Monday, January 31, 2011

Egyptian Museum a Casualty of the Egypt Chaos

The lose of life in Egypt's Chaos is tragic. Now there is another lose, items at the famed Cairo Museum. King Tut's artifacts have been destroyed by looters.

Egyptian Museum Threatened: Ancient Artifacts, King Tut's Treasures To Be Lost? 

With an estimated 120,000 artifacts in its collection, the museum is arguably one of the world's most impressive destinations for Egyptologists and tourists alike. Though the museum lacks the polish of the British Museum or New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, the quality and breadth of its artifacts are second to none.

Thanks 'Sacred Page Blog 

Fr. Cutie New Fox Channel Show.....Nauseating!

I blogged recently about Ex-Catholic priest Fr. Cutie new book of excuses.

It seems this has earned him a crack at the TV lime light on a proposed Fox Channel Self-help show.
What kind of help...I can't even imagine.

As for Fox...Strike One!

Fr. Cutie: Fallen Priest Gets Own Show . . . on FOX!

A former Roman Catholic priest who left the church to marry his girlfriend after the two were photographed embracing on a South Florida beach is getting a new TV show. 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Anglicans are Coming

The stage is set, the line is about to be crossed. Hundreds of Anglicans are ready to enter the Catholic Church over differences within their Anglican Church.

We will pray for those making this transition.
Welcome fellow Catholics...

Hundreds of disillusioned Anglicans are expected to defect to the Roman Catholic Church in time for Lent.

It follows a campaign by Father Keith Newton to leave the Church of England in protest at its stance on the ordination of women and gay clergy.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Labyrinth - The Days After

The wife and I had an amazing evening at the Museum of Tolerance viewing the documentary 'The Labyrinth'.

The reception of this film by the Jewish/Christian community that attended was...I don't know...uniting, accepting of both groups who had members from their faith live the tragedy of the Holocaust.

For a Christian/Catholic like myself, the admiration and uplifting of the sacrifice of Fr. Maximilian Kolbe and yet not take away from the 6 million murdered Jews. For the Jewish community, as was pointed out at the 'question and answer' session, it has always been a fear of people 1) forgetting the event, and 2) taking away the focus of the Jewish tragedy. Both seemed to accept each others involvement.

It seemed that both groups came together, not just physically but spiritually, understanding each others  need to identify with the Holocaust.

This documentary is being shown around the United States and also Tel Aviv. Try to make one of these showings. You will not be disappointed.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The True Church

Find the true church of Jesus Christ and everything else, all the other questions are answered.
I found this on the web kind of by accident. A treasure...enjoy

The Primitive Church and the See of Peter By Luke Rivington

Who was Luke Rivington?

400 Thousand in DC - For Life

Abortion number continue to accumulate...a life with potential, not a potential life.

This program is from

Rome Reports: St Joan of Arc

Pope Benedict at the General audience used Joan of Arc as an example to politicians.

Evil 1928

Read this story at CMR. Just finished Matt Baglio's book 'The Rite'.
This one incident happened in Iowa in 1928...

If you plan on seeing the movie 'The Rite' which opens this weekend, please consider reading the book first.

On December 23rd, Emma broke her grips and stood up. Father Theophilus blessed her, shouting: "Depart, ye fiends of Hell! Begone, Satan, the Lion of Judah reigns!" Voices responded: "Beelzebub . . . Judas . . . Jacob . . . Mina . . . Hell . . . Hell . . . Hell!" As they faded, Emma opened her eyes. Her first words were, "Praised be Jesus Christ!" The entire company of priests and nuns broke down in tears.

State of the Union...NOT!

I planned to blog about yesterday's State of the Union but there's so much blogging on it I thought I would skip the nonsense and give something more true and more remarkable.  

From the master himself. Classical Gas - Mason Williams

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Tear....more evidence...41% more

Another example of the 'tear in society'.
Fr. Barron brings to light the 41% more evidence

Remember that the first act that Obama performed as President of the United States was to re-establish funding for abortions in the international arena

...and now he, President Obama lets everyone know that he hasn't changed his mind. Two more years of full support for Roe vs. Wade.

Obama celebrates Roe v. Wade on 38th anniversary

 President Obama echoed his support for abortion rights today, the 38th anniversary of the Supreme Court's pro-choice decision in Roe v. Wade.

