Saturday, March 31, 2012

An American Hero...and Father

I'm posting this because this story has got to be told as Easter approaches. With the Easter sacrifice nearing, this story of sacrifice is heartbreaking and yet an example to al.
Sgt Dennis Weichel, thank you for your sacrifice....RIP
Please pass it on...

Friday, March 30, 2012

Candid Interview With Cardinal Dolan

Cardinal Dolan has a great interview and talks about the HHS issue. He is not fooled by the aggressive actions of the present Obama Administration. He offered some trust in President Obama's words to"work things out".

Some say he was mislead by the President, he says this himself. He's very candid about this. I don't think he will be fooled again. He realizes this is a battle that must be fought by all Catholics.

He emphasizes the fact that this is not an issue of contraception but of RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. So if you're confronted on this subject, don't let the conversation straw man it's way into that trap.

If someone wants to talk about contraception and the Churches teachings on it, hey any day, any time.
But if the argument is the HHS issue is specifically about this, no it's not.

I don't care how many Catholics are not following the Churches teaching on this subject. Majority does not rule, if indeed it is a majority. The Churches teaching are correct and the Truth no matter what percentage agree with it or not.


I thought this was very cool.
An individual who without seeking publicity, using his own money, visits children in hospital and hands out Batman toys and trinkets, spending time with them. ....Just because he wants to make the children happy.

Now that's a lesson in Love (Charity) we can all learn from.

What a great story.

Oh, and thank you to the police officers who recognized this Love (Charity) for what it was and let him go after they pulled him over.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Romney and the Catholic Vote

It's not that I haven't thought about how to reconcile my disapproval of Romney and move beyond my primary choice of Santorum.. I just can't seem to get over that feeling of major compromise. I hate to admit it but I've even thought about the "what would it matter if I didn't vote this election" if Romney was the candidate.

Now I don't think I could real get myself to NOT vote, but just the fact that I've contemplated this has me a bit baffled. Is Romney really all that bad of a person. No not at all, I'm sure he is a fine person and he seems to have a wonderful family.

Maybe its the sense of his 'call me mister inevitable'. Maybe it's the amount of money he is spending to drown out his opponents. Is it his fault that he has so munch campaign money. No not really, its just his, I don't know for lack of a better word, phoniness and inconsistencies.    
I can't seem to get over what he did to the Catholic institutions in Massachusetts, his support of Global warming, his flip-flops on abortion.

I honestly think the Left is going to have a field day with him as the Candidate.

So am I alone in my own thought. Well according to the ongoing primaries it appears so. The Catholic vote for Santorum, a solid Catholic. One who is not afraid to talk about and standup for the Churches teaching beyond that one hour on Sunday, doesn't seem to be solidifying.

Mitt Romney seems the candidate of choice for Catholics

...and I can't figure out why?

Crisis online Magazine  has a good article that tries to shed some light on the matter.

Have a read...sad as it is.

Why Catholics Love Mitt Romney  

I read this and I'm still confused....

 ...and I'm still a Santorum supporter.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Santorum Takes Louisiana in a Big Way

Santorum continues to show that he is still in it for the long hall. I continue to support Santorum as my Republican Nominee of choice.

A Louisiana win of about 49% is in the books. Santorum is the Contrast we need to distinguish against Obama.

I read somewhere a pretty good analogy. "If the walls in your room are beige and you re-paint them. Why would you want to paint them a different shade of beige?"

I think that about summarizes my take on Romney. Would I vote for Obama instead of Romney...of course not. Bottom line I don't thing Romney is not that strong against Obama, not with RomneyCare or his support of Global Warming or his flip-flops on abortion.

Santorum has the values and policies that I support, economic, foreign policy wise, family value wise.  So far I haven't been convinced otherwise. Romney is too moderate.Sorry DRUDGE

Romney has the delegate count but I'll continue to support Santorum until the convention.

Anyway congratulations to Ricky.
Santorum wins Louisiana, next matchup Wisconsin   

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Obama Administration Targeting Vatican Bank

I read a news post a couple of days ago that mentioned the U.S. State Department had decided to include the Vatican on its “financial crimes” list. This essentially saying that the Vatican is not transparent enough in their banking transactions.

