Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Perry Claims "She's Not A Christian"

I read this with no surprise, but with a heavy heart.

‘I’m Not Christian’: Pop Star Rejects Her Childhood Faith  

Looks like fame and fortune has claimed another victim. While I can't say all fame and fortune careers end up with a separation from faith this 29 yr old started her musical journey in her early twenty's and from what I've read on line (on line bio's aren't necessarily true) it seems she entered alone without much guidance or with a minimum amount of guidance in her faith.

Fame and notoriety were her goal and she achieved that, sacrificing her faith in the process. She claims to still hold to some sort of relationship with God...whatever that means. I can't tell you how many times I've heard from friends and even family that have left the church that claim "...they still pray on my own, in the privacy of their homes...no need for church or to be identified with a religion."

At that point to legitimize their faith stance, they go on to proclaim the hypocrisy of those that attend church how the church didn't meet their needs.

It seems that surrounded by those in the fame industry will support you no matter what lifestyle you wish to follow as long as they can join in the fun.

This article goes on to suggest she is on some sort of faith journey though those words aren't used.

"While she says she’s not a Christian any longer, it’s clear Perry is still very much on a spiritual journey."  

Let's keep her and others like her in our prayers and also for a strengthening of our own faith in the coming year.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Catholics and ObamaCare

Nice clip from the Huckabee Show with 'Priest for Life', Fr. Pavone. Priest for Life has a law suit against the ObamaCare law that says Catholic organizations have to participate in the FREE distribution of contraception and abortion procedures under the law.

Huckabee Show

Please support this organization

Monday, December 02, 2013

Movie: Philomena...Catholic Review

Ending a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, celebrating the first Sunday in Advent, it seemed like a good afternoon to take in one last event and go see a movie at the local Harkins Theater.
“What to see, Hmmm?”
The wife and I decide to see a 3:45pm showing of a movie that stirred our curiosity by some of the advertisements on TV. The movie ‘Philomena starring Judi Dench (‘M’ from 007 fame) and Steve Coogan who I’ve seen in a number of movies, ‘The Night at the Museum’ and more recently the voice artist on ‘Despicable Me2’ come to mind.
A story we thought would be centered on a young un-married mother who gave her son up for adoption and in her elder years is driven to find out what happened to him and maybe make contact.
Well, we had a couple of other movies higher up on the list (The Christmas Candle and The Book Thief) but both weren’t showing local yet so we decided on ‘Philomena’.
The movie synopsis is as follows:
Based on the 2009 investigative book by BBC correspondent Martin Sixsmith, The Lost Child of Philomena Lee, PHILOMENA focuses on the efforts of Philomena Lee, mother to a boy conceived out of wedlock - something her Irish-Catholic community didn't have the highest opinion of - and given away for adoption in the United States. In following church doctrine, she was forced to sign a contract that wouldn't allow for any sort of inquiry into the son's whereabouts. After starting a family years later in England and, for the most part, moving on with her life, Lee meets Sixsmith, a BBC reporter with whom she decides to discover her long-lost son.(Harkins Theater website)
Unfortunately I didn’t read this until after seeing the movie. As I read it now the line that reads “In following church doctrine, she was forced to sign a contract that wouldn't allow for any sort of inquiry into the son's whereabouts”, should have set off bells in my head. There is no church doctrine that forces one to sign a contract of this sort.
I wouldn’t have wasted my money on the film had I read this but my wife pointed out later that it was probably a good thing we viewed it so as to answer questions later from friends and family who had or will see it.
The movie is clearly an anti-Catholic story, “based on a true event” as it claims that tells of child selling for profit and “evil nuns” imprisoning young helpless women as slaves to work-off any cost incurred for delivering and caring for their children while waiting for them to be adopted.
As I was watching the movie, the first thing that came to mind was, this is based on a true story? I’ve seen other such movies which claim the same thing. The movie “The Rite” is one example. I first read the book about a priest who answers the call to learn and perform exorcisms has nothing to do with the movie at all except that there are priest involve in the story.  Demons and possessions with all its special effects are all Hollywood’s definition  of “based on a true event or story”.
Critics of the new movie ‘Captain Philips’ are also pointing out Hollywood’s free-reign with what they portray as facts. Even the Captain Philips ship crew is suing him for the portrayal or non-portrayal of facts in the story.
From the get go the movie screen writers waste no time in showing the cruelty of the nuns of the Abbey, their mistreatment of the un-wed mothers and the selling of children without consent.
If this Abbey was a place for un-wed mothers to be cared for during and after their pregnancies or if as an adoption agency there wouldn’t be any cost to contend with (food, shelter, medical supplies) you’d never know it.
In the movie, at the time of delivery of Philomena’s baby, it is voiced that “the baby is breach!” or feet first. The delivering nun cries out that the mother needs medication, but the head nun says, “No medication, it’s part of her [the mother’s] temporal punishment”.
Really, come on now…
Later when Philomena finds out about her long lost son, who happens to be gay and has died of aids, it is pointed out that he worked for then President Regan and the GOP frowned upon gays working in the party, a reason for his dismissal.
Wow…they went all the way with this story, anti-Catholic and anti-Republican too.
At times even the dialogue is in your face with contempt for the Catholic Church.
Okay, let’s say for arguments sake that this whole story is true as told, the evil nuns and all.
Would that make the Catholic Church evil?
No of course not. The truth of the Catholic Church doesn’t rely on the individuals in the church. There will always be those in the church that are wrong and don’t follow the true teachings of the church.
The Catholic Church is one of the most giving and I would argue THE most giving institution on the planet.
It cares for the poor and un-wed mothers, feeding the hungry and caring for the sick and the dying.
That can’t be denied. But the release of this movie, this being the first Sunday of Advent is a timing that I would be surprised was planned.
Their strategy may be working too. Upon leaving the theater I could hear the other patrons whispering this and that about the Catholic Church. ‘Those Catholics..’ or ‘The Catholic Church…tisk, tisk, tisk’.
As we set out to live the ‘New Evangelization’ we have our work cut out for us. The secular society, especially Hollywood is in full war mode against the Church.
Go see ‘The Christmas Candle’ and/or ‘The Book Thief’ instead.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Extracting the Divinity out of Jesus

