Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Pro-Life Democrats: What does that mean?

'Pro-life Democrats' is a term that intrigues me. How does one define that term?

A person who is pro-life but supports the Democratic platform of Pro-choice.

You see what I mean? I don't get it.

Just to mention the words 'more adoption', 'better health care', 'sex education' - which is code word for contraception; what does that mean in terms of pro-life?


What alternatives to abortion does the Democratic platform offer up?

So many questions...

Check this article out:

Kmiec Agonistes

No supporter of Barack Obama has been clearer on the intrinsic evil of abortion than Douglas Kmiec, former dean of the law school at Catholic University, former official of high rank in the Department of Justice under President Reagan. And no one has gone further, then, in seeking to persuade Catholics that something so deeply wrong in principle should be regarded now, in the scale of things, as not all that important. Not when it can be overridden by the promise of doing something faintly liberal, touched with a friendly view of the human creature. For his friends and former allies, the turnabout has been unaccountable: We strain to understand the rationales he offers, much as he seems to be straining to form them.

In a recent interview with Peter Steinfels of The New York Times, Kmiec was utterly clear about the ground of the moral judgment on abortion:

I fully accept the teaching of the Church that participating in an abortion is an intrinsic evil. My acceptance of abortion as a grave, categorical wrong is one part respectful deference to authoritative Catholic teaching and one part reasoned deduction from our scientific knowledge of genetics and the beginning of an individual life.

He found the moral ground for protecting the unborn child in “what is described as a self-evident truth in the Declaration of Independence, namely, that we have an unalienable right to life from our creator.” But he points out, quite rightly, that even the conservative judges on the Supreme Court have not invoked that understanding from the Declaration as the ground of those rights that the Constitution protects.

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