Thursday, March 28, 2013

10 Great Reasons to be Catholic...Lots more than 10

I read this last night and I thought I'd share it.

It seems, as the article puts it, that through the fog of materialism, human sinfulness, and down right anti-Catholicism, the truthfulness and beauty of the Catholic Church can be hidden.

The 10 points on the "great things about Catholicism" article can remind us of this truthfulness and beauty, in essence, lift the fog bank around us to see what truly is in front of us.

Article: Ten Great Things About Catholicism  

The author H.W. Crooker also has a great book on the history of the Catholic Church,

Triumph: The Power and the Glory of the Catholic Church, a 2,000-Year History


Finally, Fr. Roderick Now being Recognized

I read this article in the Catholic World Report on Father Roderick, the Podcasting Priest. Now I've been listening to Fr. Roderick's SQPN Podcasting Website since the passing of Pope John Paul II.

He gave a vivid audio report that reminded me of some of the 1940-1950's radio presentations like "The Six Gun" or "Gun Smoke", "The Shadow" just to name a few. He added a very personal touch to this very historical event at the Vatican. Listening to his moment by moment report of the people around him as they stood outside the Papal apartment, praying together during the last moments of the holy pontiff made me feel like I was there.

He has now come "full circle" as the good Father puts it, as he recorded his sights and sounds of the election of Pope Francis. Since his start he has added a few more shows to his team of podcasters.One of my favorites is called 'The Break', almost a daily show which he uses to cover point of interest that attract Catholic, non-Catholic and even non-believers. He talks about his favorite movies, music, video games and adds a touch of Catholicism to invite evangelization.

Those of you with either SIRIUS or XM on your car radio who listen to the Radio Classics channel with Greg Bell will know what I mean. It's a way to exercise that not so used muscle called imagination. Fr. Roderick added a talk show entertainment aspect but makes it very personal.

Some of the other shows he sponsor with a team of hosts are 'Catholic Foodie, Catholic moments, The Secrets of Middle Earth just to name a few.

To some its an older type of media but it actually works. Again, its working that unused portion of our minds called imagination. When he describes the events around him whether its his bike ride down the cobble stone streets of his 500 year old town or the crowds outside the Vatican waiting for the white smoke to come out of the Sistine Chapel chimney, one can picture the sights and sounds in your head as if you were right there with him.

Anyway, go to his website and sample some of his shows. Download and load them on your iPad or Nook, Kindle or whatever device and listen to them on your drive home of between classes at college or whatever.

Give them a try, you'll be hooked!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pope Francis Stops Popemobile!

This is a very touching moment with Pope Benedict.

It shows his compassion and love for the people he leads.....

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pope Francis! - Where Were You When it was Announced?

I tell you from the moment the white smoke went up until the curtain opened seemed so long. I really couldn't track the early balloting very well. I'm kind of restricted at work in my access to radios and internet, so when someone in the hall told me "White smoke was seen coming out of the Chapel Chimney", the timing seemed perfect. I was headed out the door to lunch!

That's right 12:00pm Pacific time. Now by the time I turned on the car radio the white smoke had happened well before my break, so I made a dash to the nearest Barnes and Noble (which is right down the block, walking distance) to long into their WI-Fi with my NOOK HD. I thought for sure I wouldn't make the moment the new pope would appear on the Balcony. Frustration was added when my NOOK couldn't connect as quickly as it normally would. I take my NOOK to work with me to do some reading and or view a few saved videos or audios during my lunch time.

"Great!" I thought. "I'm not going to share that moment with the folks in the Vatican audience." With the first morning votes taking place at 3:00am California time it seemed like a really big tease that the new pope would be selected within a time window of my lunch....AND I'M STILL GOING TO MISS IT!

Well finally the store provided connection was made and with my fast Puffin Browser I was able to log into EWTN. Hey where else are you going to go for truly faithful coverage....Not CNN or MSNBC that's for sure.

There I was with my purchased Mocha Frappuccino grande watching LIVE, with sunny 79degree weather from Manhattan Beach, Southern California. Now I'd really would have preferred to be at the Vatican, rain and all but this location is a close second.

