Friday, September 05, 2008

Least We Forget Sen. Joe Biden: The Experienced End of the Ticket

I don't seem to see much news on Sen. Joe Biden. After all he's suppose to be the "Experience" end of the Obama/Biden ticket.

I read this on the Ethics and Public Policy Center website:

Biden Was Wrong On the Cold War

The choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has electrified many conservatives and strengthened John McCain's claim that his administration would be far more reform-minded than Barack Obama's. At the same time, it has triggered accusations that Gov. Palin is far too inexperienced to be vice president, and has little knowledge of national security issues.

Mrs. Palin's lack of mastery of national security issues is often contrasted with Mr. Obama's vice presidential pick, Joseph Biden Jr. Mr. Biden has served in the Senate since 1973, is currently chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, and is often described as a "statesman."

In fact, decade after decade and on important issue after important issue, Mr. Biden's judgment has been deeply flawed.


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