Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bishop Chaput - The Late Republic

Bishop Chaput has some thoughts on Memorial Day, reflecting on our republic and our Catholic role.

Here we are on Monday but I thought is was good post...have a great week and take in Bishop Chaput's post

Life in the Late Republic: The Catholic Role in America, After Virtue
Exactly 70 years ago, in 1940, Rev. John Courtney Murray gave a series of three college talks. For his theme, he chose the “concept of a Christian culture.” After his death, his Jesuit brothers fused the talks into a single essay calledThe Construction of a Christian Culture.” It’s a modest word change. But that title — the construction of a Christian culture — is a good place to begin our thoughts.

Most people know Father Murray for his work on Vatican II’s Decree on Religious Liberty. In his 1960 book We Hold These Truths which has never gone out of print — Father Murray argued the classic Catholic case for America. Like any important thinker, his work has friends and critics. The critics respect Father Murray’s character and intellect. But they also tend to see him as a victim of his own optimism and a voice of American boosterism. I understand why. Over the years, too many people have used Father Murray to justify too many strange versions of personal conscience and the roles of Church and state.

Happy Memorial Day

A wonderful Memorial Day with the family. Mostly because of our brave men and women who wear the uniform of the United States of America throughout it's history, past and present.

Thank you to our Men and Women in Uniform.

Here's a story to end a perfect day.

This Dad got back from Afghanistan on leave just to see his daughter graduate from high school. Pretty great. Lots of tears. Near the end of the video, the girl says she's following in her father's footsteps. Wow.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Joseph Feuerherd - RIP

National Catholic Reporter publisher  Joseph Feuerherd has died.

A nice little article at The Catholic Register outlining his career.

National Catholic Reporter’s Publisher Dies

ROCKVILLE, Md. (CNS) — Joseph Feuerherd, editor-in-chief and publisher of the National Catholic Reporter, died May 26 after an 18-month battle with metastasized soft tissue sarcoma. He was 48.

My prayers go out to his family and I pray for him as well.

Our Father
Hail Mary
Glory Be



Let's Be ....Just like CHINA!

For those that admire the rise of China and think we should be "more like them", well take a look at this.

Not that you will change your mind. You'll still see only what you want to see... or disregard, ignore what you don't want to see.

Whatever.... I love the good O' USA. There's not place better.

Here's the post via The Blaze

No Answers????...Wa;lk Off Stage

We saw this on the [Left] View ABC program when Whoopie and Bayhart walked of stage when an opposing opinion was offered.....they WALKED OFF STAGE.

That was the case on FoxNews when a Frm Clinton Aid entered the debate arean (however brief) to trade views on the Budget proposal of Paul Ryan.

The debate clearly wasn't that hated and in fact it just started when Bill Clinton campaign adviser Simon Rosenberg, decided he had enough and walked off camera, leaving conservative talk-show host Ben Ferguson to continue without him... and pointed out 'that's what you do [walk off] when you don't have answers'.


No wonder nothing is getting done.

And Oh by the way... Dem's DON'T HAVE A  proposed a budget.

Here's the post here: ‘Shut Up!’: Fmr. Clinton Adviser Walks Off Fox News Set During Fiery Interview (The Blaze)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NYT Continues It's Anit-Catholic Ways

The New York Times is added to it's collection of anti-Catholic rhetoric.I don't know why I let it get under my skin.

I know, "turn the other cheek", yes I know. But it's like someone bad mouthing your mother or sister.
Them's fighting words.

Sometime it's not the down right lies that hurt, it's the subtle partial truths and half lies that get to me the most.
The New York Times is really good at that.

NYT Issues Another Slanted Attack Against Catholic Church

An analysis of the New York Times' response (a May 19, 2011 editorial) to the Vatican's recent clergy abuse guidelines reveals yet another ill-informed and skewed attack on the Catholic Church.
1. The Times writes that bishops once oversaw "hush payments to victims and relocation of abusive priests."
"Hush payments" are yet another popular falsehood in the reporting of the narrative of the clergy abuse scandals. They have become somewhat of an urban legend that the media continues to propagate.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Is Any One Out There?

A true shame that people are affected by this man's (Camping) false predictions. People that look to this false prophet for their beliefs

It breaks my heart.

My prayers go out those that put their trust in this man.

Others may take a "It's their own damn fault" type of attitude, but I think a little more compassion needs to be in order.

Yes, we can place a "I told you so" answer to this, but we should never gloat at someones miss-givings, I don't care if we think that they deserve it or not.

I am truly gratefully for the faith that I have in Christ within his Catholic Church.