So now I'm ticking down the minutes for the new Holy Father to come out and finally the lights go on in the chamber behind the curtains on the balcony.

Still the waiting goes on...this is getting nuts! Now I'm running out of lunch time and a meeting at 1:00pm to go to. It's now 12:30pm. So he gets announced and now it's time to start heading back. Wow, I've come this close and I'm going to miss it.

He's announced by his new name "POPE FRANCIS"....and still waiting.

Okay, maybe if I'm a little late to the 1pm meeting...but how late?

Okay wait...wait ...there he is!!!!

He's not smiling?

He has to be kind of helped to the balcony.

He seems a little overwhelmed...

He has his hand up but not in an actual wave....

And then he speaks.....I haven't the faintest idea what he's saying but the EWTN commentators are translating.

Then he does something I haven't seen before, he asked for the people to pray for him.
Wow, he is actually asking for our prayers. What humility.

And now something really special, its being announced that those in the Vatican audience AND those listening on the radio or viewing on TV or any other device...EVEN WITH MY NOOK HD will be able to gain a PLENARY INDULGENCE with his first papal blessing!

What a special moment. I thought for sure I'd be reading about this moment or watching a taped replay of this on Cable tonight when I got home from work.

But no, what a gift! It all worked out perfect. I got to witness the announcement of the new Pope Francis and got a plenary indulgence as well! I'm so happy.

I admit, I don't know much about Pope Francis, his background or what kind of priest and Cardinal he was/is.

But I'll be reading up on him and praying for him and his ability to lead the church.

What a day, so much to look forward to.

Let's see we have JPII, B16....somehow F1 doesn't sound right

How did you hear the news?

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Pre-Conclave and Vatican Rumors

It's no surprise that the media is enjoying taking swipes at Pope Benedict Emeritus. Articles in the New Yorker, the New York Times and various news agencies, Cable, TV self-described celebrities are out to make a name of themselves.

Ranting and raving with advise on how the new Pope has got to be one willing to change the church's teaching to conform with the modernism of today. They claim that the church is alienating it's own follows with it's teachings on Gay Marriage, Abortion and contraception, women priest and the regular gantlet of issues paraded out when they feel the need to re-create the Catholic Church in their own images.

I picture one image which coincides with Lent. The image of the devil tempting our Lord in the desert. Fame and fortune, praise and recognition, power and glory ..if only you do this or that. 

Sadly, even some Catholic blogs of those I admire and read regularly seem to be adding to the "rumors" of the pre-conclave. Oh the Cardinals are battling each other and this secrete report "may say this" or "hold this bomb shell of news"....even though no one but maybe Pope Benedict and the three constructors of the report have read.

All speculation and yes, rumors.

The Vatican has had to declare a news blackout of sort to clamp down on the pieces and tid-bits of "Cardinal so-and so said this or that" or "hinted of this and that".

Cartoonist are having a field day with their so called Art.

Yes, it's only natural to want to know the latest news to see who the contenders are. All fine and good, but the news tone that I've been reading is not this at all.

By all means, be apart of this great event. EWTN has some good coverage. Try to stay away from those dirt articles which are circulating won't find any truth there.

Remind ourselves that the HOLY SPIRIT is guiding this process and offer your prayers. This Lenten season in my opinion is a perfect time for this to happen. The sense of penance, self sacrifice and prayer, the Passion all culminating in the Easter Resurrection is a perfect setting of the strength of the church and it's over 2000 year history.

A new Pope will be elected and he will be lead our church into the future. the New Evangelization and the Year of Faith will continue through the year.

I'm excited, let's keep our focus on the positive. Yes, reform is needed but our new pope will tackle that in due time...or better, in God's time.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Vatican II - A 10 Part series

I just read about this new series at Catholic Lane Blog (Vatican II: 10 part series). There's also a link to the Vatican II website with information on where and what time to watch.
This looks pretty good.

Check out the first episode

Sunday, March 03, 2013

The New Evangelization - New Series from Fr. Barron

Father Barron's 'Catholicism' was awesome. This one looks just as good....
Take a peek at the trailer.