Sunday, June 30, 2013

Scandal Story In the Vatican

I heard about this story earlier this week but I didn't post it or even talk about it.

I mean, what was I going to talk about? I didn't now all the facts or what the facts were.

Ends up this story was all bogus.

Got to be careful about these kinds of stories...don't believe everything you hear, check your facts first and don't spread rumors if you don't know what you're talking about.

Thanks Jimmy Akin for the facts....

Scandal or no scandal, here are the facts

Has a gay pedophile prostitution ring been discovered at the Vatican? (8 things you need to know)

Feast Day of St Peter and Paul, Yesterday

Yesterday was the Feast Day of St Peter and Paul, a special day for our parish which we is named, St Paul the Apostle, Chino Hills California.

In honor of Saint Paul, Taylor Marshall of Canterbury Tales has made available a number of recordings free of charge, based on the "Catholic Perspective on Paul." 
(Photo: Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales)

  Visit Canterbury Tales blog, there's some great stuff there.

Free Catholic iTunes mp3s: Saint Paul was a Catholic Priest

Have a listen: MP3's

Thursday, June 27, 2013

America - A Post Christian Country

It's official, America has turned the's now a  Post Christian Country.

With the ruling of the US Supreme Court to erase DOMA from the books, to delete traditional marriage from history should put a chill down every parents back. It should bring immediate awarness to every Catholic that the teachings of the Catholic Church will come more and more under attack.

No longer will you be able to express our Catholic teaching on marriage without being cited as a bigot, homophobic or spewing hate speech.

Why do I say this? This is not my opinion, these are the words of the Chief Justice Kennedy.

“The federal statute is invalid, for no legitimate purpose overcomes the purpose and effect to disparage and injure those whom the state, by its marriage laws, sought to protect in personhood and dignity,” Justice Kennedy wrote. “By seeking to displace this protection and treating those persons as living in marriages less respected than others, the federal statute is in violation of the Fifth Amendment.”
He said the law was motivated by a desire to harm gay and lesbian couples and their families, demeaning the “moral and sexual choices” of such couples and humiliating “tens of thousands of children now being raised by same-sex couples.” 

 DOMA Ruling    

So Justice Kennedy can look into everyone's heart and mind and see bigotry and persecution and intent to harm children.

Wow...I think we're off the deep end.

Just because this is the law of the land doesn't make it a good law. WWII German made it law to persecute Jews but that was hardly a just law.There are many bad laws, like Abortion, the killing of children. Where is Kennedy in condemning that?

So what's the course of action for good Catholics? What are we to do....give up?

Absolutely not. We should continue to voice charitably the purpose of marriage, the common good it gives our communities and our nation and mostly unity of children to their mother and father, to mom and dad to each other.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Obama In Belfast: Catholic Schools Divide...

Well, President Obama certainitly is getting more blantant in expressing his negative views of religion, specifically the Catholic Church.

In a speech with Michele in a speech in Belfast to Youth of Northern Ireland Obama sighted the differences that divided the people of Ireland and blamed that division on Catholics and Protestants, theirs schools and in my opinion, organized religion.

Because issues like segregated schools and housing, lack of jobs and opportunity -- symbols of history that are a source of pride for some and pain for others -- these are not tangential to peace; they’re essential to it. If towns remain divided -- if Catholics have their schools and buildings, and Protestants have theirs -- if we can’t see ourselves in one another, if fear or resentment are allowed to harden, that encourages division. It discourages cooperation.(COMPLETE TRANSCRIPT)

Article: Obama's Speech in Belfast to Youth of Northern Ireland.    

Fr Z weighs in: Pres. Obama sticks his nose into Catholic education in IRELAND    
While the clash of Catholics and Protestants is a known fact it is not the religion that is the dividing factor.It is those that use their faith incorrectly as a basis of that divide. 

The true teachings of Christianity call for us to love our neighbor and to treat other as we would be treated. I would also argue that it was this teaching that has contribued to the establishment of peace in this country. The true practice of this tenant of love taught in Christianity, that has brought the two sides together.

President Obama doesn't understand this and points to the religion itself as it's cause completely over looking the political contributions of England's hand in forcing control of that country.under British role

President Obama's comments abroad I believe truly express his sentaments of the Catholic Church. The Church's challenge to this admistrations policies concerning Health Care, Abortion, Gay rights has caused this strife and while his comments to the youth in Belfast wouldn't be tolerated in the States they non the less express his true attitued toward the Catholic faith.

The President plays both sides of the coin, saying one thing to the Church's hierarchy here in the States while all together trying to undermind their authority.

I believe Catholics need to understand this administrations intentions, namely to substitute the Catholic Church's authority with reliance on the government. The choice is to have the government provide it's handouts to solitify loyalty and keeping control and power.

That to me was the message to the youth of Belfast. Don't rely on your church or follow your church. The church will only divide. The government unites and provides peace and true freedom. The church takes takes these away.

Catholics hold true to the only Truth, the Catholic Church. and it's teachings. The Bride of Christ 

Don't be fooled by speeches and fancy words. 


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Okay, only three weeks left to buy your tickets and they're going fast! 

A rare visit from Father Mitch Pacwa in the South Land....So Please don't miss it!

Get your tickets now and let others know!

Tolerance - How Far Does It Go....?

I read an article on the Bishop of the Episcopalian Church, Katharine Jefferts Schori's interpretation of Act 16 of Paul and the possessed girl.

Then this commentary by 'An Irish Ordinariate' blogger Fr. O., entitled "The Devil is in the Detail..."

Fr. Barron brings it all together with this video "The Limits of Tolerance"

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

IRS Scandal - "It's your fault for applying !"

Does anyone else see the stupidity in this form of argumentation. The Representative has no shame in bringing forth this absolutely ignorant cause of the IRS scandal to stop groups applying for non-profit status with views that seem against their (IRS) political stance.

Outrageous! Offensive and shocking...a department of our own government going after citizens, free speech and freedom of religion.

Is this America or Communist Russia.

I am afraid for our country. We have lost our way...our founding father would be applaud.

listen to these two exchanges...