office is My office, his binding and loosing are My binding and loosing.” – Martin Luther  

B16 in Spain

B16 needs our Prayer as he travels in Spain.

Don't know what the heck is going on in the once bastion of the Catholic faith. .... but hey what's happening here?

Anyway, here's an article on the Holy Fathers visit.

BARCELONA, Spain – About 200 people have staged a gay "kiss-in" as Pope Benedict XVI drove by to protest his visit to Spain and his policies on homosexuality, condom use and other issues.

About half the protesters kissed and the other half jeered as Benedict passed by Barcelona's cathedral in his white popemobile on his way to celebrate Mass on Sunday morning.

Hereafter the Movie

The trailer to this movie has me rather curious. While I don't believe in the seance in the sense of conjuring up the spirits from the dead, as a Catholic Christian I fully believe in the Communion of Saints, for God is not a God of the dead but of the living.

But I am curious about how Clint Eastwood would portray the Afterlife in his new movie. I've seen the movie trailer and I haven't seen the full movie. Haven't decided to yet.

I did find Fr. Barron's perspective very useful, as a prelude to seeing the movie. And I hope you find it equally as helpful

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Pope Benedict in the news

A couple of articles on the Holy Father.

Pontiff Tells Europe: God Is Not the Enemy 

Benedict XVI is encouraging Europe to let go of the idea that God is an enemy to its freedom, and to open itself to him without fear.

Thousands of Catholic pilgrims and hundreds of anti-Catholic activists are gathering in Spain in anticipation of the weekend visit by Pope Benedict XVI.
Protesters will be outnumbered by loyal Catholics as the Pope visits Santiago de Compostela and Barcelona, but the demonstrations will undoubtedly attract more attention from the secular media. Homosexual activists have announced a “kiss-in” demonstration in Barcelona at the time of the Pope’s appearance there. 

Post Elections: California IS San Francisco

This article from a San Francisco Catholic perspective.

After reading this, I only feel like my thought on the California Catholic vote and it's shameful results have been confirmed.

Post-election, threat seen to Catholic social justice agenda

The sharp right turn that Americans took at the polls on Tuesday created a Congress that will likely have good news-bad news results for Catholic concerns, analysts believe.
Oh really, why use the language 'sharp right turn'?

First the bad news: The loss of moderate, pro-life Democrats may well apply the brakes on a social justice agenda that two years ago seemed to have traction.
 Are you serious? These past two years saw the re-establishment of embryonic stem cell research, a Health Care bill that pays of abortions. The reduction of health care coverage for our senior citizens.Gay marriage in-roads, higher taxes, higher un-employment, debt up the ying-yang putting doubt in our children's future...on and on.

“I worry that what we’re seeing is a further polarizing of the two political parties in ways that don’t play out well for actually passing legislation that advances Catholic policy concerns,” said Stephen Schneck, director of the Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies at The Catholic University of America. “I hope I’m wrong.”
Sorry Mr. Expert from the Catholic University of America. Are you saying that the past two year have been an ideal environment of love and co-operation between the two parties. The Democrats have  been so unifying? Are you kidding me? 

Otherwise, California remained a solid blue state, as voters elected Attorney General Jerry Brown, who declined to defend “pro-marriage” Proposition 8, as governor; San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, who had championed same-sex marriage, as lieutenant governor, and returned Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-California, for a fourth term.
Tell me about it. Where was the Catholic Vote?

Bishop Stephen Blaire of the Diocese of Stockton had asked Catholics to reflect “on the common good” when considering Proposition 23, which would have suspended implementation of the state’s air pollution law. Bishop Blaire said in a statement to Catholic San Francisco on Friday, “The defeat of Proposition 23 indicates a concern of the people to protect the environment for the health and well being of people, especially our children. Regardless of how one voted, the moral imperative remains for us to care for God’s creation as good stewards.”
And what about the businesses that will have to come up with the cost of these rediculus 'Green Laws'? They will in turn either move their businesses out of California or reduce their labor force to offset their Green Costs. What will the un-employed people of your parish live on then? Who will feed their children?

 Yes, now I know why California is in the state it's in. With Gavin, Brown, Boxer and Pelosi, California IS San Franciso

Read the whole article here: Catholic San Fransisc

Post California Election Thoughts

Well, it's been a few days since the midterm elections and while the rest of the nation is on a high, I'm afraid I can't fully celebrate with the rest of the country. Yes, I'm happy with the over all out come but...

"A tidal wave (tsunami) of change", Not so in California
"The Catholic Vote comes through", Not so in California
"The people have sent a message to Obama..." Not so in California

I'm afraid to admit, the reason for the California loss (in my opinion) is that we just have too many voters here with their hands out. With a higher unemployment rate than the nation, with a higher volume of, yes illegal aliens.There are many eligible voting Hispanics, citizens that are sympathetic to the immigrants to the extent that any real or unreal prejudice to this part of our community will bring about a negative voting reaction to any candidate.I am Hispanic myself and don't say this to offend, it's just a reality. There are also too many Prius with Obama stickers, I'm afraid it just won't be change anytime soon.

