Sunday, February 03, 2019

Excommunication...what it's not?

The call is for excommunication of Governor Cuomo is blasting loud and clear from Catholics across the nation. It sounds good to me, here is an individual among many that claim the Catholic identity, however his actions give the lay Catholic and non-Catholic alike the obvious examples of something totally opposite.

Some don't even know he is already banned from receiving Holy Communion, so what good would it do?

Many Catholic blogs/podcasts bugle the same call for excommunication and some try to engage in a rather superficial, emotional call to light the torches and storm Frankenstein's castle.

How many Catholics really  know the,  What, How, Why of excommunication?
Rather than just join the band wagon, we should educate ourselves on the subject matter, terminology definitions, purpose and expectations.

Edward Peters a well know Canon  Lawyer has an excellent blog (In the Light of the Law, a Canon Lawyer's blog) one should visit regularly to help with that education. Yes, some of it my be a little hard to understand but canon law is not a simple matter and excommunication is not a simple declaration.

Here's one of a few resent pieces on this subject that will be a helpful place to start.

On excommunicating Andrew Cuomo for heresy


NY Mayor...Excommunication?

The new Abortion law of NY has risen the Life issue to another level. It's no longer considered a discussion or debate but a right to kill a child ... at birth. The cry is to excommunicate the NY Mayor.

So why hasn't the Cardinal Dolan or Bishop Scharfenberger done so?
The Bishop of Albany voices his thoughts on EWTN.