Saturday, September 13, 2008

ABC Trimmed the Transcripts!

Okay, it appears that my post concerning the transcripts of the first Palin/Gibson interview were NOT complete transcripts.

Why not?!

Well, we know that ABC has a T.V. time limit to maintain, so they may have felt the need to 'trim, nip and tuck' where they could to adjust for this presentation. Gibson could have mention this, but he didn't.

I think they could have 'trimmed, nipped and tuck in other areas of the program. Like all that negative, straw man (...woman), reason's to not trust Sarah Palin, narrative they lead off the show with.

What was that all about?

The show lead off with all these National Enquire type headlines before Charlie and Sarah sat down with each other.

I get it, just to frame their bias intent.

Anyways, I think Mark Levin may have the complete interview. The bold and underline parts are sections of the interview left out.


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