I read this review of Bill OReilly's latest book "Killing Jesus" on The Catholic Thing Blog

I read the book earlier this month and I had similar thoughts on the book. I read through most of OReilly's Killing Lincoln and I think it was well done. The historicity structure of the book is well done. The final hour of the presidents life is described in enough detail draw one into that fateful tragic evening.

O'Reilly's structure of portraying Jesus only in historical terms just doesn't work because of one very important factor...no pun intended.

....This is Jesus Christ, Son of God! You can't extract the historical Jesus without diminishing his divinity.

Bill sticks to his outline of Jesus with only facts he can prove with whatever resource he uses. And so while reading the book Jesus' character seems diminished and seems to doubt himself and Bill says just that, "he can't focus on his message to his disciples".

That's what I mean of his human aspect takes over his divine aspect. He is fully human and fully divine and I realize O'Reilly is sticking to his guns on the historicity approach however I couldn't help but get the feeling that Jesus seems kind of hollow.

In some of his statements on this show "The Factor", he has mentioned that he believes that many of the biblical passages mentioned at those times on his show are "Allegorical". While it's true that the Allegory is a sense of reading bible passages there are actually four senses of Scripture. The other three others that Bill never mentions (at least I haven't heard his say) are Literal, Moral and Anagogical and one passage can have more than one.

Also in one of his interviews promoting his new book, he seems to be saying that he doesn't believe Jesus said anything that could be heard while hanging on the cross. What about "Son behold your Mother....Mother your Son"?

How about "...it is finished".

I wonder if while only providing "historical provable facts" O'Reilly has convinced himself of dismissing some important aspects of the Catholic Faith.

Not once does he mention his claim of "you must eat my body  and drink my blood in order for you to have life". This is one of Jesus' most important claims and the focal point of our Mass.No other church makes this claim of consuming Christ.

Anyway I can't prove that, only he can answer that of himself.

I do like the early chapters involving the the history of Rome, the settings of the Holy Lands and the description of the relationship of the Romans and the Jewish people.

Not a bad book, again I just don't think believe it portrays the full Jesus.

Jesus is not just a historical character.like President Lincoln or President Kennedy, he is God.

You can't take the Divinity out of Jesus.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Roman's Invented Jesus to control Jews

As an argument against the existence of Jesus Christ, I've heard that individuals invented religion to make themselves feel better, to give themselves a false sense of hope.

But....This is a new one for me.

Joseph Atwill, a biblical scholar has a theory that he want to share with the world.

"The Roman's made up Jesus to control the Jewish people..."

Okay, bring it forward. I don't believe it for one minute of coarse but I'd like to see it.

Just a few days ago I saw a brief interview with a Professor Candida Moss on Fox's The Factor. She professed the theory that Jesus was a socialist.

She is an author of a book discrediting the martyrdom of believers for the faith. Atheism...wow they seem to be coming out of the wood work these days but I'm sure there were plenty along the 2000 year history of the Catholic Church

I think its good to hear the arguments. Thomas Aquinas showed that it's better to know the arguments against the faith, and to address them one by one.

Thomas called it The Summa Theologica.

Gonna, look this one up in the Summa. I'm sure its addressed there...

I'm going to start here...the Third Part of the Summa, STh III, Life of Christ

Here's the article on Joseph Atwill theory:

Scholar claims Romans invented Jesus as form of psychological warfare

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Obama Keeps Catholics From Attending Mass

Shutdown via Republicans or Democrats, the real "bucks stop here" person is president Obama himself.

