Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Palin: 7th Heaven?

Boy, visiting some of the 'Hate Sarah Palin' websites this weekend has left me with a stomach ache.

Most of the stories aren't worth mentioning here, and definitely the language is straight from the gutter.

Much of the gossip ranges from her teen marriage and when exactly she had her first born, to being responsible for her down-syndrome babies health, to now her daughters pregnancy. What a bad mom she is.

All those personal family stories sort of reminded me of the old 1996 T.V. series '7th Heaven'. You know, the Minister's family and all the family crisis that surfaced every episode.

Some of those story episodes made you wonder why a minister and his family would be dealing with problems such as teen age pregnancy, alcohol, abuse, run-a-way kids, marital stress etc...


Because they were a family just like anyone of the families sitting in the pews of their father's church. They had everyday problems to deal with, everyday tragedies to cope with and they cried and laughed like everyone else.

Their spiritual morals, values and most of all their faith carried them through those family moments.
We all have those family moments. No matter what kind of voter you are, left, right, up, down, Dem, Repub, Lib, no party, we are all part of families with similar problems.

We all still go to work and perform our jobs to nourish and support our families. Jobs like bus drivers, teachers, lawyers ( them too), police officers, firemen, retail sales reps...
... and yes Vice Presidents too!
Sarah Palin's family is no different than yours or mine. We can all take a look at her credentials of experience and character to qualify her or disqualify her for the job of V.P.

But let's do it with a little more principle, human fairness, I can think of the exact word here...
The MSM is now not reporting news at all. Facts are now whatever you can get someone to believe, history is whatever color glasses you happen to like to wear.

And objectivity has been deleted from their vocabulary.

To be fair this applies to both (and all) sides of which ever side of the isle your on.

The Media is now attacking the family with gusto and in plain view and Sarah Palin is their whipping post.

Most of us are smart enough to recognize this for what it is. Everyone has a vote, so let's not let the media vote for us.

Stories today:

...lots more out there.

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