I pray that those whose lives are for the worst because of their trust in this man (Camping) receive the graces they need to work their way through any troubles.

Apocalypse believers await end, skeptics carry on

OAKLAND, Calif. – They spent months warning the world of the apocalypse, some giving away earthly belongings or draining their savings accounts. And so they waited, vigilantly, on Saturday for the appointed hour to arrive.
When 6 p.m. came and went across the United States and various spots around the globe, and no extraordinary cataclysm occurred, some believers expressed confusion, while others reassured each of their faith. Still, some others took it in stride.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pope Benedicts Calls the Space Shuttle

This is cool, B16 calls the astronauts on the Space Shuttle.

I don't remember hearing about a call made by the Pope to the Space Shuttle or Space Station before.

Anyway, kind of funny the way the media is headlining this as "Pope Benedict Makes 1st Heavenly Call".

Oh brother...

Pope Benedict XVI Makes 1st Heavenly Call to Astronauts in Space

In a first for The Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI called to the heavens on Saturday -- but instead of reaching God, he spoke to two Italian astronauts and their 10 colleagues working on board the International Space Station (ISS).
"Dear astronauts, I am very happy to have this extraordinary opportunity to converse with you during your mission and especially grateful to be able to speak to so many of you as both crews are present on the space station at this time," said the Pope, reading in English from prepared remarks. [Video: Science & Faith Merge in Pope's Space Station Talk]

Netahyahu Firm Message to Obama

I believe Netahyahu is great leader in a very unstable time in the Middle East.

He delivered a very firm message with true grace and allowed president Obama to save face. The Prime Minister could have really let Obama have an ear full in front of the world, be he knows how to be a true meaning of diplomacy.

A dose of reality for the president was in order and the Jewish prime minister handled it perfectly.

Friday, May 20, 2011

May 21, 2011 - Left Behind

Well, blog posts and news items are starting to focus on the The Day of Rapture, May 21, 2011 as Friday's Apocalypse is being called.

So the point is supposedly, the rapture will occur and the chosen will be 'taken up'.

So what's the story behind the Rapture? Where did this concept come from?

What does it mean if we're left behind?

Here's some articles that may help.

The Rapture

Are you Pre, Mid, or Post? If you don’t know how to answer that question, you’re probably a Catholic. Most Fundamentalists and Evangelicals know that these words are shorthand for pre-tribulation, mid-tribulation, and post-tribulation. The terms all refer to when the rapture is supposed to occur.

Read More

In June 1970, a youth pastor from Southern California published a book titled The Late Great Planet Earth. It would become the best-selling nonfiction book of the decade, going through more than 100 printings totaling 35 million copies and making Hal Lindsey a household name. Lindsey continues writing "end-times" prophecy books (close to 20 at last count) and also peddles his teachings through a regular television program, speaking engagements, and Holy Land tours. 

A few thoughts about the not-so-rapturous May 21st Harold Camping Trip...

Yesterday I was on the "Drew Mariani Show", on Relevant Radio, talking a bit about Harold Camping's prediction that "the Rapture" will occur this Saturday, May 21st—aka, "Judgment Day"—ushering in a six-month period of great tribulation leading up to "End of the World" on October 21, 2011. (The show is archived; select "Hour 2" and go to the 21:30 mark.)

I'm fairly confident that few, if any, Insight Scoop readers are planning to be raptured up, up, and away this weekend, so my two or three remarks here are more observational than apologetic in nature. First, if you've not see it, do read Jimmy Akin's excellent piece, "Major Supernatural Event This Saturday! (Rapture Prediction Analyzed!)" (May 16, 2001; National Catholic Register), in which he provides a helpful breakdown of Camping's attention-grasping mixture of numerology, sketchy exegesis ("sketchegesis", perhaps?), and doomsday-ism. Evangelical author Gary DeMar sums up Camping's approach very well:

Read More

Mustang Shelby GT350 - 2011

This is really cool! I want one ... I mean I'd like to at least drive one. Even that will probably never happen.
Especially, you know, since the end of the world is on Saturday.

But hay, this is cool none the less.Check out the video

Shelby GT350

It has often been said that you should never meet your heroes because you’ll likely be disappointed. For better or worse, one of mine is a car.
Born five years before me, the 1965 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 was already a classic by the time I reached the age of automotive awareness. The first real thoroughbred Mustang, its Guardsman Blue stripes over white livery remains iconic today, and pristine originals command prices well into the six-digit range.
That being the case, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’ll probably never get the chance to drive one in anger on a racetrack. That opportunity certainly passed a couple of decades ago.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

UPDATE: May 21, 2011, Friday - End of the World

I posted on this back on January 3rd of this year - May 21, 2011, The End of the World and now the day is almost here, this weekend as a matter of fact.