Followup: Pope Benedict and Marriage

Insight Scoop's Carl Olsen has a post on Pope Benedict speech on marriage.

Benedict XVI: There "is only one marriage ... a real juridical bond between a man and a woman."

Vatican Information Service reports on a strong address given earlier today by Pope Benedict XVI regarding the true nature of marriage:

This morning in the Vatican, Benedict XVI received the dean, judges, promoters of justice, defenders of the bond, officials and lawyers of the Tribunal of the Roman Rota, for the occasion of the inauguration of the judicial year.
  In his address the Holy Father examined the juridical aspect of marriage which, he said, "is inherent to the pastoral activity of preparation for and admission to marriage".

A Tear in Societies Civility

I have an uneasy feeling.
Fact: in the past 24 hours, 11 police officers have been shot. We hear about it in many places throughout the world, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan. Some places closer to home, just over the border in Mexico.

Places not just where war is between soldiers, but where civilians and peace officers are the targets.Is this the product of taking God out of the equation in our society.

Let's pray for peace, for God to be with us always.We need to pray for our communities.

Authorities Fear Cops Being Targeted After at Least 11 Officers Shot in 24 Hours

Authorities are worried a recent wave of police officer shootings may not be a coincidence.
In just 24 hours, at least 11 cops were shot around the country.


Monday, January 24, 2011

National Catholic Register & EWTN are One.

The National Catholic Register is under new management. National Catholic Register because of financial troubles almost saw it's last edition come at the end of January.

Miracles happen everyday and this is one Big one. Now National Catholic Register will be able to continue it's orthodox Catholic news coverage.

Please support this recovery of National Catholic Register with a paid subscription..

Change and Continuity
The Register’s mission is to promote the New Evangelization, by selecting news at the intersection of faith and culture, analyzing it in light of Church teaching, and presenting it to active Catholics so they can keep up on the emerging secular culture, understand and evaluate it, and so be enabled to engage it.
Under new ownership and together with our new colleagues at EWTN, the Register’s mission stays the same, her fidelity to the magisterium stays the same, the basic approach to the essentials stays the same, and the “confident Catholicism” that we’ve inherited from John Paul and Benedict stays the same.

Jack LaLanne RIP

I remember watching Jack LaLanne as a young lad. Sad news today is that he died at 96 years young.
You'll be missed.

Fitness guru Jack LaLanne dies at 96

American fitness guru Jack LaLanne died Sunday afternoon at his home in Morro Bay, California, according to his long-time agent, Rick Hersh. He was 96

Pope Benedict : Marriage

I don't have the context of the entire speech of Pope Benedict on Saturday,  but the message according to this post (see below) was on Marriage.

From what the article says the Pope says more work as to be done in conveying to those that are seeking annulments that a bigger emphasis must be focused on reconciliation between the couple to save the marriage.  Also something about Marriage not being a Right.

Like I said, I haven't found the entire content of the speech yet. Surprising to see my usual Catholic blogs haven't commented on it yet.

But here's the post anyway.

Pope: Marriage is not an Absolute Right.
Pope Benedict XVI told priests Saturday to do a better job counseling would-be spouses to ensure their marriages last and said no one has an absolute right to a wedding.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Religion of Bill O'Reilly - Pin Head or Catholic, You Decide

I've said this before in other posts I've written, that I admire Mr. O'Reilly's abilities in secular political debate, however once again Mr. O has failed in distinguishing between fact and fiction in matters of his Catholic faith and science. He has publicly flown the banner of being a Catholic many times on his show, but sometimes I wonder what depth of knowledge he really has of his faith.

This time it's with the topic of abortion. Seems Mr. O doesn't believe a fetus is a human being and even if science disagrees with his facts and his faith recognizes it as  intrinsicly evil, he prefers to ignore both and join with the secular establishment and deny the beginnings of human life.

I'll say it again, I wish Bill O'Reilly do some major study in his faith and science for that matter.So much for the Culture Warrior.

Oh and just for your information Bill, you don't stop being Catholic at the "NO-SPIN-ZONE" studio door.

Pin Head or Catholic, you decide.

