Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ancient Greek RUIN!

Ancient Greek Temple

The stage is being set for the 'Chosen One' to give his acceptance speech on Thursday. The stage being setup to look like a Greek Forum, an ancient Greek temple of sorts.

What's the purpose of this imagery? What's the message here?

Maybe it's to signify his great oratory abilities. Like the ancient Greeks who were know for their powers of persuasion.


I see another angle on this imagery. The first thought that entered my mind when heard about the Ancient Greek temple thang was the image of St. Paul in the Greek Forum where he proclaimed the Gospel of Jesus for days, as told in the New Testement.

And yet in the end the Greeks where unmoved. The Gospel was treated like just another point of view instead of the Truth.

This being the Year of St.Paul as proclaimed by Pope Benedict XVI, I'm thinking, how appropriate.

The ongoing debate about life of the unborn especially as well as all the social justice issues and teachings of the Catholic Church, being treated as just another point of view rather than the Truth that it is.

My fear is in the end, the Gospel will be sidestepped for a message of 'Change'. A change from the truth.

So the image of the ancient RUINS may well sum-up the outcome of this election if we don't follow the complete teachings of the church. Not the teachings of the church of Pelosi or even a self created church of our own.

The Gospel of life as taught 'FROM THE BEGINNING' by the Catholic church.

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  1. Geez, does The Obamessiah have an ego or what?!