Friday, August 15, 2008

Bigfoot Body?

... Is it real. Rick Dyer and Matthew Whitton say it is. Others say it's a hoax.
Bigfoot Body 'Discovery' dismised as a hoax

Rick Dyer and Matthew Whitton say they will produce DNA evidence and a video of their find at a press conference in California today.

They have already released a photo showing what they claim is the dead Bigfoot in a freezer, with what appear to be intestines protruding from its stomach.

Critics insist the photo is actually just a gorilla costume, or even a rug.

Mr Dyer and Mr Whitton claim to have discovered the body in woods at an unspecified location in northern Georgia, and to have spotted three living Bigfoots as they dragged the carcass into their car.

“It was very frightening at first, and it got even more frightening when you saw the others, Mr Dyer said.
... I guess Bigfoot would be the ultimate 'Green' date...

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