Monday, August 18, 2008

Saddleback: Does anybody remember?

So. I haven't seen too much on the Saddleback gathering. I mean, an article here and there. a few remarks from commentors, spinning for their favorite candidate (...I'll let you guess which one that is).

I didn't have high expectations prior to the event myself. I wasn't' sure why Mr Warren would have such pull to organize an event.

Also rumors about the types of questions to be asked and maybe more important NOT asked.

...but I watched it anyway... and I was surprised.

One could easily see the contrast between the two candidates. In my opinion, on one side a more general, fluffy, "I'm your best friend" type of answer. On the other end a more direct, to the point type of answer.

Example. On the first question about 3 figures that you would seek to help guide your administration; Obama mentions his mother and grandmother and lots of other political figures.

Not very specific. Plus I was having a hard time trying to picture that 3am call coming in and Obama putting them on hold so he could consult with his wife and grandmother...

With McCain, it seemed almost painful to see him pause and actually think about his selections before he answered. And he answered with more substance. He joked after the first question, "I hope they get easier".

And so it went throughout the dialogue.

Some of the answers were very telling. McCains quick answer to "when does life begin".

"At point of conception". No pause there.

With Obama. "... above my paygrade."

How else could he answer with his 100% rating from Naral.

Anyway, if you didn't catch it pay a visit to youtube. It's worth the viewing.

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