On a recent episode of the Fox News show The O’Reilly Factor, commentator and host Bill O’Reilly was challenged by a viewer via e-mail. The viewer was responding to a previous episode in which O’Reilly had criticized MTV’s program No Easy Decision, which followed pregnant young women who were questioning whether or not to abort their children. O’Reilly said of the program, “I favor telling kids that if you get pregnant and you cannot support that baby, that is irresponsible and you may have to kill a potential human being.” Responding to O’Reilly’s choice of terminology, his challenger asked: “A fetus is a human being with potential, not a potential human being! As a Roman Catholic, why do you keep getting this wrong, Bill?

Featured Article: Chruch Father's on Transsubstantiation

I've been frequenting the website Called to Communion lately. Just finished reading an article on a dialogue on the protestant claim of 'Sola Scriptura'.

Thought I'd share this one I'm reading now.

Visit the website often...lots of good stuff there.

This article is intended to be a resource showing the support for the doctrine of Transubstantiation in the Church fathers, and not a robust defense of the doctrine as defined by the Council of Trent.1 The Church fathers did not believe in a mere spiritual presence of Christ alongside or in the elements (bread and wine). This can be shown by three different types of patristic statements. The first and most explicit type is a statement that directly affirms a change in the elements....

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

THE LABYRINTH: Marian Kolodziej, a Polish Catholic in Auschwitz

There is a documentary being shown at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles on January 27th (7:30pm Thursday evening).

Looks very interesting, I plan to see it.

“Four out of four stars.  The Labyrinth is the most powerful film I’ve seen this year.  Shocking, mesmerizing, unforgettable!” - Todd David Schwartz,  CurveWire
A documentary short about Marian Kolodziej, a Polish Catholic who was deported to Auschwitz at age 17 and arrived on one of the first transports. Kolodziej never spoke about his experience until after a stroke when he confronted his memories through art as part of his rehabilitation.  The Labyrinth is a journey through his drawings and art installations that now fill the large basement of a church near Auschwitz.
Panel discussion following the screening with:
Rabbi Michael Berenbaum,
Director, Sigi Ziering Institute: Exploring the Ethical and Religious Implications of the Holocaust, American Jewish University, Los Angeles, California
Jason A. Schmidt,
award-winning documentary filmmaker and writer, director, editor and producer of The Labyrinth
Ron Schmidt,
Jesuit Priest, award-winning documentary filmmaker and producer of The Labyrinth
Rt. Rev. Alexei Smith,
Ecumenical and Interreligious Officer of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles since 2000
Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein,
Director Interfaith Affairs, Simon Wiesenthal Center

The Labyrinth Trailer from Jason Schmidt on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dr. David Anders - Conversion Story

Called to Communion’s own Dr. David Anders recalls some highlights of his journey into the Catholic Church in this article which appears in a recent ‘Coming Home Network’ newsletter.
Dr. Anders received his Ph.D. from The University of Iowa in 2002, in Reformation History and Historical Theology, having written his dissertation on John Calvin.
So how did a Reformed church historian whose emphasis of study was Reformation history find his way into the Catholic Church?

Here's the .pdf: Dr David Anders


That phrase is beginning to get on my nerves. No one can be "MADE A SAINT". There's even on article I read that said Nun repays Pope John Paul II for miracle cure.

Repays? Really?

...Oh and JPII is waiting for that three in a row tick-tack-toe, that hat-trick, triple threat, that third strike, to win the lotto, that Golden Globe and be MADE A SAINT.

So much non-sense.

The Catholic Church by virtue of it's authority and guidance of the Holy Spirit recognizes an individual for their extraordinary saintly life through a process of much scrutiny.

Here's some articles that my clear up some of the ignorance:

Beatification and Canonization

Canonization in the Catholic Church is quite another thing. The Catholic Church canonizes or beatifies only those whose lives have been marked by the exercise of heroic virtue, and only after this has been proved by common repute for sanctity and by conclusive arguments. The chief difference, however, lies in the meaning of the term canonization, the Church seeing in the saints nothing more than friends and servants of God whose holy lives have made them worthy of His special love. She does not pretend to make gods (cf. Eusebius Emisenus, Serm. de S. Rom. M.; Augustine, City of God XXII.10; Cyrill. Alexandr., Contra Jul., lib. VI; Cyprian, De Exhortat. martyr.; Conc. Nic., II, act. 3).


