Saturday, August 30, 2008

Experience: Palin vs. Obama

Now this is really a peculiar argument that the Obama Campaign is offering up.

"Is Palin ready to be President ... does she have the experience?"


"Biden or Palin, who would you like to prefer to be President?"

Both of these questions lead off with a false premise. In order for Biden or Palin to be President either Obama or McCain first must be elected. Then for some reason they are no longer able to perform in this capacity.

So the focus really is, who you would a better President, Obama or McCain. Who has the most experience between them.

This first question is a NO-BRAINER!

Winner: McCain

So now that McCain is in office, do we still fill comfortable if he is incapable of continuing, with Sarah Palin in the place of President.

Here's some of what's out there on the blogs:

Here is a post from 'The Jawa Report'

Experience : Palin vs. Obama/Biden

One of the lefties' lines of attack against Sarah Palin is that she's just not experienced enough to be a "heartbeat from the Presidency."

Here's the facts:

Sarah Palin began serving in political office in 1992. Barack Obama began serving in 1997. (For the benefit of our resident hippie trolls, I'll do the math for you: Palin's been in public office FIVE years longer than the Messiah.) Joe Biden has been in the U.S. Senate forever. So, in terms of total years of public service, the three stack up as follows:

1. Biden
2. Palin
3. Obama
In terms of executive experience, there's not even a contest. Sarah Palin first served in an executive capacity in 1997, and took over her first state-level executive branch position in 2003. From what I can determine, Barack Obama has never served in an executive capacity at any level, and Joe Biden has never served in an executive capacity at any level. So, in terms of executive experience, the three stack up as follows:
1. Palin
2. Biden and Obama (tied, with zero each.)

...and what about Obama?

Obama's 143 days of Senate experience:

Just how much Senate experience does Barack Obama have in terms of actual work days? Not much.

From the time Barack Obama was sworn in as a United State Senator, to the time he announced he was forming a Presidential exploratory committee, he logged 143 days of experience in the Senate. That's how many days the Senate was actually in session and working.

After 143 days of work experience, Obama believed he was ready to be Commander In Chief, Leader of the Free World, and fill the shoes of Abraham Lincoln, FDR, JFK and Ronald Reagan.

143 days -- I keep leftovers in my refrigerator longer than that.

In contrast, John McCain's 26 years in Congress, 22 years of military service including 1,966 days in captivity as a POW in Hanoi now seem more impressive than ever. At 71, John McCain may just be hitting his stride.

'She comes from a State with less than 700,000 and a small town with less than 9,000 people. She's small potatoes...'

Politically, Alaska, which the US bought from Russia in 1876 for $7.2m, is a pygmy. Because of its tiny population of just over 670,000, the state has just three electoral votes – half the number of Delaware, home to Joe Biden, the Democratic vice-presidential candidate.

So what are they saying? Alaska doesn't matter? She's not apart of the D.C. crowd, I think that's a good thing. She's a 'no more business as usual' as you can get Barack!

'Palin has a B.A. degree from University of Idaho while Obama is a Harvard Graduate...'

Are they going back to the Elitist title again.

'I'm offended, she's not exactly like Hilary!'

You betcha! She's PRO-LIFE. She's not a millionare either. Does she care about health care? She's got a family of five and an everyday mom!

I even heard one reporter suggest that her new special care baby won't be properly taken care of if she becomes V.P.

Disgusting. That doesn't say much for all those working moms out there.

I think once the nation gets to know Sarah Palin these objections will be seen as they truly are... empty.

After the GOP convention, on with the debates!

... no more fancy speeches and fireworks. Let's get down to the details.

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  1. Over the next few days and weeks all the obamatron drones will snap out of their trance like state when they discover how they have been fooled by a platform built on a thin tissue of deceit. Obama lies and the liberal media backs up those lies because there is nothing else to prop up his rhetoric with. Google “Obama LAUNDRY LIST OF LIES”. Also find the various failed attempts to counteract that list with more lies.

    Obama has a long time association of many unsavoury characters incuding Rezko, Ayers, Khalidi, Auchi (Batcher, 2008) and his pastor the Rev Jeremiah Wright who tells his congregation to sing “God damn America” (ABCNews, 2008) Obama was a rabble-rousing Chicago street thug (Politico, 2008) before becoming a state and a US senator. His senate stint has been sub optimal at best with a very liberal voting record (Friel Et Al, 2008). His only *executive* experience was the failed chairmanship at CAC (Kurts, 2008) were he had a very close relationship with Bill Ayers the unrepentant terrorist, an association he desperately wants to be kept hidden. Obama tried strong-arming the Justice department to stop any talk about his close friend Bill Eyers (Politico, 2008) - this will come back to bite him soon.

    Obama’s so called *change* was born out of the communist manifesto (Zimbio, 2008). He is using Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals as his guide to implement *change* through social engineering and deceit. He practiced and perfected this dark art as a rabble-rousing thug in the streets of Chicago (TheNation, 2008) and now wants to do the same in your towns and streets. Don’t fall for this; his win will be your loss of freedom and liberty.

    Nancy Peloci’s said he is “a leader that God has blessed us with at this time.” These are words of a fool desperately trying to get America to accept Obama. But Americans are not fools; they see the Obama sales gimmick as a hard sale scam pushing a defective product.

    So what do we really know about Obama? Nothing other than Bill Clinton believes he has the mindset of a Chicago street thug (Politico, 2008), that his closest associates all hate America (Free Republic, 2008), and that he is the darling of the liberal media (Crouere, 2008). That’s it, thats all we know of him.

    Sarah Palin has real executive experience - she ran a successful business, a town, and a state where she is also the commander-in-chief of the Alaskan National Guard. Sarah is no stranger to the energy industry and understands that a stable local oil supply is critical to our economy and that we must begin drilling the ANWAR and offshore sites immediately. As the governor she has many levels of people reporting to her and all report that she is tough. Sarah’s high public approval shows that she is doing all the right stuff.

    Obama, you are fired!