Monday, September 08, 2008

Dakota Fanning: The Clean Teen

Now this is refreshing.

A young 14 year old actress, who is aware of what the 'Hollywood lifestyle' can do to one's moral lifestyle and promises to steer clear.

She’s agreed: from now to ‘til she’s 18, the star of “The Secret Life of Bees” isn’t going to be holding up any 7-11s, having an unwanted teen pregnancy, or getting any tattoos or piercings.

Of course, this agreement was a light hearted one, made in jest before she went into do press rounds for “Bees.” But she means it. “I swear I won’t do any of those things!” Dakota declared.

I've been very impressed with the movies I've seen her in. It amazes me the seriousness of her acting for such a youngster.

If she can at least keep this mindset (hopfully longer than her 18th birthday), she can be one heck of a role model for up and coming young actors and actresses, teaching them that you don't have to follow the main-stream Hollywood crowd to show your talent.

We'll be rooting for you Dakota...

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