So are you ready? What is it that we are waiting for?

I found this post by one of my favorite bloggers, Jimmy Akin. Jimmy does a fine job explaining exactly why this date was prophesied as the end of the world.

We know not when the end will come, like a thief in the night, scripture tells us.Though I don't believe in the arguments that selected this day.... so I'll be blogging on May 22, God willing.

Can't help but think of the line in the Indiana Jones movie: "My soul is ready Dr Jones, how's yours".

Major Supernatural Event This Saturday!

 Yes! It's true! A major supernatural event will be occurring *this* Saturday, May 21, 2011!

I'm *not* kidding!
Harold Camping--president of the Protestant radio outreach known as Family Radio--has been predicting for some time that the long-awaited Rapture will occur on May 21st of this year.
Of course, he's made similar predictions before. He famously got his followers worked up back in 1994 about that being the year the world would end (or something) and, well . . . y'know.
But this time is different!
There really *is* a major supernatural event occurring this Saturday!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stephen Hawkins - Science and Fairy Story Heaven

No doubt Stephen Hawkins is a brilliant man who is a great example of someone who has over come adversity to become one of the foremost minds in science.

His only fault is not recognizing that it wasn't all under his own power, but the many individuals who help him through his daily needs with their acts of hope, love and charity. These gifts given to them, written on their souls  by our divine Father in heaven.

The mind he uses to explore the wonders of the universe also a gift from our Heavenly Father.

All these gifts freely given. So Mr. Hawkins can go on pontificating about Heaven being a fairy story. One day he will know

Meanwhile, I'll continue to pray for him and thank our Father for the many gifts he has given Stephen as well as myself.

British scientist Stephen Hawking has branded heaven a "fairy story" for people afraid of the dark, in his latest dismissal of the concepts underpinning the world's religions.
The author of 1988 international best-seller "A Brief History of Time" said in an interview with The Guardian published on Monday that his views were partly influenced by his battle with motor neurone disease.
"I have lived with the prospect of an early death for the last 49 years. I'm not afraid of death, but I'm in no hurry to die. I have so much I want to do first," he told the newspaper.
"I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail. There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark." 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fr. Barron - Celebrating UBL's Death

Fr. Barron weighs in on his perspective of how Catholics should take the death of Usama Bin Laden.

Two videos, 1) Bill O'Reilly's discussion with Fr.Beck, and 2) Fr. Barron's perspective.

Just so you know I think Father Barron has the more correct understanding.

Crisis Magazine is Back!

Crisis Magazine is back!

Great hard copy Catholic magazine is now online only with a foundation set from the original stone and new articles and content to appeal to the young Catholic.

I'm looking forward to reading their post; I hope to find the same faithfulness to the official Catholic teaching and Pope Benedict.

Here's a resent article, visit their site and a read.
The abortion laws in the United States, as a result of a series of Supreme Court decisions starting with Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Dalton and continuing through the 1980s and 1990s, have become the most permissive in the Western world, allowing abortions even in the third trimester. Most Western European countries, with the exception of Germany and most of the United Kingdom, restrict abortion to the first trimester, with various exceptions for health-related issues, counseling, and sex crimes. The only Western European countries prohibiting abortion are Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, which has come under increasing pressure from the European Union and other advocate groups to change the prevailing law.

Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good (CACG) - Fake Catholic Group

Beware of those that claim to follow the teaching of the Catholic Church and are in the company of those the wish it's destruction.

Case in point the recent letter by professors at Catholic University, in an effort to create their own 'Notre Dame' affair (if you remember Obama's commencement speech at ND) with Rep. John Boehner’s planned commencement speech at Catholic University of America. 

Letter signer Stephen F. Schneck of the Catholic University of America (CUA) is a board member of the Soros-funded Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good (CACG). Because of the significant funding the group has received from Soros, an atheist, CACG has been called a “fake Catholic” group designed to undermine official Catholic teaching on abortion and homosexuality and promote Obama Administration Big Government policies. The former CACG executive director, Alexia Kelley, now works for the Obama Administration.

There is a lot of this going around. Met to confuse the average Catholic, with promises of free this and free that, and take from those the have and redistribute to those that want.

Confusing fellow Catholic on it's official teachings of social justice, these kind of groups abound with support from George Soros and those associated with him.


