Tuesday, November 26, 2019

St Augustine Documentary

Just viewed a nice documentary on St. Augustine.Thought I
might past it on for your enjoyment.
I haven't read any of his books, Confessions, or City of God. They're on my list and having seen this documentary, they have moved up on my list of must reads.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Three Decisions You Should Make Every Morning for Your Salvation...

Father Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D of the Magis Center in Orange County California, is one of my favorite go-to for his contributions to understanding the Transcendental aspects of our Catholic faith. His website crediblecatholic.com is an invaluable resource for the scientific  proofs of God.

In his commencement speech to the 2019 class at Christendom College in California, give some very sound advise to the graduates as they enter the life/work culture. Indeed his advise sound for everyone to read. 

Three Sane Decisions to Help you Save your Soul is the title of his talk. A more detailed discussion can be found in his book Finding True Happiness.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Father, Mr. Morris

This is interesting, in a sad way. Former Fr. Jonathan Morris, ex-commentator and now ex-Catholic priest is interviewed by Martha MacCallum

He explains his recent decision to be laicized. He's explanation is that he never intended to become a priest and after 25 years from Seminary to priesthood, he had to take action to actually follow God's real plan for him as he now felt in his own heart and gut Wow.... 

Well I definitely don't know his heart and I do applaud his continued acknowledgement of his faith in the Catholic Church, I can't say I understand. Many of the Saints, including Mother Theresa had experiences that made them doubt their vocations, even experiences of the dark soul. Even those who have been married for quite some time have experienced at one point or another, that maybe they may have married the wrong person or wanted out of their relationship because of some hard-time, financial or otherwise, so I don't know if Mr. Morris will have the fortitude to weather those moments either. 

I believe he is a priest, forever as it says in Hebrews 7:17 

For it is declared: "You are a priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek."

'll keep him in my prayers

Sunday, June 09, 2019

A Change to the Our Father.....Why?

Very recently, Pope Francis gave his blessing to the French Church revising their translation  to change from, "and lead us not into temptation" to "don't let me fall into temptation.”

Jimmy Akin from Catholic Answers give his take the media hipe on  this Here.

I first saw the Headlines on the Drudge Report but it was widely reported throughout the media, like  
FoxNews and USA Today to name just a couple. Few outlets couldn't pass up the chance to weigh in. Maybe with a motive of, if the pope can change the Catholic Church on this topic why not others...I'm only speculating.

Few offered no substance or factual reasoning or how it truly affects everyday Catholics, if fact it only caused confusing.

Patrick Madrid on his daily morning show on Relevant Radio offered some keen insight.

Audio link: The Patrick Madrid Show

Sunday, March 03, 2019

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism

I just picked up this book and while I have a couple of other books that I’m ready reading, I intend to squeeze this one in.

He had a quick wit about him and a full servant of our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church. In the interview he pointed out various concerns with the leadership of the Church presently, the same concerns that I and many of us as lay Catholics have.

As I always do when I find someone I find interesting or a book that catches my eye, is I go on a bit of an investigation, finding out as much as I can about that person or author, or subject matter before I purchase a book they’ve written or pursue any other articles or video’s they appear in or write.

John writes articles on The Stream , a Catholic news blog as well as The National Catholic Register (here are a few of his articles there)

The National Catholic Reporter also has an article about him and they didn’t like him too much, which is one in the PLUS + column for John as far as I’m concerned.

So, I looked up a number of his books at Barnes and Noble, because they’re my local bookstore whom I like to support. Amazon has him as well.

I liked the titles in the book’s table of contents.
·      The Church and what it says about itself and the world, and what will happen to you when you die.
·      The Pope, the Bishops and When and why Catholics have to believe What they say – And When and Why we Don’t.
·      How Birth Control Tore the Church apart.
…just to name a few.

Here’s an article from National Catholic Register that takes a more thorough look at the author and this particular book. I agree with their take and I look forward to reading John’s book.

Hope you’ll take a look as well.


Is marijuana really safe...all the talking heads on TV, celebrities, journalist, reporters and more and more politicians say so. 

Do we really trust them? do we really think they  have any  legitimate knowledge or show any legit studies on the subject matter?

"I've used it for years and it hasn't affected me!" .......give me break 

I'm reading  this new book now. So much  not being  told about the effects of marijuana... 

Here's a short clip of  the author.



So Cal Catholic Church Vandelized

Visited briefly, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church yesterday after this was pointed out to me at yesterday. Statue of Mary and another of a Saint was decapitated.   ...terrible. 

All done  in the dead of night anonymously.  If you want to make a statement, hey tell us how you are and take full credit. Coward!

Sunday, February 03, 2019

Excommunication...what it's not?

The call is for excommunication of Governor Cuomo is blasting loud and clear from Catholics across the nation. It sounds good to me, here is an individual among many that claim the Catholic identity, however his actions give the lay Catholic and non-Catholic alike the obvious examples of something totally opposite.

Some don't even know he is already banned from receiving Holy Communion, so what good would it do?

Many Catholic blogs/podcasts bugle the same call for excommunication and some try to engage in a rather superficial, emotional call to light the torches and storm Frankenstein's castle.

How many Catholics really  know the,  What, How, Why of excommunication?
Rather than just join the band wagon, we should educate ourselves on the subject matter, terminology definitions, purpose and expectations.

Edward Peters a well know Canon  Lawyer has an excellent blog (In the Light of the Law, a Canon Lawyer's blog) one should visit regularly to help with that education. Yes, some of it my be a little hard to understand but canon law is not a simple matter and excommunication is not a simple declaration.

Here's one of a few resent pieces on this subject that will be a helpful place to start.

On excommunicating Andrew Cuomo for heresy


NY Mayor...Excommunication?

The new Abortion law of NY has risen the Life issue to another level. It's no longer considered a discussion or debate but a right to kill a child ... at birth. The cry is to excommunicate the NY Mayor.

So why hasn't the Cardinal Dolan or Bishop Scharfenberger done so?
The Bishop of Albany voices his thoughts on EWTN.