Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Joy Behar Campaigns For McCain/Palin Ticket!

... I say this because if Larry King and the Obama campaign thinks that having Joy Behar of The View as their spokeswoman, will really bring the Obama/Biden ticket to the White House, the jokes on them.

Everytime Ms. Joy Behar expresses her political views on the election, she might as well be campaigning for the McCain/Palin ticket.

Just take a look at this segment of Ms. Behar on tonight's Larry King.


Wow, I'd like to link the entire piece but it's not up on YouTube yet. This has got to be embarrassing for the Obama Camp.

... although Obama doing a good job of embarrasing himself... I mean, come on. Pig's with lipstick?

This one is Behar explaining the Catholic Faith, specifically about Saints earlier this year.

Boy, bringing ignorance to a new level...


  1. Anonymous11:31 AM

    I can understand the need to kill predatory animals because they are a threat to wildlife, livestock, pets and people. But gunning down wolves from a plane because you want to up the numbers of the caribou for hunting season just seems wrong to me. But then again, I am not a hunter, nor am I an Alaskan resident whose state economy is, in part, dependent on hunting tourism. I am simply an animal lover, who got very upset when they saw the wolf video on CNN Anderson Cooper 360. I am also NOT an idiot, and decided to search out the facts about this issue rather than be told what to think by Anderson Cooper or Joy Behar [The View] on Larry King.

  2. Hey, L.S.P.,
    thanks for the comment.I note your points and understand your concerns.

    I don't know much about the laws prohibiting such hunting practices; however I would assume the people in Alaska know what they're doing to address this issue. I’m sure they value there natural resources and environment.

    I'm sure that Sarah will be asked about this in future interviews. I'm confident she will answer this question more in depth.

    In the mean time, this is what I've found with just a little quick internet search...noting thorough by any means...

    Aerial shooting yields better results than traditional hunting, since it allows the hunter to cover a lot of ground quickly and track target animals from a clear vantage point. Historically, hunters also used planes to drive animals—polar bears in Alaska and elk in Montana, among others—toward gunmen waiting on the ground. But many hunters found the practice unsportsmanlike, since it violates the “fair chase” ethic, and animal rights activists call it inhumane, since airborne gunmen rarely get a clean (i.e., relatively painless) kill. In response to concerns like these, Congress passed the Federal Airborne Hunting Act of 1972, which made it illegal for hunters to shoot animals from a plane or helicopter.
    The federal legislation (PDF) does have a loophole for predator control, permitting state employees or licensed individuals to shoot from an aircraft for the sake of protecting “land, water, wildlife, livestock, domesticated animals, human life, or crops.” (This doesn’t just apply to wolves; coyotes and foxes are sometimes gunned down from aircraft, especially in Western states.) Since 2003, Alaska has issued aerial wolf-hunting permits in select areas where moose and caribou populations are particularly endangered. The idea is that by killing the predators, the airborne gunmen can ramp up the number of moose and caribou that human hunters can take home for supper.

    They killed 124 wolves this way over the winter, one-tenth the total amount trapped in Alaska each year. Estimated number of wildlife saved thus far: 1,500 moose and 3,000 caribou.