A Washington Post story about Catholic professors challenging Rep. John Boehner’s Catholic faith with an open letter to the House Speaker ignores the role of one of the key signers in a George Soros-funded group.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mr. President - Anyone Can Quote Scripture

I think what president Obama is doing is so obvious and frankly quite shameful.

In one breath he can give a speech at a campaign fund raiser asking for planned parenthood support and in another breath quote Holy Scripture to gain the Hispanic vote.

As it is written in the Book of Deuteronomy (10:19), ‘Love ye therefore the stranger: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.’ To me, that verse is a call to show empathy to our brothers and our sisters; to try and recognize ourselves in one another.

Hmmmmm... Let's see 'Love ye therefore the stranger', except if you're an innocent baby in the womb. Well that makes a lot of sense.

Obama Quotes Deuteronomy While Pushing For Immigration Reform. 

"Immigration reform is a moral imperative, and so it’s worth seeking greater understanding from our faith. As it is written in the Book of Deuteronomy (10:19), ‘Love ye therefore the stranger: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.’ To me, that verse is a call to show empathy to our brothers and our sisters; to try and recognize ourselves in one another."
Barack Obama is bringing out the bible verses (he cares nothing about) a little early this election.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Rome Exodus - Pedictions and Superstition

A prediction of an earthquake back in 1915, spooked many Romans and caused a mass exodus today.

Well the quake happened just not in Rome but in Spain.

Prayers for those in Spain

Spain earthquake: Rome earthquake rumour sparks mass exodus

 Thousands of Romans fled the city and shops were shuttered over quake fears, despite officials insisting they cannot be predicted and special programmes running on Italian state TV calling for calm.
"I'm going to tell the boss I've got a medical appointment and take the day off," said barman Fabio Mengarelli. "If I have to die, I want to die with my wife and kids, and masses of people will do the same as me."
Over 20 tremors did strike Italy on Wednesday, but it was in Spain, around 800 miles to the west, that a devastating quake struck.

Monday, May 09, 2011

In Honor Of Seal "Murphy" - USS Michael Murphy

Great story. following a tragic event on June 28, 2005 in the mountains of Afghanistan which set the stage and scene for what was to make Navy Seal Michael Murphy of the Metal of Honor.

Read Michael's biography HERE



USS Michael Murphy: Navy Warship Christened in Name of Hero Navy SEAL Killed in Afghanistan

BATH, Maine (AP) — The mother of a Navy SEAL killed in a firefight in Afghanistan christened a warship bearing her son‘s name on Saturday as the leader of the nation’s special forces said those who died that day would be comforted to know that the al-Qaida leader who caused the war in Afghanistan was killed by the U.S. military.

Maureen Murphy, mother of Lt. Michael Murphy, said “Happy birthday, baby” during remarks from the podium minutes before smashing a bottle of Champagne against the bow of the Navy destroyer on what would‘ve been her son’s 35th birthday.

Lt Michael P. Murphy, USN Medal of Honor Recipient

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Catholic Nun Votes Don't Count

Is this ridicules or what?

Hey anyway you can turn a ballot re-count in your direction.

Liberal Lawyers Throw Out Ballots of Cloistered Nuns in Hotly-Contested WI Judge Recount

The Wisconsin Judge race between Joanne Kloppenburg and David Prosser has been ground zero for contentious American politics over the last couple months, especially after Democrats made WI Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s budget proposal a national issue. The ongoing fight spilled over into the pre-scheduled state-wide election of judge to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.
It’s no secret that David Prosser, the conservative judicial candidate, is going to win the recount (he already leads by several thousand votes), but lawyers for the liberal Joanne Kloppenburg are going to any lengthsincluding tossing out the sealed ballots of cloistered Catholics nuns – to carry the day for their boss:


Movie: The Caves of Forgotten Dreams

Yesterday was a day of shopping at the South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, navigating the maze of endless women's shops, in search for some summer attire; part of my wife's Mother's Day gifts.

Right across from the mall is a Regency Theater with a movie that my wife has been asking to see.

The Caves of Forgotten Dreams is a documentary of 1994 finding of the caves in Chauvet France which have unbelievable cave paintings from 32,000 years ago.

This time period is around the time of the Neanderthal cave man.

Now my wife is a Fine Art major and so she was delighted to see the paintings depicted in the cave along  with some of the artifacts from the art history perspective. One of the books she tells me that she read and caused her to be aware of these caves and hence the release of this movie is 'How Art Made the World'.

My wife and I talked about the movie on the way home. She pointed out the man has an inner need to express himself in art and this may have been early man's need to create these paints.

