Tuesday, August 05, 2008

From the Ashes Arise a Nation

I just started a new book I thought appropriate, in time for the upcoming Elections.

The appropriateness lies in the book's review of America's beginnings after the Revolutionary War. The building of the Federal City, Washington D.C. and battles of a fledgling Congress and the leaders of the country. The task of Pierre Charles L'Enfant the architect of the great city on the Potomac.

I'm enjoying a little history review that I wasn't taught in school about the beginnings of our nation. I'm also reflecting on the first terrorist attack on the nations Capital. No not 9/11, but the 1814 attack by the British (War of 1812) and how it compares with the 9/11 event.

Now the Brit's are our closest ally today, however back then they realized the psychological impact of sacking a nations Capital, Heck they even ate the dinner left behind by President Madison as he fled the White House. Then they burned it down!

Anyway, it seems to me we have forgotten much of our nations beginnings, it's struggles and tragedy's which caused our American resilience to dust ourselves off and rise to the occasion.

Here's a better review of the book: Washington Burning
Authors website: Grand Standiford Station


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