Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Christ is Born!
Merry Christmas from the West Coast (California)!


Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve: As we await the Birth of Jesus

...the journey's end is almost here.
Come O Come Emmanuel...

Peace to everyone...
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Friday, December 14, 2007

B16 Global Warming: Quick Note

I read the speech transcript of B16's New Years talk: For the Celebration of the World of Peace.

Yes, it mentions a paragraph or two about the environment. In the two paragraphs he states some very important points about being lead astray by those with an ideological design agenda, using scare tactics etc...

He states the importance of stewardship and how we must take care of the earth and it's resources.But, I hope that's not the only message that gets taken from this speech. It seem to be the focus of the MSM (Main Stream Media).

There is the important message of the family. The family at the Cell level ( the family at home, Mom, Dad, Children) to the family of the Community, to the family of the Nation, to the Global family and how the all interconnect.

That's the true message of the speech and one that I hope doesn't get missed.

I admit that the Global Warming aspect was the reason I initially read it. And it may be the reason most will attempt to peruse the transcript. But please don't skip over the other paragraphs just to see what B16 thinks of Gore's truth.

Read the entire piece in it's total context. The message is beautiful.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

B16 - Global Warming Prophets

Pope Benedict XVI injected some sanity to the Gobal warming issue. I think this is one of his clearist wording to date on GW.

Many have speculated adding their own interpretation of B16's thoughts.

...I'm just going to post what he said.

Vatican City, Dec 11, 2007 / 11:03 am (CNA).- Pope Benedict XVI called upon the international community today to protect the family at all costs because it is “the first and indispensable teacher of peace.” He also insisted that whoever undermines the family, attacks peace in the entire community.

The Holy Father’s message was made public in preparation for the upcoming 41st World Day of Peace, which will be celebrated on January 1, 2008.

Before launching into his explanation of why the family must be protected, the Pope defined the family saying that it is “’a divine institution that stands at the foundation of life of the human person as the prototype of every social order'."

Benedict XVI insisted that, "the family is the first and indispensable teacher of peace," and it is also, "the foundation of society ... because it enables its members in decisive ways to experience peace. It follows that the human community cannot do without the service provided by the family," the Pope emphasized.

Referencing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Pope Benedict reminded everyone that the family is entitled to protection from society and the State.

“Consequently,” the Pope said, "whoever, even unknowingly, circumvents the institution of the family undermines peace in the entire community, national and international, since he weakens what is in effect the primary agency of peace.”

The Holy Father also stressed that “[e]verything that serves to weaken the family based on the marriage of a man and a woman, everything that directly or indirectly stands in the way of its openness to the responsible acceptance of a new life, everything that obstructs its right to be primarily responsible for the education of its children, constitutes an objective obstacle on the road to peace."

While some people live with the attitude that mankind lives alongside one another purely by chance, the Pope explained that the Christian worldview is one in which society is “progressing along a common path as men and women, and thus as brothers and sisters.” Without the family, Benedict said, “society is a mere aggregation of neighbors, not a community of brothers and sisters called to form one great family."

Needs of the Family Must be Protected

The earth is the home of the human family, says the Holy Father, highlighting the need "to care for the environment" which "has been entrusted to men and women to be protected and cultivated with responsible freedom, with the good of all as a constant guiding criterion.”
The Pope was careful to explain that, contrary to the attitude of some environmentalists, “[h]uman beings, obviously, are of supreme worth vis-a-vis creation as a whole.” “Respecting the environment does not mean considering material or animal nature more important than man," the Holy Father said.

Out of concern for those countries that struggle to afford protecting the environment, Pope Benedict said, “[i]f the protection of the environment involves costs, they should be justly distributed, taking due account of the different levels of development of various countries and the need for solidarity with future generations."

Critiquing unbridled capitalism, the Holy Father said that “the moral obligation to ensure that the economy is not governed solely by the ruthless laws of instant profit,” must be noted.

Natural Law Must Become the International Norm

Benedict XVI writes: "A family lives in peace if all its members submit to a common standard: this is what prevents selfish individualism and brings individuals together, fostering their harmonious coexistence and giving direction to their work. ... For the sake of peace, a common law is needed, one which would foster true freedom rather than blind caprice, and protect the weak from oppression by the strong. ... Power must always be disciplined by law, and this applies also to relations between sovereign States."

This law, the Pope suggested, should be “the moral norm grounded in nature itself." He also insisted that knowledge of this natural moral norm is possible if men strive to reflect on the “deepest inclinations present in their being.”