When did the custom of canonizing saints start, and is it true that canonizations are infallible?

Here are excerpts from two articles on canonization of saints; they are taken from (1967):



Golden Globe Awards - Did You Watch It?

Heck no...not me. Just not interested.
But the news reports say it was a doosey.

Apparently the host insulted them all...oh my!

The host Ricky Gervais', said some pretty out landish things....oh my!

Including "Thank you to God for making me an atheist."...thats kind of curious

I know that many believe that when someone is in mortal danger they often find God out of desperation. But last night while Ricky Gervais' career as a television host may have been dying a very public and nasty death, the former humorist signed off last night's nationally televised awards show by saying, "Thank you to God for making me an atheist."

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ex-Catholic Priest Cutie's book of Excuses

Read a little of Albert Cutie's new book. What a waste.
A book that says it wasn't his fault for breaking his vows as a Catholic Priest and committing adultery.
Hey, why not. It's the Catholic Church's fault, they should change to permit priest to marry or at the very least, yes, commit adultery.

Don't waste your money buying this book. If you want go to the book store and peruse a couple of chapters or turn on the TV to a really bad Sit-Com or stupid reality show. You'll get the same thing out of it.

MSNBC Hosts Cheating Ex-Catholic Priest Who Bashes Church On-Air

To publicize his new memoir, MSNBC hosted Rev. Albert Cutie on its Friday afternoon news programming. Fr. Cutie is a married priest in the Episcopal Church, having abruptly left the Catholic priesthood in May of 2009 after his secret love affair was made public. Cutie used the segment to criticize the Catholic Church's position on priestly celibacy and homosexuality.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Fr. Barron: (New) True Grit

Fr. Barron's review of the new version of True Grit.
...I liked it.

“True Grit,” the 1969 film starring John Wayne, was the first “grown-up” movie I saw as a kid. I was nine years old at the time, and I remember the experience vividly. I also discovered, through that film, that I had a gift for mimicry. For years afterward, at family parties, I was invited to reproduce the Duke’s distinctive drawl: “I wouldn’t a-asked you to bury him if he wann’t dead.” The Coen brothers, the auteurs behind “Fargo,” “No Country For Old Men,” and “A Serious Man” are among the best and most spiritually alert filmmakers on the scene today. And so it was with great excitement that I learned that the Coens had produced a re-make of “True Grit.” Though their version is far different from the original, I found it compelling, especially in the measure that it brings the religious dimension of the story to the fore.

B16 teachs on Purgatory

Pope Benedict XVI is indeed a teacher....

Featured Website: Called to Communion

I found this new website and it has a lot of great articles and material.
As it's title implies, it's about those who have journeyed home to the Catholic Church.

Please visit: Called to Communion

RiP: David Nelson

I found this out yesterday, David Nelson of Ozzie and Harriet past away on Tuesday. Some may not be old enough to remember him but I do.

He never felt he had to compete with his younger more famous brother. He didn't have to. He was quite and confident in who he was. He was the sensibility of the siblings.

He will be missed


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Arizona Shooter: The Occult

Taylor Marshall of Canterbury Tales points out what was obvious in my mind. The possibility of demonic possession.

I just read this interesting story over at Women of Grace.

Turns out that the Jared Loughner, the Arizona shooter, was not under the influence of Tea Party politics - he was under the influence of Satan:

O'Reilly - The No Squish Zone

CMR points out something I've said for a long time. Bill O'Reilly doesn't know his faith, a Catholic he may be. Sometimes O'Reilly seems well in control of his political prowess in the No-Spin-Zone. But when on those occasions he has to defend his Catholic faith the weakness is very evident and sometimes embarrassing.
The No-Spin-Zone  becomes a No-Squish-Zone, because that is what is apparent concerning his knowledge of his faith, squishy.

And that's a shame. I honestly hope he takes his faith a little more seriously and do a little more study in the richness of his Catholic faith.

A prayer for Mr. Bill..

I don't watch Bill O'Reilly mainly because (and I know some people will laugh at this) I think he's a squishy.

