Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin Interview: "...I was baptized Catholic..."

It's no secret that Mrs. Palin is a strong Pro-lifer and Christian.

Her strong moral life views make her more Catholic than her Democrat V.P. opponent. What I didn't know is she was actually baptized Catholic. She is not practicing now, however it is an interesting fact.

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TIME's interview with Sarah Palin:

TIME: What got you involved in politics.

Palin: I studied journalism in college and always had an interest in the newsroom, which was of course so often focused on politics and government. I studied sports reporting, and that's how I started off in journalism. But even earlier than that, my dad was an elementary school teacher, so often our dinner-table conversations were about current events and about those things that an elementary school teacher teaches students — much about government and much about our nation, and so I had ingrained in me an interest in our government, how things worked. And then from there I just became more interested in more practical steps that I could take... [I]] started off running for city council when I was very young in the town [Wasilla] where I had grown up and was elected to two terms on the city council. And then I realized to be really able to make a difference — not just being one of six of a body but to make a difference — I would have to run for the top dog position, and so I ran for mayor and was elected mayor for two terms.Then from there I was appointed an oil and gas commissioner in the state of Alaska, on the Alaska oil and gas conservation commission, had decided that there were changes, positive changes, that had to be ushered into our state government, decided to run for governor and did so, was successful, and here we are.

TIME: How old were you when you ran for city council??

Palin: I think was 27 or 28, and then was elected mayor when I was 32.

TIME: Did being younger and being a woman gives you a better perspective on politics and government than a more traditional politician?

Palin: What's more of a challenge for me over the years being in elected office has been more the age issue rather than a gender issue. I've totally ignored the issues that have potentially been affecting me when it comes to gender because I was raised in a family where, you know, gender wasn't going to be an issue. The girls did what the boys did. Apparently in Alaska that's quite commonplace. You're out there hunting and fishing. My parents were coaches, so I was involved in sports all my life. So I knew that as woman I could do whatever the men were doing. Also that's just part of Alaskan life. But the age issue I think was more significant in my career than the gender issue. Your resume not being as fat as your opponent's in a race, perhaps [but] being able to capitalize on that... being able to to use that in campaigns — I don't have 30 years of political experience under my belt ... that's a good thing, that's a healthy thing. That means my perspective is fresher, more in touch with the people I will be serving. I would use that as an advantage. I've certainly never been part of a good old boy club. That I would use in a campaign. And that's been good.



  1. Everything I read about Sarah Palin makes me like her more. Excellent choice, John McCain, NOW you have me excited about supporting you!

  2. Anonymous8:52 AM

    I have no idea why people think Sarah Palin is more moral than Joe Biden, or more Catholic. One of Palin's former pastors said that Catholics worshiped the "Whore Mother," rather than the Son.

    Others call the Pope the anti-Christ.

    The world is expecting the antichrist to come in the near future. Will the antichrist announce his arrival when he gets here? An essence of evil surrounds the term antichrist, and evil rarely works openly. Instead, evil usually wears a facade of righteousness to cover its real character in order more easily to deceive.


    What better facade than a “church” to cover the antichrist’s real identity? The Bible tells us that Satan, the devil, “deceives the whole world.” (Revelation 12:9). Everyone in the world has been deceived by the devil and by his agent, the antichrist.

    This is from a prominent BAC on the use of the host at Mass: "Popes and priests of the Roman Catholic church have not only presented a false Savior to the world. They have also clouded the issue of who Jesus Christ really is as Lord and Savior, by substituting another Jesus for the One that truly is. For example, they have declared that their specially blessed "hosts" in the Mass are truly "Jesus". " so, according to people like Mrs Palin, the host is not to be taken.

    And if you think that Catholic Social teachings mean anything, see this: "Salvation is not obtained by good works, but by living faith in Christ and His work!" Don't go out and work the soup kitchen. God only cares about your selfish needs and concerns, and if you Him. Tell the poor to be damned.

    •The Bible nowhere teaches that Mary was sinless , as it does concerning Jesus. On the contrary, the Bible says that "All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." (Romans 3:23)
    •God forbids the bowing down to graven images and pictures in the Ten Commandments! (Exodus 20:4). The Catholic church has tried to change this commandment, but it remains in the Bible for all courageous people to read. This is idolatry! This idolatry has brought spiritual blindness upon multitudes.
    •Every true believer is a priest! (1 Peter 2:9; Revelation 1:5; Revelation 5:10). Please read my teaching on sacramental salvation where this thing is exposed.
    •The Mass as taught by the Church of Rome is both idolatory and blasphemy! To worship something (e.g. a cracker) which is not God is idolatory. To call something which is not God to be God is blasphemy!
    •Baptism does not make you a Christian. The disciples were first called Christians in Antioch (Acts 11:26). You need to be a disciple of Jesus before you have Biblical right to call yourself a Christian. Why did Paul say that Christ did not send him to baptize, but to preach the gospel? (1 Corinthians 1:17). It is because the preaching of the true gospel can make people Christians, when they believe, not baptism.
    •No church on earth can be rightly called our mother. "But the Jerusalem above is free, which is the mother of us all." (Galatians 4:26). Rome, on the other hand, was prophesied of by John in the Book of Revelation chapter 17, and is described as "The Mother of Harlots and of the Abominations of the Earth". "The seven heads are the seven hills upon which the woman sits." (Revelation 17:9). Did you know that the city of Rome sits on seven hills?

    So, please do not tell me that Sarah Palin and her religious ilk think that Roman Catholics are their equals. Rather, we are misguided fools who are never going to go to heaven, idol worshipers who pray to statues and whores.

    Sarah Palin was baptized Catholic, but she rejected the faith to follow one that disallows Roman Catholicism, one that states we who are RC will burn in hell, because we do not follow Jesus Christ.