Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Born Alive Truth

I saw an interview with a individual that is an abortion survivor.
That's right, Gianna Jessen was an infant who's mother aborted her and through the efforts of a caring nurse and the grace of God survived weighing just 2 pounds.

Gianna is now a supporter of laws that require medical treatment to babies who make it through the horrific methods of abortion. At present there are not adequate laws in most States that allow for this life giving effort.

The babies that live through the birth after the attempted abortion are now either "suffocated, strangled, or left to die on their own", as Gianna described it.

Mr. Obama has voted down 4 TIMES! law that would allow for this medical assistance. Barack says these laws were not needed because there were other law that would do the same thing.

So his argument goes...

Here's a site that has the lowdown: Born Alive Truth

here's Gianna's website: Gianna Jessen. Read her story there.

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  1. I posted that YouTube clip as well (via Captain Ed @ HotAir). I saw her interviewed on an episode of Life on the Rock on EWTN about a year ago. That was one powerful interview.