Mmmm. It got me thinking on this inner feeling. In Catholic theology it is stated that man has an inner need to know his creator.  What amazed me about this movie was not only how man at this time was thinking in terms of expressing himself through art, but why man is thinking of creating these paintings to leave them for others later to see a moment in time captured in the art. There were other findings in the cave of make shift altars with a bear skull. Small sculptures and figurines of some sort of fertility gods. Again the inner need to look beyond to a god. All this 32,000 years ago.

This inner need, this logical thinking sets us apart from God's other creations. While Pope Benedict has said the evolution may be inline with Catholic theology, man's creation in the image of God is what is evident in all things man does and creates and thinks.

Pope: Humanity isn't random product of evolution

VATICAN CITY – Pope Benedict XVI marked the holiest night of the year for Christians by stressing that humanity isn't a random product of evolution.
Benedict emphasized the Biblical account of creation in his Easter Vigil homily Saturday, saying it was wrong to think at some point "in some tiny corner of the cosmos there evolved randomly some species of living being capable of reasoning and of trying to find rationality within creation, or to bring rationality into it."
"If man were merely a random product of evolution in some place on the margins of the universe, then his life would make no sense or might even be a chance of nature," he said. "But no, reason is there at the beginning: creative, divine reason."

These caves were preserved because the opening was sealed by a landslide, sealed until the discovery in 1994. The discovery was opened for tourist for a short time until it was found that mold was found to be growing on the walls of the cave, possibly by the breathing of the tourist.

The caves are now closed, so these viewing of the cave in the movie may be the closest many including scientist will be able to this cave art.

The movie is released in 3D (though we didn't see it in this format). It's one of those hard to find movies but well worth it.

Check it out...

The Chauvet Cave

This magnificent discovery was made in December 1994 and remains one of the most important prehistoric sites to date. It was found accidentally by three local cavers - Christian Hillaire, Eliette Brunel-Deschamps and Jean-Marie Chauvet after whom the cave was named. It has more recently been the subject of Werner Herzog's new film 'Cave of Forgotten Dreams 3D' .
The Chauvet cave is situated next to the famous Pont d'Arc , above the old river bed upon which the Ardèche flowed before the archway opened up and changed its course. It contains a vast array and unique collection of cave paintings dated up to 32,000 years old which makes them the oldest cave paintings in the world.

Herzog's Cave of Forgotten Dreams: the real art underground

On 13 December 1994, on a cliff face in the Ardèche gorge in the south of France, three speleologists first felt a slight draught of air coming from the rocks. They pulled them away and crawled into a space barely wide enough for the human body. Descending a steep shaft, they found themselves in a vast underground cavern of astonishing beauty.

Happy Mother's Day

To all the Mothers, have a wonderful Mother's Day.

For my wonderful, beautiful wife, thank you for the treasure of our family, for being by my side always...

Love Me....

Republican or Democrat - CATHOLIC

This a good example why I keep saying I am neither Repub or Demo.

Remember the names of these Republicans who sided to allow a LIFETIME Judge appointment to a former director of Planned Parenthood.

Sam Brown of Massachusetts, who was heralded as a champion of Repub's against the Dem's and their political platforms. One of those platform's is Pro-Abortion. Republicans are suppose to be Pro-Life.

John McCain of Arizona has even said he is Pro-Life in his last presidential campaign. Republicans are suppose to be Pro-Life

Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, a write in candidate shows her true colors, abortion advocate.Republican's are suppose to be Pro-Life.

The others, part of the 11 are famous for playing both sides; Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe of Maine, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson of Georgia, Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, John Thune of South Dakota.

Don't be fooled, by their smiling TV faces, their speeches, their promises. Some of them even claim the Catholic faith.

NEVER, NEVER NEVER forget you are Catholic first, in all that you do, wherever you are, at home, work or play, or yes in the voting booth. That goes for Independents, Green Parties, and even Tea Party'er's

You are Catholic First. These games that these politicians are only played to keep themselves in office.

Here's the shameful story. Saw this first on Creative Minority Report:

RINOs on Parade: 11 GOP Senators Allow Planned Parenthood Director to Become Federal Judge

Senate Democrats were able to confirm the former director of Planned Parenthood of Rhode Island to a lifetime federal judgeship after 11 Republicans voted to close debate on the nomination and allow it to come up for a final vote.


Saturday, May 07, 2011

Disgruntle, Disobedient and Dismissed - Bishop Morris

Like a disgruntle employee, removed Ex-Bishop is not going quietly. He is on a tour of interviews telling his side of the story.

Now this is fine for any one else, I think but not for a Catholic Bishop, especially with the understanding of confidentiality. But on the other hand, his disobedience let to his dismissal, why would you thing that it would end there?