The Vatican regularly transfers large sums of money from it's bank accounts as is normal of any banking institutions or large business. The Vatican is in the business of 'charity' and so it moves moneys to those that it supports, tsunami victims, African relief funds, you name it in terms of supporting the poor and needy through out the world.

The the US State Department has found it needs to take a closer look at 'the books' of the Vatican to see, well what it can see.

Then there's this new story of JP Morgan closing their Vatican accounts because they suspect...wait for it...fraud!

This all smells rather fishy to me.

I'm not a conspiracy kind of person but it all seems piculiar to me why this is happening at this time.
First the battle of the Health Care Mandate dictated to the Catholic Church and it's institutions (Hospitals, Universities) the need to pay for birth control. And now the Vatican banks.

I'm starting to be very uneasy about some of these circumstances. Why the Vatican financial institutions and say not Russian banks or China's Banks, why pick on the Vatican with all it's charity works.

I'm starting to believe this US Administration is playing 'intimidation' tactics, Chicago style.

I think we need to start paying more attention to these actions by the US Government (aka, Obama administration). I wonder if the next step would be a US Government saying "Hey Vatican, we need to start looking at your financial book maybe starting at the Diocese levels here in the States unless you start seeing things our way ...Mandate wise."

Fellow Catholics, we need to join together in pushing back on the intrusion of our Church teachings. Especially this election period. Don't just sit back and watch, study the teachings of the Church, hold true to them in your everyday lives, not just for an hour on Sunday.

Be prepared to engage in the conversations that we know go against what we believe in the public arena. This is going to be an ugly battle.

Pray, Pray, Pray

Read the story, Oh and I'm not a big Glenn Beck fan but he does make a few good points in his video.

JPMorgan Chase Closes Vatican Bank Account    


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Gingrich - Santorum Teaming

So, I'm listening to FoxNews team of pundits harping on a conspiracy of Gingrich not in the race to win, but only to spoil a Romney win.

Just a week ago everyone was a-ok with a Ron Paul - Romney tag  team because it helped Romney (Mr. inevitable) toward his goal of the WH.

I tell you this battle isn't over by a long shot. People are just not ready to hand over the reigns to a moderate like Romney.

My pet peeve against my vote for Romney is his devastating  policies in Massachusetts (his mandate) that put pressure on Catholic Hospitals and Adoption agencies.

He is also stuck on the Global Warming hoax

And more important his inconsistent stance on Abortion.

Right now Brett Baier is interviewing Gingrich, questioning his stand to stay in the race.

I'm beginning to think that the Left doesn't have a corner on the market of Media Manipulation.

Brett has an unusually line of questioning trying to get Gingrich to say something derogation against Romney.

So far the only reporting is not on Rick Santorum's win but on why doesn't Gingrich go away. and still pushing the Mitt (Mr. Inevitable) Romney delegate count.

What happened to we report and you decide? I realize this is analysis hour, but there doesn't seem to be a balance of thought on tonight's results.

....and so far no sign of Mitt Romney anywhere on Cable or the Local Channels.

Very disappointing FoxNews, and I'm a frequent viewer.


Santorum wins and wins big. I don't care what the Media is going to say about Math or their claim of women's rights or labels of religious right or whatever, this is a big night for Rich Santorum.

Just this afternoon Drudge had claims of Romney 'On the verge of Big win in Mississippi'.

Perception is a mighty persuasive element. It means that more people who were once resigned to a Romney inevitability are going to have to come to terms with many giving Rick Santorum another very good look. Especially those who have weak hearts who want to support Rick but go along with all the pundits pointing to Romney already picking out wall paper for the master bedroom in the White House.

I say Santorum is the right person ...the David to go against Barack Obama aka Goliath.

The women's vote is not going the way the MS Media wants it to. They are outraged.

MSNBC Political Analyst: Alabama Women Voting for Santorum 'Really Hurts Me'   

But still a long way to go...

So get those check books out and help support Rick Santorum and prayers, prayers, prayers.


Santorum wins Mississippi, Alabama Republican primaries, Fox News projects