Pope Benedict XVI explained that in the increasingly globalized society of today, establishing an international moral law depends on “a constant commitment to strengthen the profound human content of international norms, lest they be reduced to mere procedures, easily subject to manipulation for selfish or ideological reasons."

We Must Respond to Difficult Times

"Humanity today is unfortunately experiencing great division and sharp conflicts which cast dark shadows on its future," the Pope observed.

In this context, the Pope underlined how "the danger of an increase in the number of countries possessing nuclear weapons causes well-founded apprehension," while in Africa there are still "many civil wars" and "the Middle East is still a theatre of conflict and violence, which also affects neighboring nations and regions and risks drawing them into the spiral of violence. On a broader scale, one must acknowledge with regret the growing number of States engaged in the arms race."

"In difficult times such as these…At a time when the process of nuclear non-proliferation is at a stand-still, I feel bound to entreat those in authority to resume with greater determination negotiations for a progressive and mutually agreed dismantling of existing nuclear weapons," Benedict XVI exhorted.

Pope Benedict concluded his message by recalling three special anniversaries: "Sixty years ago the United Nations Organization solemnly issued the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. ... This year also marks the 25th anniversary of the Holy See's adoption of the Charter of the Rights of the Family and the 40th anniversary of the celebration of the first World Day of Peace."

"In the light of these significant anniversaries, I invite every man and woman to have a more lively sense of belonging to the one human family, and to strive to make human coexistence increasingly reflect this conviction, which is essential for the establishment of true and lasting peace. I likewise invite believers to implore tirelessly from God the great gift of peace," the Holy Father said.

Thanks B16...

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Friday, December 07, 2007


For those interested, a reminder of an event that I will be attending on the campus of CalTech in Pasadena, California.

The Great Debate: Is Religion A Force For Good or Evil? And Can You Be Good Without God?

Sunday, December 9, 2:00p.m.
Beckkman Auditorium, on the CalTech campus

Dinesh D'Souza V. Michael Shermer

Shermer is the founding publisher of SKEPTIC Magazine.

I'm reading Dinesh's book presently: What's So Great About Christianity?

Should be good. See ya there.

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An Interview with God....

A friend emailed this to me...

It's pretty cool and inspiring...enjoy

Here's another one

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Santa's 34 Microsecond Visit

A Friend emailed this to me today...

Ever wonder what would it take for Santa to accomplish his Christmas Eve task?

How much time and how fast does Santa have to fly.
Check this out.

Between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Santa Claus's route around the planet includes stops at 2.5 billion homes, assuming that children of all religions receive a present from the jolly man in the red suit, Anders Larsson of the engineering consultancy Sweco told AFP.

"We estimated that there are 48 people per square kilometer (120 per square mile) on Earth, and 20 metres (66 feet) between each home. So if Santa leaves from Kyrgyzstan and travels against the Earth's rotation he has 48 hours to deliver all the presents,"
he said.

Father Christmas has long been believed to reside at the North Pole, although a number of northern towns, including Finnish Rovaniemi, claim to be his true home.
But Sweco's report on Santa's most efficient route -- which takes into account factors like geographic density and the fewest detours -- shows that he wouldn't be able to make his round-the-world trip from there in time.

"He has 34 microseconds at each stop" to slide down the chimney, drop off the presents, nibble on his cookies and milk and hop back on his sleigh, Larsson said.

Santa's reindeer must travel at a speed of 5,800 kilometers (3,604 miles) per second to make the trip on time.

Another report circulating on the Internet suggested however that Santa's sleigh, weighed down with presents and travelling at supersonic speed, would encounter such massive air resistance that the entire contraption would burst into flames and be vaporised within 4.26 thousandths of a second.

The big guy is really moving...

Saturday, December 01, 2007

B16 Encyclial: Atheism, Modernism

I've been hearing report after report of the about Holiday Tree vs. Christmas Tree or crosses along the highway to honor fallen police officers or soldiers should be eliminated because the symbol of the cross is offensive to some.

I visit the local bookstores frequently and notice the titles of various books like 'The God delusion', 'What so great about God' or movies like 'The Golden Compass'.

Mmmmm, is it just me or is something going on here with anti-Christianity?

Well, the Pope has responded with his new Encyclical "Spe Salvi" on the theme of Christian Hope.

He addresses the influences of Atheism in our world today.

Encyclical: SPE SALVI (Saved by Hope)

A couple of articles:
Pope Criticizes Atheism in Encyclical

Excerpts from Pope's new encyclical Spe Salvi

Some Analysis:
John Allen

Catholic Online

Catholic Analysis Blog

Also, I'm reading a book by Dinesh D'Souza "What's so great about Christianity", worth noting which addresses the topic of Christians and Atheism.