Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sen. Biden: Catholic?

Already, not even half a day after his selection as the new Demo VP, news articles are flying out the MSM ( and other news agencies) on his CATHOLIC credentials.

Joe Biden's Catholic Faith

Joe Biden and the Catholic Challenge

Joe Biden Pro-Choice, Pro-life?...

Will Biden help Obama with Catholic Vote?

Maybe Obama coming off his performance at Saddleback is looking to someone with a higher 'pay grade' to prop-up his support among the faithful.

Let's see, no experience: maybe someone with grey hair: Sen Biden check
Wrong faith pay-grade: maybe someone with a catholic title: Sen Biden check

Doesn't this go against the accusations of the Bush administration?

"Bush is just a puppet of his V.P."

So much for the Change mantra

No doubt his selections will encourage those who are looking for an excuse to put a check mark in the Obama column.

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