People often take his loud mouth to mean he's principled. But it's just a loud mouth. I sometimes admire his logic but when it comes to abortion he gets awfully squirrelly. Get a load of this illogical statement as reported by
Catholic Online:

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Prayers for the Arizona Victims

My prayer for the victims and their families will be at Mass today.

Dr. Manny: Giffords Likely Faces Long Road to Recovery From Head Wound in Shooting


Fr. Pacwa Talk with Sister Briege

A great inspirational talk with Fr. Mitch Pacwa and Sister Briege.
Sit back, put your feet up and listen to a wonderful Sister Briege talk about the power of the Sacraments
Insight Scoop has the video so I won't post it here but just supply you with the link.

Insight Scoop is one of my favorite websites..please visit there often

Sister Briege and Fr. Mitch Pacwa

Friday, January 07, 2011

Update: Discovery Channel Exorcism Series

The news is that it's just a PR stunt.
PR Stunt = They Lied!

UPDATE: I should have spared my fingers the trouble of writing most of this – apparently, this is a PR stunt by the Discovery Channel to increase attention to their new series. I’ve seen no official confirmation or proof that they are actually in a “partnership” with the Vatican. What did I write about ratings-hungry producers?

Ted Williams...More of a good Story

I'm glad to see this story continues. Most have seen the voice of Ted (the homeless man) discovered on the interstate.

Now more good news.

Ted Williams Reunited With Mom After Networks Cause Delays

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Pope B16 and the 'Big Bang'

For some reason this may shock some peoples. The Catholic Church has always been a stalwart, hand in hand with science but as the good Pope Benedict says it is not a means to say there is no God.

God was behind Big Bang, universe no accident: Pope

God's mind was behind complex scientific theories such as the Big Bang, and Christians should reject the idea that the universe came into being by accident, Pope Benedict said on Thursday.

"The universe is not the result of chance, as some would want to make us believe," Benedict said on the day Christians mark the Epiphany, the day the Bible says the three kings reached the site where Jesus was born by following a star.
"Contemplating it (the universe) we are invited to read something profound into it: the wisdom of the creator, the inexhaustible creativity of God," he said in a sermon to some 10,000 people in St Peter's Basilica on the feast day.


Most Claims Against Priest Are Fraudulent

Here's a story you won't find on the front pages or subsequent pages of the New York Times.

Most Claims Against Priests are Fraudulent (The Sacred Pages)
Here's a story from Newsbusters that needs to get greater attention! Please help spread the word!

In a stunning ten-page declaration recently submitted to the Los Angeles County Superior Court, veteran attorney Donald H. Steier stated that his investigations into claims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests have uncovered vast fraud and that his probes have revealed that many accusations are completely false.

Pope Michael Sean Winters NCR

This is funny...but typical for NCR (No Catholic oRthodoxy)

Pope Michael Sean Winters the first is a Pope Benedict XVI impostor
...or as I like to call it, Phony Balogna

CMR has the story
Get this, NCR writer Michael Sean Winters writes a letter to Speaker John Boehner as if he were Pope Benedict. Yeah, you read that right. Michael Sean Winters is pretending to be Pope Benedict. I'm unsure if any dressup was involved but that would only make it marginally stranger.

In it, the pretend Pope Benedict accuses the bishops of lying about Obamacare and questions Boehner's motives. Then he tosses out a liberal wish list right out of Nancy Pelosi's hope chest. And he uses the word "like" like a sixteen year old suburban mallrat.

No Apologies - Once Saved Always Saved?

This is a great website for mini-apologetics.
This one' disproves the belief of 'once saved always saved' is nowhere in the Bible.
Visit the website often for some great short apologetic video: AirMaria

Discovery Channel: Exorcist Reality Show

The claim is that the Discovery Channel will be presenting a Reality Show on Exorcism with some sort of cooperation of the Catholic Church.

I am not sure how legitimate this is. I believe in bringing a bigger awareness to Satan and his influence in our everyday lives but done with proper catechises and guidance from trained teachers in the subject matter.

A documentary on the subject even a multi-episode doc with full control (editing rights) to a teaching environment documentary. But not a reality show in the same light as some of these celebrity haunting scary story TV shows.

I need to look into this more. Like I said I don't know how much of this is true.

Stay tuned. I'll look for other sources to flesh this out.

