Monday, September 15, 2008

'Time' Article: Joe Biden a Catholic Problem?

AP analyzes the Time Magazine article.

Does Joe Biden have a Catholic Problem ? (Original Article - Time Magazine)

Time Mag asks: Does Joe Biden have a Catholic Problem?
The short answer is, of course - yes, he does.

There's so many little quibbles I have with this piece, I've decided to go point-by-point first:
  • Abp. Chaput did not get "marginalized in the bishops conference — losing key leadership elections — in part because of his extreme views about denying communion to politicians."
  • "[the recent actions of the bishops] has Catholics Democrats worriedly asking themselves: Can one of their own ever again win national office?" The answer is: yes, if they stop allowing/promoting abortion.
  • "[Kerry] was utterly unprepared for the attacks that came his way." No, he had his entire public career to prepare himself, if he had even bothered to understand his Church's teaching.

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