Friday, August 08, 2008

China Olympic: Opening Ceremony

So I'm looking at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Some very spectacular, Hollywood production type performance. Everything precisely choreographed.

The children shown throughout the presentation were very cute, although I couldn't help but think to myself, "ONE CHILD RULE".

What I'm seeing really isn't what China is really about.

The hundreds if not thousands of Chinese citizens who are not allowed to work during the Olympics, the hundreds if not thousands that were forced to clean up the green algae from the waters where some of the game are going to be held.

The activist arrested prior to the opening ceremony to prevent them from voicing their freedom of speech.

Freedom of religion, unheard of...

And with all this, during the show, the NBC commentary host voicing their statements of how China is leading the way to UNITY.

ya right....

Okay, China on show case, I get it.

I don't believe it...

But I'm pray for it....

Speaking of prayers... The people of Georgia needs our prayers.

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