Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Military Vote

70% for McCain.

Now if only every American who rely on their freedom through the actions of these brave young men and women in uniform, would see the wisdom of our military war fighters.

Our Soldiers on the ground know when they see in a true leader. They know who they want as Commander In Chief if they are going to be sent off to war.

Army Times Poll on Presidential Race To All, In case you missed this week's issue of the Army Times here are the results of the Army Times' poll of Military personnel re:the election (in percent):

McCain Obama

Overall 68 23
Army 68 23
Navy 69 24
Air Force 67 24
Marines 75 18
Retirees 72 20
White Non-Hispanic 76 17
Hispanic 63 27
Black/African-American 12 79 (Hmmmm..?)
Enlisted 67 24
Officers 70 22

Somehow I missed seeing this in the New York Times.

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