Friday, October 24, 2008

Catholics Waking-Up: McCain for President

American Catholic posts on this development at this late stage in the campain.

A 20% switch toward McCain.

This good news, though the media, celebrities and the Democratic Party are already preparing for an election night extravaganza.

It seems that Catholics are taking a more 'informed conscience' look at the senator from Chicago.

Who is best to represent our Catholic values: Senator McCain leads Senator Obama among Catholic voters 48% to 39%.

Frankly, I don't know why there's even 39% for the senator from Chicago.

Stay awake Catholics... the thief in the night comes when least expectedl. (Thief as is stealing our catholic values away...)

A Huge Switch Among Catholics Toward McCain

The most accurate poll from the 2004 presidential election, the Investors Business Daily (IDB) poll, shows a phenomenal 20 point switch towards Senator McCain among Catholic voters . In the previous IDB tracking poll Senator Obama once held a commanding 11 point advantage among Catholic voters. In the latest tracking poll Senator McCain now has a nine (9) point lead among Catholic voters over Senator Obama. Senator McCain leads Senator Obama among Catholic voters 48% to 39%.

Speculation may be that the economic crisis has dissipated from the front pages as well as the Joe the Plumber drama that unveiled the redistributive policy of Senator Obama to America. But what I believe is the most influential aspect emanating from this interesting poll is that the recent spate of bishops coming out to in defense of the sanctity of life. Prelates such as Archbishop Chaput and Bishop Joseph Martino entering the national political arena and emphasizing that Catholics need to defend each person in all stages of life in addition to giving a correct interpretation of the USCCB’s Faithful Citizenship document. This may be the untold story of the election cycle thus far, Catholics understanding that the value of life trumpets all other issues.

The Catholic-Surge is working...

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