.- Australian Bishop William Morris of Toowoomba, removed from his post earlier this week by Pope Benedict XVI, is not going quietly into early retirement as agreed.
And he does not appear to be respecting the usual protocols of confidentiality and discretion that Church leaders normally adhere to in cases of Church discipline.
Instead, in a series of interviews this week, the ousted bishop has leaked what he claims is private correspondence from Pope Benedict XVI and compared the Vatican’s investigation of him to the 16th-century Spanish Inquisition.
He and his supporters charge that the Vatican’s inquiry, technically known as an “apostolic visitation,” was carried out unfairly and denied him his rights to “natural justice.”
However, Church lawyers this week said that Bishop Morris either misunderstands how the apostolic visitation process works or is deliberately spreading misinformation. They also suggested that the Pope’s unusual removal of the bishop suggests “grave” troubles in Toowoomba. 

Friday, May 06, 2011

Jesus, Liberal or Conserative - NEITHER!

This argument is always in play especially during election time and including this case with the killing of Usama Bin Laden.

I have often been asked the question, "Are you conservative or liberal?"

I tell them 'I'm Catholic, and I try to live may faith in all that I do, everyday, at home work and play.

But was Jesus conservative or liberal. I've heard Catholic and non-Catholic alike give their arguments for either or.

Here's a post that sums it all up.

"Jesus Was Not a Conservative" 

I saw that didatic statement on a bumper sticker as I was driving around town this morning. And I have to agree. Jesus wasn't (isn't) a 'conservative' according to our modern parlance. But neither is He a liberal which, I assume, was what the driver the stickered-vehicle was trying to make sure I understood.

Photo Op of the President

Today President Obama embarked on a photo opportunity, in my opinion, to capitalize on the killing of Usama Bin Laden.

He visited the 9/11 site for the first time in his Presidency, that's right, first time. Why today? well thats because he says he wanted to honor the victims and the families of the Twin Towers.

....Oh and it just so happens that Usama was killed the past weekend.

Why didn't he honor the victims with a visit earlier? ..........MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm?

I'm not the only one thinking he's going to milk this for political reasons.

Here's an encounter with one of the victim's surviving family members, Debra Burlingame (Video)

Debra Burlingame, the sister of Charles "Chic" Burlingame (pilot of the plane that crashed into the Pentagon) met with President Obama today, along with other families who were victims of 9/11. Burlingame said she confronted Obama about Attorney General Eric Holder prosecuting the men who interrogated KSM, which may have produced intelligence leading us to bin Laden.

Burlingame describes the encounter with Obama: "As a former attorney I know you can't tell the Attorney General what to do, he said, 'No, I can't.' But I said 'we -- that shouldn't stop you from giving your opinion. We wouldn't be here today if they hadn't done their jobs. Can't you at least give them your opinion.' And he said 'no I won't,' and he turned around and walked away."

Here's another good post from Catholic Register that comments on the President's bragging rights.


I love football and I love football players who love football enough to respect the game. There are two kinds of star players in the game. There is the back who, after scoring a critical touchdown, simply hands the ball to the referee and gets on with the game. He did what he needed to do, that is his job, and now it is time to get on with the game. Then there is the other kind. Ya know, the kind of player who spikes the ball, does some kind of weird shuffle dance, and then proceeds to jump into the stands. For the latter player, it is not about the game and it is not just getting the job done--it's all about him.

Guess which one of these players occupies the White House? Yeah
The media gave the president full coverage, including Shep of Fox News.

Looks like the campaigning has begun.   

Usama Bin Laden's Killing - What A Catholic Should Know

Jimmy Akin of Catholic Answers has the Catholic perspective that all Catholics should be aware of. It's easy to go long with the crowds and sometimes we can stray from Catholic teaching.

So here we go...thanks Jimmy.

Killing bin Laden: Catholic Perspective

So it has been announced that Osama bin Laden is dead.
The twisted, evil mastermind responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent human beings has been shuffled off this mortal coil.
This provides a measure of justice. Not full justice. That’s in God’s hands. But some justice.
Of course, Our Lord’s command to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us still applies. We must hope that Osama bin Laden repented at the last second, or that he had been crazy for years and not responsible for his actions, or that God might provide for his salvation in some other way.
And we must remember that Christ himself died to make salvation possible for all men, Osama bin Laden included.

Woow, Online Course on the New Missal Translation - Who Knew?!

I actually think this sounds interesting enough to check it out. I mean I'm reading what I can on the missal translation but his seems like a one stop place to really find out what's coming soon to a parish near you.

