Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sarah Palin: Lies About Her are Spreading...

The blog is a great place to communicate, interact and get news out almost instantaneous. There are a lot of great blogs out there and I find it rather cool to see how far away ( all over the globe) my little blog can reach.

There's also the obvious evil element to the Internet and these elections can't avoid this fact.

Case in point:

There is a story out on the blog that claims Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has FAKED her pregnancy.

How ridicules is this?
Oh the lies...

This info from Newsbusters

...the scurrilous claim that McCain vice presidential pick Governor Sarah Palin faked her pregnancy with a Down's Syndrome child is beginning to spread among the lowest of the nutrooters. Now, the unhinged, smear site as boosted this lie to their front pages. Naturally, since these hate sites feed into each other, the spurious source of the DU story is another DailyKos story like the one I earlier reported upon.

Of course, this whole meme is nothing but a lie. Are we expected to believe an entire state, its hospitals, doctors and media establishment helped cover up this pregnancy story? And they all did this for a Republican, to boot? It makes little logical sense to believe a word of this black helicopter conspiracy theory. Next thing we know, the Kossacks and DUers are going to expect us to believe that Big Foot and some gray aliens were the attendants at the birth!


Here's another ridiculous story this one from Alan Colmes. Now I don't agree with many things he says or his point of view, but I do respect him and his journalist abilities.
I may change my mind though if this next story ends up to be true. Even this is even lower than I would expect him to go.

Alan Colmes spreading lies
...the lefty talker and Sean Hannity piƱata asked "Did Palin Take Proper Pre-Natal Care?" in connection with Palin's pregnancy and childbirth earlier this year. Trig Palin was born with Down's Syndrome on April 18.

A whiff of sanity appears to have prevailed, as the entry is now empty. Also not present: an apology.

But apparently Colmes has no problem with this entry he put up on Friday afternoon about the circumstances surrounding Todd and Sarah Palin's wedding...

In her speech in Dayton today, Gov. Sarah Palin announced that she and her husband are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary, which means they were married on August 29, 1988.

On April 20, 1989 – less than eight months after they eloped – their first son, Track, was born.

I think I can guess the real reason why they eloped, and it wasn’t to save money on an expensive wedding.

Colmes's snide reference is to this Almanac entry, which reads:

After returning home, Palin eloped with her high school boyfriend in 1988 to save money on an expensive wedding.


Now even this seems low for Mr. Colmes...
I'm disappointed Alan.

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