He is the one in charge!

The military authorities have closed all chapels and in affect keeping Catholics from attending Holy Mass.

The military doesn't act without higher authority.....yes Mr. Obama's administration, but the direction is from MR.OBAMA!

The word is out "make things has hard as possible!", for veterans, elderly, Social Security recipients. This administration even has the gull to deny death benefits for our son's and daughters who have given their lives for our government representative and elected president so they can play political power games.

They are now closing all military chapels and arresting priests hired to support the spiritual needs of the soldiers.

And especially Catholics who have an obligation to attend mass on Sundays.

It's getting more and more obvious and "in-your-face" that our government is loosing touch with the people.

...and more and more obvious that this president has no shame when taking aware our religious freedom

Priest: Obama Admin. Denied Mass to Catholics    

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Gravity Movie and Habakkuk

Today's Sunday readings  had a great message about fortitude and trust in God's plan, even when things don't seem to be going according to our plans. Habakkuk's cries to God, pointing out the evils and tragedies of the day are similar to our own cries about the government shutdown, jobs, food shelter, the lose of a loved one, our pains and sufferings.

We often don't see God's pain and the purpose of our crosses. God tells us in the Sunday readings to wait as see how his plans will come it's fulfillment.

Gravity, staring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney is the lastest block buster out in theaters. So the wife and I went to see it after mass today. 

What a perfect movie to drive home the message from the Sunday meetings. A message of fortitude and not giving up even when faced with tragedy or when we feel at the end of our rope.

The scenes and special affects were spectacular, but the message of the movie is right on with God's message of hope and trust in Him.

Enjoy the movie!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pope Francis: "A New Balance"

The media is going bonkers over and interview with Pope Francis in which they are interpreting to mean, a change in Catholic Church doctrine. I just listen to Fox News this morning in which Uma used those words exactly to headline a segment about the pope's interview.

Catholics seemed to be confused and activists are celebrating in the streets...well not quite but they feel the reporting of the Pope's words shores up their arguments supporting Abortion, Gay Marriage  and a basic lax in Catholic teaching which is their main opponent, the Church that is.

The Catholic response is slow as usual but it's coming around. I think the Vatican communication office is once again slow to provide at least a correction to the erroneous babble of the media, maybe they feel they don't have to. Correcting everything erroneous spewing for the press would be laborious to say the least, but interview such as these where the Pope is quoted out of context should at least be a focus.

I'm going to listen to this weekends homily cuz I think this would be a perfect opportunity for local priest to address this. Maybe he can weave it into the reading for Sunday...the untrustworthy steward (Lk 16:1-13).

Don't be confused fellow Catholics. Whenever you hear a headline quoting the Pope about a change in doctrine, before making any judgements take the time to find and read for yourself the exact full transcript of what was said. Second seek a good Catholic resource (and I don't mean CNN, NBC, Huffington Post, NYTimes...etc). The Catholic Register, Fr Z, Fr. Longenecker, The Big Pulpit has a good collection of daily articles from various Catholic blogs to name a few.

Third go back and read the what the Pope said again and pray about it. Pope Francis was chosen under the guidance of the Holy Spirit...HS is NEVER WRONG!

There is no doctrine change, there is no call from the Catholic Church to reverse or ignore our stance on Abortion, Gay Marriage or Women Priest or whatever the flavor of the month "freedom to do what you want cause" is. The Churches teaching are unchanging...they are Christ's teachings.

Forth, be proactive. Be ready to explain to others who my voice a wrong interpretation of this particular interview or whatever church teaching they may have. Be prepared to explain your faith, with love and charity.

Follow the formula of the original missionaries; 1) Love it, 2) Learn it, 3) Live it

Show the love of God and His love for each and everyone of us, all sinners; teach the love of Christ His Son through the Church and its teachings, and Live the love of Trinity through our daily lives an outward example to all.

Below are some Blog post that better explains the Pope's call for a 'New Balance'....not a new doctrine.

The Key to Understanding Pope Francis' Pastoral Approach   

Pope Francis Grants an Interview and Shakes Up the Church  

Pope Francis’ comments on homosexuality in the Big Interview   

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Short Church Study...For 1$

This is a great idea...

Gus Lloyd hosts the morning show "Seize the Day" on the new Catholic Channel on Sirius Satellite Radio.Gus has put together a short booklet entitled "A minute in the church".

This looks like a great way to evangelize those in the pews and friends and family who want a short explanation of what the Catholic Church teaches.

Gus is making this available for only one dollar...that's $1.00 a piece. You need to buy these in bulk to take advantage of the price but this purchase would make a wonderful apologetic gift, an evangelization tool that parishes can take advantage of.

Please make it an effort to mention it to your pastors (who can get a FREE copy to review) who might want to make this purchase on behalf ot the parish.

