Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Debate II - My 2 Cents

I'm still waiting for some discussion, debate, on the following topics:

1. Abortion - there are over 4,000 abortions a Day! Why aren't we talking about it! We talk about health care, Iraq, MONEY, I would think this LIFE topic would come up.

2. Judicial Nominations - There will probably be two or more open chair for the next President to fill on the Supreme Court. Do we really want legislation from the chair? Debate about it guys!

3. Immigration - Both candidates want the illegal vote, then after they place the 'I voted (illegally)' sticker on their shirt... let's round you up. We need to seriously talk about this, in a townhall filled with immigrates, legal and illegal. Now that would be an interesting debate.

4. The Marriage Act - Between one Man and one Woman... where do you stand.

5. Gun Control - Now I don't personally own a gun myself. But I do have a concern with those who want to tamper with our Amendments.

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