I'm going to check this out, I hope you will too.

Thanks Ignatius Press!

New online course coming soon on the new translation of the Roman Missal

New Online Course Coming Soon! Check out the Video

Ignatius Press and My Catholic Faith Delivered want to help you gain a better understanding of the New Translation of the Roman Missal

Question: Would you personally like to embrace the liturgy in a deeper way through study of the Roman Missal?
Question: Is your parish looking to inform and teach parishioners about the changes to the new Roman Missal?
Question: Do you struggle getting parishioners to attend evening or weekend programs to share this information?
Question: Are you seeking a low-cost, solidly Catholic, easily accessible and flexible program?

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Jubilant over Usama - Right or Wrong

I was thinking about this throughout the day. As a Catholic should I be jubilant over the death of Usama Bin Laden?

From what I saw this weekend, on Divine Sunday of all days, the beatification of Pope John Paul II, the cheering crowds in front of the White House, many in their early twenties and thirties, couldn't help be feel, well kind of embarrassed.

Okay, I was relieved that he was final brought to justice however cheering in the street was not my first reaction.

On my way home from work I listened to a discussion on this topic between Fr. Bill O'Reilly and a Catholic Priest (Fr. Edward Beck), in which Bill insisted that he had the correct Catholic response (supporting the outward jubilation) and the good father didn't know what he was talking about.

Then to top it off the all knowing Catholic theologian Bernie Goldberg began his segment with a swipe at the priest. I don't think Goldberg knows his family faith at all.

Rabbi Wolpe of Los Angeles is one among many:

Rabbi David Wolpe of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles, an author and public speaker, agrees.
“The event itself is so surrounded by war and death and tragedy, even if something good happens, it seems to me inappropriate to turn it into a carnival,” he said. “We’re marking a victory in something that’s ultimately a tragedy.”
Wolpe quoted a passage from the Talmud in which a rabbi wishes for the death of sinners, and his wife corrects him by telling him to wish for the death of sin. “What we really want is not the end of Bin Laden, but the end of bin-Ladenism, and that didn’t happen,” Wolpe said.

Dispite Fr. Bill O'Reilly's credentials here are a few articles that reflect my sentiments on the subject.

Vatican Statement on Bin Laden's Death

The Vatican has released this statement this morning on the news that Osama bin Laden had been killed by American forces in Pakistan:
“This morning, following the killing of Osama Bin Laden, the Director of the Holy See Press Office, P. Federico Lombardi, issued the following statement to reporters:
Osama Bin Laden - as everyone knows - has had the gravest responsibility for spreading hatred and division among people, causing the deaths of countless people, and exploiting religion for this purpose.
Faced with the death of a man, a Christian never rejoices, but reflects on the serious responsibility of everyone before God and man, and hopes and pledges that every event is not an opportunity for a further growth of hatred, but of peace.”

Shouts of gladness? Or silence?

For the past couple of months I've been leading a Bible study of Proverbs, a book that I read often (and memorized much of) when I was in my teens, but had never studied carefully (or methodically) as a whole until now. Tonight's study included this verse, from chapter 11:
When it goes well with the righteous, the city rejoices; and when the wicked perish there are shouts of gladness. (Prov 11:10)
Which, of course, brings to mind the question: how should one respond to the news of the death of Osama bin Laden? Mark Brumley, on his Earthly City blog, writes:
It seems clear enough that a Christian ought not to rejoice in a man's death as such. But may a Christian rejoice in a wicked man's death, insofar as he did wicked things and one is pleased that such wicked things will cease? Praying for our enemies does not seem to preclude such a thing.

Killing bin Laden: Catholic Perspective 

So it has been announced that Osama bin Laden is dead.
The twisted, evil mastermind responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent human beings has been shuffled off this mortal coil.
This provides a measure of justice. Not full justice. That’s in God’s hands. But some justice.
Of course, Our Lord’s command to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us still applies. We must hope that Osama bin Laden repented at the last second, or that he had been crazy for years and not responsible for his actions, or that God might provide for his salvation in some other way.
And we must remember that Christ himself died to make salvation possible for all men, Osama bin Laden included.