Maybe with his permission to distribute to the parishioners, team up with other ministries in the church to make the purchase.

Anyway this offer ends on October 31st so please pass the word and make an attempt to make this happen at your parish.

Here's Gus Lloyd's webpage for more information.

Thanks Gus!

Gus Lloyd - Seize The Day 

Monday, September 16, 2013

We Know not the Time or Place...

The tragedy of today's Ship Yard murders leave us shaken and saddened.... especially for those who have lost a love one in such mindless violence

Father Z posts a good reminder to us; We know not the time or place...be prepared at all times.

Prepare your body and your soul, Go To Confession!

Sudden, Unprovided Death and You 

A Little Kindness....

With all the violence and heartache in today's headlines...

This simple three minute video set my mind at ease....hope

This Three Minute Commercial Puts Full-Length Hollywood Films to Shame

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Obama and Syria: A Man Of Indecision

So I just heard President Obama's Rose Garden speech.

In essence, he passed the buck to the Congress. After verbally flogging congress many times by saying he will bypass congress to meet his own agenda, he now says he will have to rely on them to make this decision.

Congress will not be back in office until September 9th so this is going to drag on many more weeks.

In my opinion this is no longer about Syria and saving the people, but about getting the president out of a jam and his big mouth.

The president's plan wouldn't have work anyway. It had no end game. What a foreign policy catastrophe.

In my mind I can't get over how the 100,000 deaths of Syrian, many of them women and children are okay and don't matter as much as the women and children that were gassed.

Meanwhile, Christians are still being killed, churches still burned, innocent women and children murdered in the streets. No end in sight.

We can't have a complete hands off. We need to do something, and I mean not just throw a few cruise missiles. We need to seek the true non Al Qaeda rebels and refugees and train them to be true freedom fighters so they can help themselves. Prayers and prayers and more prayers are needed.

This president is showing his complete incompetence in foreign affairs but he is our president and like it or not he is laying some major ground work on the worlds trust in
our country.

We just got a major black eye with that Rose Garden speech.

Friday, August 30, 2013

A Little Bromide with that Voris

I've received a number of emails forwarding me the latest Micheal Voris video...
Yes, I've seen it.



My initial thoughts:

  • I don't see anything wrong with professional Catholics supporting themselves. Okay I know about the non-profit aspect, but do you really think they can do this for free?
  • I don't think to work in these apostates you  have to take a vow of poverty
  • Can you support you and your family on 40K and do this work full time. Even St. Paul had to work as a tent maker....and he had additional financial support as well?
  • Do we really know all the facts? 
  • If you shoot from the hip be prepared to get hit my your own bullet (ricochet)....I just made that one up :-)
  • I'm not sure why Voris is doing this? I mean I like his stuff but does he really thing we should stop giving to Catholic Answers or EWTN?
  • Doug Keck is Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, and host of "EWTN Bookmark. Prior to his arrival at EWTN, Mr. Keck spent 20 years at Rainbow Programming, a joint venture of NBC and Cablevision.  Senior Network programming positions held during his tenure at Rainbow included Vice President of Operations and Technical Services for Rainbow’s multiple Cable Networks (AMC, Bravo, IFC, FUSE, CNBC, Newsport, Regional Sports, and Regional News Channels), and General Manager of its Television Operations Center.  Mr. Keck also served as senior programming executive for Sportschannel New York’s Emmy award-winning coverage of Yankees’ and Mets’ Baseball. Involved in the launch of more than 25 international, national and regional networks, Mr. Keck was responsible for the initial creation and implementation of Rainbow network’s “on-air look.” Previously he had worked for several years in New York area Radio. In his work prior to EWTN he must have been making bookoo bucks. I think he has given up much and EWTN is in debit to his experience which reflects on the success in spreading he Gospel message. Yes the Holy Spirit is the primary guiding force, but everyone has their God given gifts and Doug Keck has used his for the glory of God.
  • Much can be said also of Catholic Answers, from their meager beginnings to their radio and multimedia, books and conferences they produce.
  • Do I like Michael Voris, yes I do. But I don't understand his motives in this case.
  • Transparency, absolutely...I understand the "whistle blowing aspect" but is there a better way to change things? Do you pen a list of 95 objections and pin them in an internet video?
  • It seems to me Voris is dragging some mighty good names through the mud.

I've enclosed a link (which has additional links ...) to an article that can articulate these thoughts more clearly.

Do We Need Michael Voris?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Private Revelation of Joel Osteen...Apostles were WRONG?

A few months back (May 2013) it was Episcopal Bishop The Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori that said St Paul was wrong in Acts 16, where Paul cures a slave girl of a demon that had given the girl the ability to fortune-tell and made money for her masters.

Now preacher Joel Osteen Pastor of mega church Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas has upped the ante by claiming, not only was St Paul wrong but also St Peter and St John in their gospel of non-tolerance, according to Joel.

