Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Hill post on re-education of Catholic Politicians

Seems like the good bishops (some) are starting to wake-up. A few more are now starting to get a voice...

Washington archbishop rips Pelosi on abortion

Arhchbishop scolds pro-choice Biden

Our own Archbishop Mahony (Los Angeles) speaks out to the candidates on Immigration Reform.

Okay, how about ABORTION!


  1. Oh, come on now WCC... did you reeeeally think the Taj Mahony would follow the likes of Chaput, Burke, Rigali and B16?

    Just two and a half more years until retirement. When he turns 75 he has to submit a letter of retirement to B16. I think the Pope will accept it on the first go-round. A certain Nebraskan bishop would fit in quite well as his replacement (although, something tells me the L.A. diocese will also be split soon because of it's size).

  2. Trub,

    I'm perfectly aware of Mahoney’s stance on this issue.

    He won't comment on Pelosi's comments because then he will have to address giving communion to those politicians who claim their catholicity but support abortion rights

    I've sat at lunchtime mass at a Redondo Beach church where the entire homely was used to praise and re-afirm Mahoney’s position to give communion to one and all.

    This I think only adds to the confusion among Catholics. When the U.S. Bishops can't even agree on an important issue as this.

    I was only trying to be a little charitable.

  3. What's even more disturbing is the lack of any substantive comments from San Fran Nan's own bishop. The silence is deafening.