Usama Bin Laden … Rest in… well… whatever…

I am guessing that he made this announcement tonight, USA, time, so that people rising in other parts of the world would get the fresh news during the morning at the beginning of a week, as markets open, etc.   Had it come at the end of the week, it would have been fodder for Friday evening Muslim sermons.  It still will be, but after several days.
Nevertheless I find the timing of both the event of his killing by a small team of US operatives in a fire fight and the release of the news interesting.  One friend called me facetiously to opine that they actually found him at a Taco Bell in North Carolina and flew him back to Pakistan before… you know.  Moreover, the President seems now to be ready to quote a standard of American patriotism, the Pledge of Allegiance, with its strong invocation of God, when for sometime he couldn’t bring himself to quote the Declaration of Independence correctly with its reference to a Creator who gives us our rights.  Color me cynical.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Maureen Dowd Attacks the Catholic Church

Ms. Dowd you should be ashamed of yourself.

Her journalism is becoming more and more irrelevant.

More Anti-Catholic Falsehoods From NYT’s Dowd

Dowd's recent rant, released on Easter Sunday (Sun. 4/24/11), contains a number of false statements.
1. In addressing the papacy of Pope John Paul II (JPII), Dowd claims that the former pontiff "forfeited his right to beatification when he failed to establish a legal standard to remove pedophiles from the priesthood, and simply turned away for many years."
First of all, long before JPII, there was already a "legal standard" to remove those who abuse children. It is called the Code of Canon Law. As someone who claims to have attended Catholic schools for many years, Dowd already should have known this.


1.5 million pilgrims flooded Rome Sunday: Pope John Paul II Beatified

(image internet)
Catholics, 1.5 million strong mass to celebrate the beatification of Pope John Paul II.

JPII a step closer to sainthood, a true holy man. A Pope that I grew up with. He was elected as I was a senior in high school.

Catholics and non-Catholics alike realize what a honorable, faithful man is was.

VATICAN CITY – Some 1.5 million pilgrims flooded Rome Sunday to watch Pope John Paul II move a step closer to sainthood in one of the largest Vatican Masses in history, an outpouring of adoration for a beloved and historic figure after years marred by church scandal.
The turnout for the beatification far exceeded even the most optimistic expectation of 1 million people, the number Rome city officials predicted. For Catholics filling St. Peter's Square and its surrounding streets, and for those watching around the world the beatification was a welcome hearkening back to the days when the pope was almost universally beloved.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Usama Bin Laden - We Got Him

Tonight the news of Bin Laden's death was announced and was confirmed by the Presidents speech.

Detail are still being gathered, a missile, a bomb, a bullet to the head  by ground forces, it is not fully known.

Definitely prayers are in order in both remembrance for the lives lost on 911, and all soul's lost because of this man and the terrorist cause he backed  by Al-Qaida or Taliban or whatever organization or independent terrorist group which took up Bin Laden's evilness.

This is not a closed matter by any means and I'm sure we still have to remain vigilant.

But tonight justice has been served to an extent. Let us keep strong and resilient for whatever happens next.

Al-Qaida head bin Laden dead

WASHINGTON – Osama bin Laden, the glowering mastermind behind the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks that killed thousands of Americans, was killed in an operation led by the United States, President Barack Obama said Sunday
A small team of Americans carried out the attack and took custody of bin Laden's remains, the president said in a dramatic late-night statement at the White House.
A jubilant crowd gathered outside the White House as word spread of bin Laden's death after a global manhunt that lasted nearly a decade.
"Justice has been done," the president said.

Maureen...You got to Serve Somebody - Dylan in China

I'm not over enthused with Bob Dylan's music but I'm equally not  enthused with Maureen Dowd's column prowess.

But gosh darn it Father Barron again hits the nail on the head in his analysis of Maureen's latest article blasting Bob's visit to China.

First Maureen's article:
Posted on April 10th, 2011 by Sean Curnyn

In a strange way, it feels almost like a victory, albeit an exceptionally perverse one. After all the writing Yours Truly has done — over the course of a sad, wasted youth — lambasting the dang libbril meedeeya for their persistent misportrayal of Bob Dylan as a left wing protest singer type, now we have this. In that great iconic Mother of All Liberal Media Outlets that is the New York Times, the poisonous princess of the Op-Ed page herself, Maureen Dowd, rips Bob Dylan in 2011 as a sellout (Blowin’ in the Idiot Wind). Further, she attaches herself to the notion that Bob Dylan never really was that lefty utopian true-believer he’s so often been sketched as being, but merely an opportunist who saw the folk scene of the early 1960s as providing his quickest entré to fame and fortune.

Then Fr. Barron...

JPII Beatification TV Coverage

I'm looking forward to this day. Father Barron has a portion of his 'Catholicism' which centers on John Paul the Great as a preview of tomorrows event.

Fr. Barron

JPII Beatification - Sunday

This post has some resources on this Blessed event, the Beatification of Pope John Paul II.

Resources for tomorrow's Beatification Ceremony of Pope John Paul II