Reading briefly through his claims it appears Mr. Osteen has a theology of "everyone gets to heaven, so don't sweat the SIN aspect"....kind of.

Anyone who has listened to Mr. Osteen preach or seen him on various interviews (I have done the latter. I won't post them but you can find them online), he preaches from a 'non-judgemental' theology. Accept everyone the way they are.

Okay, I can see a glimmer of "Love the sinner hate the sin somewhere deep inside that message...somewhere, but here's where Pastor Osteen goes off the cliff.

He claims the the chosen Apostles, chosen by Jesus himself to be teaching an incorrect gospel.

Really? 2000 years after the death of Christ and the establishment of his Church, we find out that we started off on the wrong foot and that Joel Osteen is going to set us straight?

This private revelation of pastor Osteen my shine with truth for his congregation and for those that don't want a change of heart or life style away from sin.

And St Peter, St Paul and St John were wrong?

What about:

Matt. 16-19 And I will give to thee (Peter) the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatsoever thou (Peter) shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whsoever thou (Peter shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

Was Jesus wrong too?

What about Gal 1-9: As we said before, so sy I now again. If any man preach anyh other gospel unto you than that which you have received let him be accursed.

Hey why change when I can go to a church that says, come as you are to our "feel good about yourself" church and be welcome.

Oh and please make all checks out to Pastor Joel Osteen, Lakewood Church...visa's accepted.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Is Islam A Religion of Hate?

With all the violence in the Middle East, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Palestine, Afghanistan etc... and with the terrorist events in England, US and throughout the world, the argument that "Islam is a Violent Religion" has been circulating and seems to be solidifying.

The counter argument that the majority of Muslims are a peaceful people and practice Islam in a loving peaceful manner seems hard too coincide with world events. The counter argument is furthered by those that say only a small minority are radical and hateful and that the rest of the billion or so Muslims are getting a bad rap.

I saw this short extract of an Oxford Union debate with Mehdi Hasan taking the counter argument that Islam is non-violent is very interesting. He is very articulate and forceful.

I believe his claims of violence in Christianity regarding the same old points of the Crusades and how only .001 percent of Muslims are radical are misleading. His claims that the majority of those practicing Islam are against the radicalization of Islam and are vocal just doesn't hold water.

There is a million Muslim march scheduled for 9/11 this year but I'm not use what the message is or who the organizers are.

 This is topic that is not going away soon. How should Christians react?

In light of the persecution that's going on, churches burning, clergy and religious being murdered the message has always been the same for the Church. Love your enemies, pray for them. But that doesn't mean ignore the elephant in the room. To pray for your enemy would also lead one to recognize who the enemy is. Satan no doubt is at work.

But do Christians accept Islam as a Christian religion? An offshoot to be accepted?

I'll be writing more on this later. For now let introduce the subject. I'd love to hear your feedback on this debate extract. I'll try to locate the full version of the debate

By the way, Mr.Hasan and his team won the debate...


Monday, August 12, 2013

California State Legislation is .....EVIL

I've lived in So Call all my life. Some things I like about it, some things I don't..

The weather is spectacular most of the time...
I've been up at the top of Palm Springs Tram,  8,516-foot Mountain Station, surrounded by San Jacinto Mountains, in snow and earlier in the day at the beach enjoying the surf.

I've witnessed spectacular sun rises on my way to work everyday and red glowing sunsets looking out my my back home family room window highlighted against the outline of Mt. Baldy.

I'm sure thats what most of the tourist come to Southern California for.

The diversity of people is inspirational.
I don't think there's anywhere else in the 50 states that can claim the wide rrnge of different cultures and peoples sharing their ethnic backgrounds of foods and family traditions.

I've been to parties with friends with pot luck consisting of Chinese food, Soul food, Mexican food, hamberburgs, hot dogs, Filipino food, you name it. Everyone loving the company of each other.

New York comes close to this diversity and they started it all with Ellis Island, but they're all crammed in the city boundaries. California diversity is spread out throughout the state.

The California Sate Legislation is EVIL
There is one aspect of California that will lead it to it's death... The State Legislation is pure evil. The Golden State is now not so golden anymore. The State Legislation is running this state into the ground. 4 billion dollars a year are slated to Embryonic Stem Cell Research, without monitoring, the State is bankrupt, religion is driven from our schools and communities.

The State Dole is being handed out to whoever wants it, whether they legitimately need it or not
See Dude story from La Jolla 

And now the ever wise State Legislation has put a bill on Governor Browns desk, which he just signed, that will allow transgender use of school bathrooms

What do we do?
So what do we do, how do we deal with this? Some will say, "There's nothing we can do, we just have to live with it". 

I've heard others say, "The Legislation is just too far gone. Too many people depend on the Sate and Federal dole that they can't affect elections because they will loose that check in the mail".