Discovery Channel is teaming with the Vatican for an unprecedented new series hunting the deadliest catch of all: Demons.
The Exorcist Files will recreate stories of real-life hauntings and demonic possession, based on cases investigated by the Catholic Church. The project includes access into the Vatican’s case files, as well as interviews with the organization’s top exorcists — religious experts who are rarely seen on television.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Kirk Cameron, Not the religious conspiracy theorist go-to guy

All right go Kirk!
Andersen Cooper gives it the old college try in attempting to lead Kirk Cameron down the path of 'Apocalypse Now end-times prophesy, but it doesn't work.

Thinking that Cameron is just another Fundamentalist kooky "the world is going to end' religious freak, he struggles as Kirk sets him back onto the correct path into the headlights of truth.

While I don't follow the Rapture ideas of Cameron's faith journey, I do thank him for standing up to the news media. It seems it happens every turn of the year with this end-time prophesy theories.

Good for you Kirk...

Even Kirk Cameron Has No Idea Why CNN Brought Him On To Talk About Dead Birds

Yesterday we joked that all the dead birds and fish out in Arkansas were clearly signs of the “End of Days.” Someone at CNN wasn’t joking though, so, needing an expert on the Apocalypse (something that’s hard to find considering how rare Apocalypses or “Apocali” are), they naturally invited Kirk Cameron, born again Christian and star of the Left Behind series, onto Anderson Cooper 360 discuss the phenomenon. Some people thought this was kind of weird…including Kirk Cameron.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Mary Mother of God

Mike Berber has a good piece on Solemnity (Holy Day) of Mary, Mother of God, which we celebrated on January 1st.

As our Catholic readers know, this is the Solemnity (Holy Day) of Mary, Mother of God, one of the more significant liturgical celebrations in the Catholic calendar

The confession of Mary as “Mother of God” presents a stumbling block for some non-Catholic Christians, but curiously it never did for me.

Rome Reports Jan 3, 2011

Rome Reports today has an interesting video piece on Marian Apparitions.
Link: Rome Reports

May 21, 2011 The World Will End...Ahuh?

We'll here we are just three day's into the new year and we already have a prediction it will all end on May 21 2011.

So the plan is to show this new 'Deadline' on buses, trucks, billboards, where possible to advertise the date.


Here's the story

Loose Christian Movement Says End of Days in May

If there had been time, Marie Exley would have liked to start a family. Instead, the 32-year-old Army veteran has less than six months left, which she’ll spend spreading a stark warning: Judgment Day is almost here.

Exley is part of a movement of Christians loosely organized by radio broadcasts and websites, independent of churches and convinced by their reading of the Bible that the end of the world will begin on May 21, 2011.

UPDATE! (MAY18, 2011)

Thank You Schwarzenegger....NOT!

A departing blow from the Terminator who by the way lived up to his name by the description of the damage he did to the State.

His final good-by and in my opinion 'stab in the back' to the State that gave him a chance to make a change is the last nail in the coffin of his administration. One he will be remembered forever for.

Cutting the sentence of a convicted murderer, a son of an ex-state representative. A favor of sorts.

Here's the shameful act:

Schwarzenegger’s shameful last act

...So, how did Schwarzenegger leave office? By committing one last shameful act of back-scratching politics as usual and granting a commutation to the son of a Democrat political crony, former California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez...

The Rite: Matt Baglio Book...New Movie

Just finished Matt Baglio's book, The Rite

My interest in the book was generated in part to the subject matter of the book, "Exorcism", but mostly because I wanted to read up more on the influence of the 'Evil One'. One can read it in the newspapers and hear it on the radio and see it on TV every day yet the blame is on God...not the Devil. The charge is "How can God allow such things?" and self blame (as in free will) is not even considered.

Reading this book has helped me understand a little more of Satan's place in this world and our deep reliance on the Blessed Trinity and Holy Church; the importance of the Sacraments and our prayer life. We need to hear more directly the Church's teachings on the Devil and most of all how not to invite him into our lives.

I recommend this book and I have a feeling (having seen the movie trailer) that the movie will be another poor book interpretation.

I also got half way through Gabriele Amorth (Lead Vatican Exorcist) book 'An Exorcist Tells His Story'.