Our California Catholic vote didn't solidify either. That's the most frustrating  part of the election for me. How can you vote back in Barbara Boxer and the Pelosi agenda (abortion on demand, paid for by the present Health Care law) and be fully aware of where the Catholic Church stands on this intrinsic evil is just beyond me.

You've often heard the phrase " Give a man a fish and he'll only ask you for another later.Teach a man to fish and he'll feed himself and show others to do the same." ...or something like that.

Once on the dole, it won't be easy to get back on your own. California is so deep BLUE it's almost Black.
That doesn't mean I've given up. Just means I need to pray more, work more within my community, teach my family to live their faith. Encourage them to be the light in the world they need to be.
I still love L.A.

Waking up the New Catholic Vote -
Pushed, in part, by concern about the health care bill, Catholic voters across the nation returned to the GOP in numbers resembling the presidential victory of George W. Bush in 2004.

(Except in California...)

This program is from

Color Nook...Hmmmm, Maybe?

I'm still deciding on getting a reading device.The iPad which has the features that I like, but is very costly and the low cost Kindle and Nook are missing many of the features.

The iPad has all the reading features that I want and with the back lighting, it's ideal anywhere. I like the Wi-Fi browsing and the movies I can watch on them. Apps galore also enhance it's appeal. The price is a major downer for me. I just can't justify purchasing one if I have to walk out of the store over $800.00 lighter in my wallet. Especially in these hard times.

The Kindle and Nook where in a justifiable price range but a drawback I couldn't get over was that you can't read in the dark. You can buy a separate lamp but my experience with book lamps is that they never light up the area you want and are very weak. That on top of no movies, black and white web browsing just didn't cut it.

So I put the thought on the shelf ... until

The new COLOR Nook!
Hey not much more in price from the black and white version (249.00 Color, 149.00 BW). It runs on the Android 1.0 and next year a free update to the Android 2.0 will let you play on line movies. Cool!
Just might put me in the buying mode. A nice Christmas present for the wife who likes to read about as much as I do and loves to watch movies.

Check it out.
Barnes and Noble has released a potential giant killer. It’s a new color version of their Nook e-book reader, but it has features which put’s Kindle to shame, and even has some features not available on Apple’s iPad. It’s an outstanding bargain at only $249.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Post Election: And the Madness Continues

It's like talking to a wall.....

34 War Ships to Accompany Obama - The Blaze
The ships aren’t the only measures being taken. NDTV lists what, and who, else will be making the trip:
  • Air Force and Marine One
  • Two jets, armed with advanced communication and security systems
  • Over 40 cars which will be part of the president’s convoy
  • 13 heavy-lift aircraft with high-tech equipment,
  • Three helicopters
  • 3,000 total people including Secret Service agents, U.S. government officials, and journalists
  • 500 US security personnel
  • 800 rooms have been booked for those people
  • An interception and obstruction device
  • Sniffer dogs
  • “Rescue gadgets” 
Coconuts Removed from Trees for Obama Visit - Telegraph

India is preparing for Barack Obama's first visit to the country by removing coconuts from palm trees in Mumbai to protect the US president

Bomb Proof Tunnel for Pres O - DNA
Since it is difficult to monitor such a congested area, they came up with a quick solution which left the Indians accompanying them amazed: A bomb-proof over-ground tunnel — to be installed by US military engineers in just an hour

Monday, November 01, 2010

Monday Before the Election

I prepared my sample ballot so I'm good to go.

Here we go...

Californians please get out and vote. Say a prayer for our State.

Proposition 23, the California ballot initiative, would suspend AB 32, the cap and trade regulations for reducing carbon dioxide emission to 1990 levels until unemployment in California drops to 5.5% or below for four consecutive quarters. So how much CO2 will be eliminated and will it make a difference?

Last Minute Push in California's Top Race
The latest field poll shows Brown with a 10-point lead while the most recent Rasmussen numbers suggest the gap is much more narrow, only about four points, favoring Brown. When I sat down with Meg Whitman this week and asked for her reaction on the polls, she told me they're just one marker along the way. The former chief executive officer of the online auction site Ebay says you have to trust your gut and her gut tells her the people of California will rally on Election Day and vote in her favor.


Catholic Vote

Like I said before I'll believe it when I see it. ... But I'm still praying for it. Not necessary turning to GOP but more voting an educated conscience.

The latest field poll shows Brown with a 10-point lead while the most recent Rasmussen numbers suggest the gap is much more narrow, only about four points, favoring Brown. When I sat down with Meg Whitman this week and asked for her reaction on the polls, she told me they're just one marker along the way. The former chief executive officer of the online auction site Ebay says you have to trust your gut and her gut tells her the people of California will rally on Election Day and vote in her favor.