Still others, "I'm leaving the State!"
Oh, ya and go where? There nowhere to hide.


Here's the plan....

Catholics listen up. Teach you children well!

Raise your families in all the Catholic Church has to offer. Immerse yourselves in the sacraments, teach  your children to love the Catholic Church. Keep your teens engaged in there faith, pray with them daily. Help them to understand their faith with an adult mind.

Encourage them to be the next doctors, lawyers, congressman, state legislators  That's the only way we're going to stop this downward spiral

Engage our family, friends and neighbors about our faith. Correct any misinformation about the church. The New Evangelization is here and NOW!

Be a witness to our faith in all we do. "Make a mess!" as Pope Frances says.

For me, I'm staying on the front lines here in So Cal., I'm not giving up.

I'm going to put on the Shield of Christ, mark myself with the Sign of the Cross and do battle. 

Friday, August 09, 2013

Philosophy 101 - Self Course

A very informative post over at BrandonVogt Blog on what books to read if your interested in learning a little philosophy.

I love philosophy, I just wish our schools would introduce our kids more to it.

Here's the recommended books as suggested by Peter Kreeft himself.

Thanks Brandon for sharing this

Peter Kreeft Recommended Books

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Watchout MSM - Prime Time News With a Christian Perspective

It's about time!

EWTN announced this week it will begin broadcasting a new Prime Time News program beginning September 3rd, 5 days a week.

All the news that the main stream media leaves out and covering all the news items they do with a Christian perspective.

So many times the news is reported with whatever spin the particular news outlet seems to want to put on it. More times than not, the news is not portrayed in any truthful manner and follows an agenda to show even the most evil news item in a positive light or not report a news worthy item at alll.

The resent Dr. Kermit Gosnell story stands as a prime example. Now a days the news isn't reported without some sort of bias to it, left or right and diffidently not in any religious light at all.

Beginning on September 3rd, that will all change. Now hopefully we'll see news reporters ask some pointed questions, news items eliminated altogether (prolife marches, WYD...). 

Now when the Pope speaks, we'll get the real translation, not a total distortion. 

Fr. Mitch Pacwa announced it on 'EWTN LIVE' last night. 

Below is the broadcast....

Friday, August 02, 2013

New Books I'm Reading, Aug 2, 2013

I love to read.

As a kid I'd spend hours in the local library. I loved Lack London's Call of the Wild and Robert Louis Stevenson's Timeless Adventure, Kidnapped. I learned to play Chess by reading a book.

I've always got at least three books going at the same time. Now I'm not a speed reader, it takes me a while to finish but I read every part of the book. Cove to Cover. Usually a book the Catholic faith, maybe a technical book or non-fiction, and a on occasion a book of fiction just for some mindless reading.

I have my trusty NOOK (A gift from my wife. I prefer the NOOK to the KINDLE. The video screen and the expandable memory beat the KINDLE hands down.) which I load up every Sunday with video, MP3 files with Catholic debates, books, commentary and of course music.

But I still prefer books. Books you can hold in your hand, feel the pages, flip back a paragraph or two to pick up your last thought or just re-read a previous chapter. The make quick reference when piecing together a post or paper. And well they have character, like an old friend always there when you need them.

I get to work pretty early so I have a change to least twice a week, sometimes more, put together a collection of news articles, blog post from my favorite Catholic bloggers and well anything that catches my interest on whats happening daily.

I read these while waiting for my next meeting, or during lunch. I don't read on my vanpool ride home, I get car sick. That's what my NOOK is for.

Anyway here are a couple of new books I just purchased and about to start.

1) American Church by Russel Shaw

2) Sign of The Cross by Francis De Sales

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pope Francis and Homosexuality

So the media is a buzz with Pope Francis 80 minute interview with the media. And as can be expected the media is doing what it does best


Yet people are willing to swallow whatever the media feeds them without questioning their sources or looking at other reliable sources.

In a way I'm kind of confused why the Holy Father would expect anything different, but be that as it may, the Holy Father hasn't said anything different than what the Catholic Church has taught for 2000 years.

Have a listen:  
Catholic Connection July 30, 2013 - Hour 1 (Ave Maria Radio) 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Royal Baby & The Youth of Rio - Another News Day?

They stood watch at the front door of the London Hospital. The news channels both cable and local cut into regularly scheduled programming in order to try and capture the singular moment the Royal family arrived at the hospital and when the new born would pop his or her little head out of the front door..
Endless coverage and speculation over the new baby in tabloids and news articles guessed what the name would be if a girl or a boy and it’s royal ranking, in line for the thrown.

A joyous event, celebrating life as it enters the world, yes but really is all that moment to moment coverage necessary? 

The other news item, thousands of youth in Brazil awaiting the Holy Father to celebrate World Youth Day and their fearless acclamation of their faith, the news coverage of the event, well not so minute-to-minute and kind of sparse. The only real headline came when the car containing Pope Frances turned down a wrong street into throngs of faithful. Then there’s the bomb found at a location to be visited by the pope. That seemed the interest of their story not the purpose of his visit.

What’s the beef with these two events? No real beef, just some observations that came to my mind as these events unfolded

First, the birth of George Alexander Louis, of parents Prince William and Kate Middleton  seemed I don’t know, kind of out of place in a world screaming abortion!, abortion!, and ObamaCare. It seemed like a complete 180 degree’s out of the today’s fog, all the news agencies hanging on every word of their camped out reporters and any slight movement from the front door of the hospital, wow confusing.

A few of the cable stations pretending to not care but still reporting on the event, breaking away with a gasp, “is the baby here?!”. All the welcoming waves and cheers from well wishers outside the hospital and later at Kensington Castle. The statistics show a 2.5% drop in abortions in England, but that doesn’t tell the story that 185,000 unborn children died in Britain lastyear, in a nation with few limits on abortion and taxpayer financing of them 

The fastest-growing type of family in the UK are people who are living together without being married, according to official figures. The number of people who cohabit has doubled to 5.9 million since 1996, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures state.

Despite the appearance of Price William placing Prince George in his car seat and driving the Royal family and their new born, off from the hospital to a life of ever after, the majority of family life in London doesn’t reflect that in any way. The U.S. is not that far behind.

Many of my work colleagues in their mid to late thirties just now are tying the knot. Those newlyweds with a new born at home seem a little frustrated at caring for the baby and maintain their careers. One of my work mates confided in me that he has to give up the gym of all things to help with the baby. Who knew he would have to sacrifice so much.

I told him that’s what parenting and marriage was about, sacrifice. He had that puzzled look on his face and scampered off before I could explain. I’ll have to make a note to myself to follow up on that conversation with him.

So the excitement is short lived, and the news day has moved on. A passing glimpse of family life not practiced and celebrated with any such new coverage. Very sad.

The second news item was hardly covered at all, the beginning of World Youth Day 2013 and the arrival of Pope France to Brazil. I saw a brief clip on the local news channels only to mention that the safety of the pope was in question after his motorcade turned down a wrong street and was immediately surrounded by mobs of greeters. Also a note of a finding of a bomb at a planned event location, and that was it.
The only coverage at all of course was on EWTN, and that’s a shame because of the number of youths , thousands eager to celebrate their faith is a message that the world really needs to see and hear.

The New Evangelization is in high gear in Brazil and the muffled coverage is in full effect. Who wants to see a bunch (did I mention THOUSANDS!) of teenagers and young adults eager and on fire with their faith of Catholicism. 

The Catholic Church, lamp on the bushel basket, the source of all Truth, the bride of Christ, the visible church the only remedy of today’s bile, is on display in Brazil and nowhere else.

Except for a brief view of a family driving off to their castle and the spotlight of faith in Brazil the Western civilization goes on not skipping a beat on the Zimmerman coverage, the IRS scandals, the Spy in Russia, etc..etc…Ad Nauseam.

I don’t know it seems we treat to many things as just another news day item. What’s important and what s not is determined by the media and news.

Maybe a little over zealous news coverage on the royal birth but again just treated like a news day item.  

I would love to see more coverage of Youth Day. Not all our youth are in trouble and unaware of what’s important, namely our faith. Maybe a little more news on these teens and young adults can shed some light on a path to follow.

Friday, July 19, 2013

President Obama and Trayvon - Unite'er or Divider?

President Obama gave his thoughts on the Trayvon/Zimmerman case this morning
I listened to it a couple of times, I wanted to make sure I didn't read into it anything that wasn't there.

There's enough of that going on in the media already, Right and Left.

Lot's of clips of what's being said and lot's of interpretations not eluded to in the presidents original transcripts.

Okay, so here are my personal thoughts on what the president said, just my own thoughts and not in any particular order.

My overall, step back and listen, impression is that it seemed a bit one sided. His sympathies mentioned in the first half of the speech and specifically his points made that "Trayvon could have been my son....I could have been Trayvon 35 years ago" seemed at first understandable. He is African American just like Trayvon, he also seems to suggest that he had a hard life like Trayvon.

What is he saying? He also smoked pot like Trayvon, wandered the streets like Trayvon? Is he saying Trayvon didn't have a strong father figure like him?

He wants to make some sort of connection with this family and distance himself from the Zimmerman family. Why?

Out of empathy? Is he sincere or only trying to make sure his African American voting base (90%) is intact?
I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Here's where I have a bit of a problem. Right after he goes through this part of his speech, I hear no sympathy for the Zimmerman family. What about the multiple death threats his family is getting? What about the tragedy affecting both families. The loss of a son for the Martin's and the instability of the Zimmerman family with a future of forever looking over their shoulders.
Nothing, not even a mention.

Now one may say the president is only expressing his empathy and inner feeling for the tragic loss of the Martins however he is the President of the United States and so I would think that his comments would recognize ALL the sense of loss here. He must go beyond his personal feelings.

The president then goes on to mention the plight of the African American male, having to hear "clicking car doors" and women in elevators "clutching there purses".

Well, I don't understand. With over 80% of arrests of people committing crimes being African American's is it any wonder. I don't think clicking your car door shut or woman holding on to her purse tighter is an extreme prejudice action. If it were a skin-head with a dog collar or  menacing bikers surrounding your car as you drive down the street, I don't think those action would seem out of place.

In his second part of his speech the president continues with an explanation as to why the African American community is suspicious and upset (I guess he is watching the late news of the protests...like the one here in LA) of the he calls Trayvon story, I think he means the disagreement of the verdict.

He blames it on the history and past of the African American life. He mentions the poverty the disproportional victims and arrests of African Americans (80% as mentioned above also includes that most of these are Black on Black crime).

He says the community is frustrated. So what does that mean? The African American community should and must be excused for pulling people out of their cars and beating them up, of trashing their neighborhoods, attempting to break into local stores and establishments as I saw happening in LA? That is not the crowd I saw, it was a crowd of young people out for a good time of causing pandemonium. I even saw very young kids (under 8yrs) being dragged with there moms who where apart of the riotous crowd. There faces were not ones of outrage at the Trayvon verdict. They were smiling and having a great time.

I've seen the LA Riots of earlier years. I worked in the area and it was terrifying watching the mob run wild, not knowing if you can make it out of the area and home safely. The city fires blazing as seen from the over packed freeways, hoping the mob won’t move on the cars and their occupants.

Was I over-reacting when I locked my car doors?

Towards the end of the speech the president mentions how Eric Holder is looking into a Civil Rights  case against Zimmerman.

Here again I'm confused. The thought is Trayvon had his civil rights violated. He's rights to walk to the store in the rain and get skittles and ice tea. ( What is Purple Drank?).

Was it racial? The FBI says it wasn't by the way.

What about Zimmerman's civil rights. The right to remain innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Seems the Media violated those rights by claiming his guilt night and day on the news.

I guess if you're going to investigate civil rights, why not do it all around.

So Mr. Obama ends his talk with a few good points. Generally discussing what we need to do next.

1. At the State level, Mayors and Governors training Police I presume to be more  cognizant of the African American mentality, to remove the mistrust.

I don't understand, I think we have plenty of African Americans on the police forces of our cities and in our State legislation. But I understand we can take another look at what can be done. Dialogue is always a good thing.

2. He mentioned the "Stand Your Ground" law, which by the way have no major reaches in the trial. He mentioned "If you have the right to carry, do you have the right to shoot"

Then he gave an example of Trayvon, if he was of age, would he have the right to shoot if he had a legal gun?
Sorry, what if's don't help in this matter. The facts of the case are the facts of the case. Putting forward a "straw-man" circumstance doesn't mean anything.

3. Point three was a very good point. The president said we must spend more time with our young African American boys, showing them ways to and means to educate themselves, pathways to succeed.

Absolutely, we need to do with all our children, black, white, brown...all our children. We need, both mothers and fathers involved with the raising of their children.

We recently had Father Mitch Pacwa out to our parish for a Saturday mini conference. The talks were recorded and can be obtained here: www.fathermitchpacwa.org ( Events tab, MP3 Store).

His talked was on Culture War and the New Evangelization. He mentions many facts of how we came to be where we are today and what we need to do.

Seems all I got from the presidents speech is that I'm not Black so I don't understand, which is just as valid as "I'm white and you're not or Brown and you're not, or yellow and you're not or pick your race, and you're not and you'll never understand me".

What I do know and what we have been moving away from more and more is that fact that we do have something in common.

We are all children of God. We are all either going to Heaven or to Hell. No one seems to be concerned about that nowadays. We need to re-focus back on that once again.

 That is all that matters

Maybe then we can look at each other without colored glasses and know we have to help each other get to that heavenly reward.
It's not a world of "I'm getting all I can at the cost of everyone else" mentality. We need God back in our lives.

A couple of great resources, one of which I mentioned from Fr. Pacwa's website, and a book from Peter Kreeft, Professor of Philosophy at Boston College entitled How to Win the Culture War 

Will the president's speech help prevent riots this weekend...I hope so. 
Is he a Divider or a Unite'er? 

 Will his remarks start the healing process? I don't know. I'd like to think his remarks were sincere but I just don't get that from his remarks.

 Prayer is what we need for the president and our nation and each other, for the Martin family for the 
Zimmerman family.

And a re-focus on our families, our faith, our belief on one God, on our brothers and sisters in Christ, black, brown, yellow, purple, red....